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Hello there! (Pronunciation like 'Ha-low darr'... heehee)

I just noticed I haven't updated this for ages! June 14, 2009, to be specific. So, I thought about sharing some info about MSupernatural with you guys.


Well, first of all, I'm from Brazil, but I've been studying English for a while already, so it's safe to say I can communicate in this AWESOME language pretty well. I might make mistakes, though, but please understand this is not my native language (Portuguese is). My name's Gabriella. I'm a very upbeat person, but I'm very sensitive, principally when it comes to rudeness. I get pretty broken when somebody treats me harshly. Even though I'm 23, I'm very childish when I have to deal with rude people. And it just gets worse because there are a lot of things I consider rude, but anyways...

I love praising people if they deserve. If I PM you, or review your story, screaming compliments and announcing how good you are, it's my sincere opinion. It's simple: If I like some story very much, I feel this... HUGE need to tell the author everything I felt throughout the reading. So, yes, I do it because you deserve it. =)

I'm very prolix. Many words, many ideas, too much to say. Can't stop speaking/writing. Sorry if it bothers you... is one of my favorite free time activities. It's mainly what I do for fun. And that's it: Fun. So I don't even get near drama or tragedy stories. I lost a very close 'father figure' not so long ago, and I'm still making myself move on, so deathfics should really stay as far as possible. Be kind and ruin the plot of your story to me if you intend to turn your story that I complimented into a deathfic. It'll be help me a bunch, and I'll be forever grateful. I had depression, and I don't want to get sick again because of something I really like doing such as reading fics. I know it's nonsense, feeling bad because of a story, but if you know someone who has/had depression, you'll get to see it's a disease, and, being so, cannot be easily controlled.

It actually has happened to me... I was reading a fic, and suddenly my favorite character died. The shock was such I spent months without using I hope you understand...

I studied law and I worked as a lawyer for a few weeks, but I intend to be a judge, so I decided not to focus on it anymore and keep studying. I now work as a judge counsel. It involves a lot of knowledge, but the money is good and I'd be lying if I said I have too much work. My monography was on Bullying, and I have a specialization on it and I've spent a little bit more than 5 years studying it. I am totally against bullying, but I worry that, nowadays, most people do not understand what bullying really is. In fact, we are going through the so-called 'banalization of bullying'. We see thousands and thousands of young people claiming they were subjected to bullying when they were younger, but around 83% this is not real. Bullying involves way more than name calling and peer shunning. I'll refrain to expose more, but I'll be glad to do it if asked privately. I do so because some of those who claim to have suffered bullying but actually haven't, normally get angry when confronted by the real concept of bullying. It is sad, really, that even some campaigns develop a wrong idea of the dimension of bullying...

I am an egalitarian by heart. I'm counter machism and feminism and any other kind of masked self-importance groups. I defend that people are people and should be respected and treated as people. Your actions define yourself, not your gender, skin color, social status or sexual status, for instance. If you treat someone badly, expect to be treated the same way. Be unfair and you'll be treated unfairly. Be a b*tch and you'll be treated like one.

IN MY OPINION as a fanfic writer and reader, when you read a story and you have something to say about it, it's part of your job to leave a message, either through PM or review, so that the writer knows that there is someone reading and following their story. WHEN YOU WRITE A STORY, on the other hand, it would be VERY NICE if you replied to the reviews and PMs you get regarding your story, either by replying in a PM or at least mentioning them in the next chapter of the story. It shows you care enough to spend a couple of minutes giving your reader attention. It sort of frustrates me when I review a story and I feel the writer couldn't care less about it. It makes me want to not read the story anymore sometimes.

Interests in Harry Potter ff

I really like Percy Jackson, Kyle XY, Card Captors Sakura, Avengers, Grimm and Supernatural, but my favorite is Harry Potter. I read all kinds of fics apart from the sad ones. And when I say ALL KINDS BUT SAD I mean it. That includes Slash and rated M, so yeah... I don't write rated M, though...

