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Hello to anyone who reads my profile-because I really have no idea who does that anymore...


First off-HEYOOOOO!!! In my Gabriel voice-spn fans get that reference lol...I've been a member of this site since 06??? WOW. I love this site, really gives me a chance to show off. My passion for Supernatural has INCREASED if that's even possible. I'm pretty sure I'm in love borderline *cough* OBSESSED with Castiel, I love the dynamic he shares with Dean. I think I may write a few fics about them. But I say this: I will NEVER write slash. I respect those who do, it's just not my thing. I like the whole guardian angel thing, even got a desktop of Dean looking to the sky and Cas looking down and it says: Looking after you always." If that's TMI-ooops LOL. I'm a HUGE fan of Big brother protective Dean, and hurt scared Sam. I don't call him Sammy. That's only for Dean:-) Ummm...My fics will always have Dean and Sam brother sappy stories, or Castiel never letting Dean down stories. I loves me some pie too. I heard dean say that and I craved apple pie for two days. And Yes. I DID gets me pie. Anything else about SPN? EPIC. Oh, and I disregard the newer seasons from my timeline because I honestly miss the old Sam and Dean. Not the whole, can't-trust-the-blood-drinker-angel truster-hell going-sneaky-lying-brother that we see these days. Yuck. Good angst, but makes me ache for S1 and S2 Dean, even S3. S4 and on I disregard. That's it for this Category!!!

"You punched a Cupid!"-SW

"I PUNCHED A DICK!"-DW (Anyone who watched the kids show Arthur get a kick outta those initials? hmm plot bunny...)

(Looking utterly confused) "No he's not on any flat bread..."-Castiel

TO MY SVU readers: WELCOOOOMMME!!! I'm an EO shipper all the way. I can never pinpoint WHEN I started watching though. I just know my first episode was stalked. Everytime I see it I go "up! It's my anniversary!" I also vaguley recall seeing the episode where Harper returns, can't remember the name, that could also be my first epi buuuut Stalked was my first FULL SVU episode.

What was my first aha! moment for EO? Stalked. Right before Olivia interrogates White and Elliot pulls her close and whispers: hey, the gun. He's gotta cop to using the gun." Something like that he coulda said knife but all I saw was Liv looking at his lips LOL now whenever I see Elliot mention Liv I say "up! he's talking about his wife. Nobody f*s with her when HE'S around!" Of course that results in weird looks from friends and family. Because of my outbursts I am always banished to my room every Wednesday to watch SVU and I kinda think that's why I ended up getting my own room come to think of it. Huh. Um anyways ALL SVU stories will be EO. A few will be Don? Olivia but father/daughter. Anyone remember when Liv says to the blonde dude "I've got Cragen wrapped around my little finger." I think in a sweet way she does:-) I like Casey as her girl BFF I do like Alex but Casey seemed to fit me better she seems easier to write. It flows better. Ya know, I've just realized I missed SVU tonight!!! WTF!!! OMG OMG!!! Umm if anyone saw tonight's ep-the one where they become marshals plz let me know what happened! Hmm. That's all for this Category, now on to me yech.

"Aw Look at that. I gots an 11!"-E. Stabler

"You've never been gun-shy before..."-O. Benson

(looking her up and down) "Things change."-E. Stabler

About the ever adorable Finsbaby...

About me? Well I LOVE to write. Obviously. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and I'm very playful. Weird fact about me: when I get really angry, I laugh hysterically. And I never raise my voice when I argue with people. favorite quote is listed below, it has personal meaning to me because I take it so literal. I've found it IS easier to die than it is to live, I know that from experience. They say your greatest strength is your greatest weakness, and I usually hide behind a smile. Or jokes. HA like when Munch talked to the shrink...

"Do you always deflect personal questions with jokes?"

"Do you always deflect jokes with personal questions?" LOL!

I indeed do that and more. I'm a work in progress. I try to update as MUCH as possible, and sadly, please assume that when I don't something tragic or stressful has happened. Cuz maaaan, my life isn't a fairytale! I own it though, and it won't beat me anymore. I wish I had a Dean or Olivia in my life so they could help me out...

Every single poem you read in my stories, are 100% mine. Poetry is how I deal. I kick ass with it if I might say so myself...

Favorite Quote: "Dying's Easy. Living's hard."

To all my readers, subscribers, and people who c2 me...can't express how happy that makes me!!! I don't suck whoop whoop!!!~Finsbaby~

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