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Something Wicked this way comes... actually, more like two somethings!

I'm Lauren, and I live in Texas. You all may know me as kaliawai512. If you want more about me, then you can visit my profile whenever. Now to my fabulous friend Nicole!

Hello all! As Lauren said, I am her fabulous friend Nicole, currently residing in Ohio. You all are better acquainted with me as Fae2135. Visit my profile if you care to know more about me or read my work (and REVIEW IT, and Lauren's, too! I am a review-aholic, as is she, so do it, or I will sic my green witch and her flying monkeys on you!)

Okay, so this is our site for collaboration fics. We met via reviews, PM's, and e-mails on ff.net, and soon discovered that we share an all-consuming obsession for all things "Wicked"-related. Soon we were e-mailing back and forth many, many times a day discussing the world of Oz. However, when Lauren posted her first Wicked fic, we discovered through her author's notes that we both claim Elphie as our muse. Our respective Elphies found this out, met each other via our e-mail accounts, and began plotting with each other to cause our downfall. We were forced to flee to Kansas, where we hoped that we might find protection with Dorothy. Unfortunately, when Nicole's Elphie (hereafter referred to as Nelphie; Lauren's will be Lelphie) left, Nicole was joined by her other muse (and rather embarrassing phangirl obsession) Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, who became angry at us after Nicole called him a pervert because he was hiding from Nelphie (with whom he does not get along AT ALL) in the shower in Nicole's all girls dorm. We now had two green witches and a (very sexy) phantom after us, bent on our destruction. So we did what any two sensible teenaged girls would do who were running for our lives: we hopped a plane to London.

For a little while, it appeared that we had shaken our pursuers, and we dared to hope that we had made it out of the ordeal alive. We even went so far as to decide that the story would make a marvelous fanfic, and came up with a plan to collaborate on writing it... hence this account was born. However, before we could even create our profile, Erik revealed himself in the plane seat behind us and informed us that the Elphies were outside on their brooms! We attempted to get the pilot to help us, but he refused to believe what we were telling him - that is, until the Elphies flew across the windshield of the plane. However, our authoresscide - bent muses graciously agreed to give us a few minutes to spiffy up our new account before killing us.

That is where things stand at the moment. If we survive the attacks of Erik and the Elphies, we shall return in a few days to post the fic version of our tale. Until then, HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLP!

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