The only kind of fic I have preference of characters is Harry Potter. The others I'll read whoever comes and be happy about it. Harry Potter is a completely different matter, though:

I really like Harry, Bill and Charlie Weasley (pretty specific, isn't it? heehee), Sirius Black and Draco, and that means I'll be a bit annoyed with any stories in which they're too... messed up, or if they end up dead (If they are dead from the beginning, I have nothing to say).

I don't like Ginny, Snape and Lucius Malfoy. I don't care about just ignoring them, but if the story actually makes them look like saints, and principally if they make my favorite characters look bad, I will probably stop reading the fic. I direct this to Snape and Malfoy, not Ginny, as I've never seen any stories in which Ginny makes other people look bad. My dislike of Ginny Weasley is a bit unfounded, it's a matter of personality incompatibility, I really have nothing bad to say about her. I'm not that much of a Lupin fan either, but I can sympathise with him at times.

And then... Drum roll, please... MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IS... DRUM ROLL... JAMES POTTER! (the father)! I love him to such a point I stopped reading any stories in which he's dead. So, lately, I've been reading only stories that are alive!James. And he's a good guy, I feel sick when I see a story in which James willingly mistreats somebody. And when the author makes him suffer or makes him look a bad guy, I HATE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of it, so yeah, I hate James bashing. I'm very protective over him, and I don't like when people say he was a git. He was a kid, for crying out loud! He got himself killed to save his family (in canon. Not in the awesome fics I love)! And if he bullied Snape, it was because he was jealous of Lily, and because he dealt with Dark arts. Come on, who in the world can say they never did something stupid because of someone they like? If you said 'ME!', please, go pop the bubble you live in. Even the canon story shows that, after Snape and Lily stopped being friends, something changed and she started liking him. And about the pranks, in any moment in canon it's mentioned he hurt anybody (in fact, he got so scared at the idea of someone hurt that he saved Snivellus) He was laid back and carefree, yes, but not at all a bad person.

A lot of people don't like him because of Snape, not really bothering to think about James without thinking about Snape. Honestly, as far as I was able to see, the only person he mistreated that we have proof of is Snape. So what, let's ignore every thing he did to help Remus, Sirius, Lily and a bunch of other people and hate him because he didn't like one other person? I know some people looooove Snape, and all that, and it is understandable why they don't like James, but then, say it: I don't like James because he bullied Snape. If the person says so, I will even agree with them. But then, they saying a bunch of cr*p, arguing that 'James is not Harry' (how does that make him a bag person?), and that 'James only saved Snape to save his friends' (first of all, he had nothing to do with that prank. You can tell yourself as many times as you want that, but it is known that Sirius did that. Second, upon hearing what had happened, James ran, and saved Snape, regardless of the reason. In the end, he stopped another person for dying. He didn't cause it, he ended it. How can this episode say something bad about him? And then there's the thing that he didn't break his friendship with Sirius. Really? People aren't entitled to have a second chance after they make a mistake? So then Dumbledore shouldn't have accepted Snape and just arrested him for being a murderer and a Death Eater, after all, he handed information that could possibly kill someone else. How is that different from what Sirius did? Please, don't be a hypocrit and just accept it).

All in all, James had flaws. Everybody does. But he had more qualities than flaws in the end, just deal with it. You are entitled to have your opinion, and say that you didn't like him, but don't try to poison his image with your biggoted view. Stick to your favorite character, I stick to mine, you don't flame mine, don't flame yours. Capisce?

I hope this plants the idea of the James Potter I see. I even got to see someone who said she hated him in her profile, and she said "what a git!"... I wish this writer read this and gave him a chance... Or at least stopped flaming him.


Sometimes, I like to check other writers' profiles to see what shippings they like, and I always feel a bit frustrated when they don't put them there. Then, I saw it was hypocritical of me to want to see other people's shippings, but not display mine. First of all, though, I'm not very fond of the concept "OTP", as I believe that, depending on the story, any pairing can be good. I do know, though, that there are some pairings that are more believable than others, and that there are those we might enjoy a bit more than others.

The ones I like (favorite in bold):

(the structure is Top/Bottom, if it is slash)

Jily - Duh. James and Lily are beautiful together, and I fail to see a couple that loves each other more than those two. In fact, I fail to see anybody that loves another the way they love each other.

James/Sirius - Ok, first I say something, then I change it. If I had to choose an OTP, it would be James/Sirius. If I had to choose a pairing for my James, I would choose myself, obviously... err, I mean, if I had to choose a fictional pairing for James, I would choose Sirius. Yeah, even before Lily, I think. I don't know, I just love those two together, they are really compatible, I can't even explain. So, there it is. This is the main reason why I hate stories in which James chooses Lily over Sirius. I always hope he will choose his best friend and forget her. It doesn't help that normally people make James a jerk who only uses Sirius, which I can never believe in as, if there is one thing we are sure of about him, is that James cares deeply for his friends, often ignoring his own happiness for theirs. Oh, for me, James is top, Sirius is bottom.

Charlie/Harry - Ok, this might seem weird and different, but I love these two together. I have always had the feeling that Harry, despite being brave and all, depends on someone big and strong to protect him (even if he doesn't realize/accept he needs that protection), and Charlie Weasley fits that image perfectly. I can see a somewhat tall, muscular, happy red head carrying Harry (who is scrawny enough for that) on his arms, and I love it. While I see James and Harry as almost identical, I always picture James as muscular and tall and proud, while Harry is little and petit and fragile-looking (much because of what he suffered on the hands of the Dursleys *spits on the floor*). And to complete it all, it follows the Potter pattern, as he is a red-head. So, yeah, Harlie forever. Charlie is Top, Harry is bottom.

Harmony - If we're talking about a het couple, one of the only girls I see Harry with is Hermione. Sorry. Again, I think Harry needs to depend on someone. He hadn't had anyone to depend on when he was a child, so I think this is the first thing we need to give him when finding a couple. Hermione is the only dependable girl (Girl! Not woman!) in the story, I think.

Sirius/Harry - I like it. Agreeable and meets my expectations to Harry, so I really like it. I like it even more when Sirius can't have James, but ends up with Harry, which is the next best thing. Sirius is top, Harry is bottom.

Cedric/Harry - Meh. Cute. That's it. Cedric is top, Harry is bottom.

Krum/Hermione - It's nice. I don't know, I like it more than Ron/Hermione, and I don't dislike R/H, so, yeah.

Drarry - It's okay, I guess. I once liked it a lot, but ended up growing out of it. I don't really care who tops or bottoms, though, if it is MPreg, I prefer Pregnant!Harry.

Wolfstar - Yeah, I like it... Even if I think Sirius needs someone like James to quiet down, I think Remus would be the next best thing after James and Harry. haha Sirius tops, Remus bottoms.

Other pairings I tend to enjoy: Harry/Tonks , Bill/Fleur, Bill/Harry, Bill/Charlie (don't judge me), Neville/Luna, Neville/Hannah, Ron/Lavender, Neville/Ginny, Dean/Ginny.

The ones I don't like:

Snily - It disgusts, terrifies, scares, repulses me. The mention of anything close to Snily makes me cringe, and I often stop reading stories because the author keeps on toying with this. You might not believe me, but it is nothing against Snape at all, it's just... I don't find Snape and Lily the least compatible. They might be friends, and that makes us believe there could be something more, but if we analyze the two of them separately, we see they are not made for each other. Snape needs a less fiery and more passionate person, calm and relaxed and centered the way he likes things to be, while Lily needs a man who is not constant, who is here, and there, and everywhere, otherwise she wouldn't have anything to use her energy on. Snape seems to be more clingy, while Lily likes to run free. Sorry if this 'sinks your ship', like an author so eloquently told me once, but, no, they might be cute together, Snape might be happy for having Lily, but, as they are described, they are not compatible. As surprising as it may seem, I have read one or two stories in which there was Snily and liked. If James has Sirius and gives up on Lily willingly, and if the two characters are a bit OOC, it can work. But it is hard.

James/Snape - No. Funny enough, the only one I read is one of my favorite stories, but only because this is a secondary couple.

Sirius/Snape - Never. It's easier for the one before to happen. Impossible without being totally OOC.

Harry/Ginny - When I found out that's where canon was going, I wanted to skip every single line that had those two together. I sort of agree with JK when she says she made a mistake, and that Harry should have ended up with Hermione. This is my own opinion, though. There isn't a concrete reason why they shouldn't be together (other than the fact that I'm pretty sure Harry is gay! hahaha).

Sirius/Anyone but James, Harry or maybe Remus - To me, Sirius is a 'free spirit'. I think he liked to be the 'cool' uncle, the 'nice' one, and live the bachelor life. So I don't like to see him 'settling down' with a girl. And if I'm going to be sincere, the problem is that most of the times it is a Mary-suish OC, and I hate those.

Other fandoms

Well, when it comes to other fandoms, I can mention a few, but they're not nearly as regular as HP. I have to admit that lately I have been reading mainly fics of other fandoms, but I know that won't be for long.

In other fandoms, different from in HP fics (in which I focus on theme: James being alive), I focus on pairings. If it is of a shipping I like, then I'll read it. That's the principal reason why I read so few fics of other fandoms: Most shippings I like are... unorthodox, to put it mildly. So I don't get many of those. Meh. Oh, and the fact that I only read slash and I have specific preferences even on who tops or bottoms, that narrows things even more. Things don't have to be sexual, though. In fact, I don't normally try to find R or E rated fics. When I say "top", I'm trying to say something like dominant, without the BDSM connotation (don't like S&M, btw). I refuse to say that the "top" would be the "man in the relationship", as I hate that, but if you must, there's that.

Supernatural - I'm not quite sure what came to me first in FF, supernatural or HP, but one thing I know for sure, my shipping has never changed. Wincest forever! Top Dean/Bottom Sam. I also enjoy Top John/Bottom Sam-or-Dean too, but not as much, and I dream of finding a good Top Henry (you know, their grandfather)/Bottom John-or-Sam-or-Dean. So far I have only found one Top John/Bottom Henry, and despite having liked it, it didn't really meet my requirements on who tops/bottoms. I don't necessarily hate when Sam tops and Dean bottoms, but only if it is only occasional, not the main thing.

Grimm - This is very insteresting: I have stopped watching Grimm a couple of years ago (right when we found out Adalind was pregnant with Nick's baby), and, even though I've been toying with the idea of continuing it, I doubt it's going to happen. Despite all that, I still read (or rather, try to read, as my favorite shipping is quite unusual) Grimm fics every time I can. Renhardt. Top Sean Renard/Bottom Nick Burkhardt are just perfect together! Love these two together. I'm ok with Monroe/Nick, but nowadays I don't actively search for it anymore.

Avengers - Thundershield! Top Thor, bottom Captain America. It's impossible liking men and not loving imagining those two together. I'm also enjoying Top Bucky, bottom CA a lot lately, I can say it's a favorite already, so Wintershield. I'm toying with the idea of a relationship between Thor, Steve and Bucky. Let's see how that goes.

Haven - Nathan/Duke, all the way! Still can't believe it's over.

Percy Jackson - I like many pairings. Top Jason/Bottom Percy (probably my favorite), Top Percy/Bottom Nico, Top Apollo/Bottom Hermes, Top Jason/Bottom Nico, Nico/Will (don't care who tops)...

Sakura Card Captor - Top Touya/Bottom Yukito. Hahaha The first slash couple I fell in love with! It's been a looooong long time since I read it, but I still love it.

Twilight - I don't read many of those, but I decided to add it here. My favorite is Emmett/Edward, but I also like Edward/Bella, Edward/Jacob, James/Edward, James/Emmett.

Ranger's Appentice - I have never read any, but I still hope I'll find a Top Gilan/Bottom Will someday.

Kyle XY - It's been a looooong time. I loved Keclan, Top Declan/Bottom Kyle.

My fics

So, I have seven fics here, and I had another one that got deleted because it was a Songfic. =P

SAM'S BOOK OF LOVE is a oneshot Slash for Supernatural. It's stupid, but it's so cute it makes me smile everytime I read, so I don't have the guts to erase it. ONE-SHOT.

SAM X? is this awesome idea I had for a season three of Kyle XY. The series itself didn't get famous, so imagine the fics. The lack of responses got me tired of continuing it. I wrote this when I could barely use English. If my skills in English are not that excellent nowadays, imagine then... DISCONTINUED.

LOVE SALVATION is a fic for Harry Potter. It's in Portuguese, and I think it's actually very good. Don't think I am conceited, I wrote it in 2008, so I was a totally different person then. heehee. I guess I was more talented, because, gosh, those are 4 funny chapters! It's about the continuation of the Epilogue at DH. I don't continue it because it's pretty much forgotten anyway, so, why bother? I might one day translate it to English and continuing it (with a different name, this one is terrible... If I make mistakes with the level of English I have nowadays, imagine back then? I guess 'love salvation' doesn't even make sense...), but ot really now, because I'm in this obsession over James, and so, I might bring him back, and that would be... well, weird. So, yeah, not now, but maybe in the future. DISCONTINUED.

CHOICES is my child. heehee. I have so many ideas for it. I really hope you like it. I'm a bit unmotivated because of the lack of responses I'm getting, but I intend to continue it. There are quite some people following and reading it, so I'll keep trying to, say, 'hit the spot'. If you could please read and comment, I'll be forever thankful. I don't know when the next update will be. Currently, I haven't started the next chapter.

THE OTHER SIDE. Great idea, little time to write. I'm trying my best to update as soon as possible, principally because the way it is now, it is still very difficult to understand where it is going. I don't know when the next update will be. Currently, I have written 1.6k words for the next chapter.

I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU. If you write fanfiction, you know the feeling. Suddenly you can't stop thinking about this plot that somehow showed up in your head. You try to find a story that is at least similar to it so you stop thinking about it, but you never find one quite similar enough. So you write it. This one is an example. It's an AU in which Harry's parents aren't dead and Harry is dating Charlie Weasley. It explores the moments in which the couple comes out to their families. TWO-SHOT.

JAMES POTTER. It is a birthday gift for my best friend. It is a biography of James Potter I, mostly canon or headcanon. I'm very proud of it, and often re-read it just for the fun. ONE-SHOT.

Other stuff

Fanfiction was presented to me in 2006, by a great friend, DAN, who lives in Acre (wow!). He created my account, and he was the one who introduced fics to me. I'm really thankful for everything. He has full access to my account, because he created it, after all. But I know he won't post anything, nor leave any comments without identifying himself. I always check the reviews my account posted, and, apart from two in which he identified himself, all of them are mine.

My image is the singer Anna Sundstrand. People say we're alike, but there are two basic differences between us, I think. First, I'm way, waaay taller than she is. Yeah, I'm very tall. Second, she's beautiful. I'm not. And I don't care, in fact. I'm fat, and I think that, if I did care, I'd work out and go on a diet.

There are more things I want to put here (I TOLD YOU I'M PROLIX), but I can't remember right now. If I ever do, I'll update it again.

Ah, and "heehee" is the way I laugh. Get over it.



If you don't believe that James and Sirius were bullies, copy and paste this into your profile.

Hey, guys! I has been brought to me that there are some people who hate it when a writer says they are from a foreign country and that their mother language isn't English, as an excuse for the mistakes they make. Of course, there is no way for me to prove I am from a different country, other than the fact that I do have a story written in Portuguese, my mother tongue. But anyways, to sort of prove I really am from Brazil, here goes something in Brazilian Portuguese:

E aí, pessoal? Quase morro de rir com essa de que americanos ou ingleses usam a desculpa de serem estrangeiros só pra que as pessoas não os julguem pelos erros deles nas fics. huahuahua Enfim, não que eu tenha que provar nada pra ninguém, mas taí, um textinho em português só pra mostrar que, de fato, eu sou do Brasil. Eu to aqui pensando que talvez eu devesse usar umas gírias, sabem, coisa que só brasileiro ia saber? kkkkkk Mas eu não to conseguindo lembrar de nenhuma agora... Tipo, sei lá, "tá sussa, mano?" hahahaha Ridículo, é. Quem sabe algo mais Sulriograndense: "Mah bah, tchê, não é que eles não acreditam? Tu tens que ver!" haha Baiano? "Oxenti, mah esse povo tá muito retado, achanu qui o povo menti pra elis". Hahaha Enfim, acho que isso é recalque de quem não gosta de ser corrigido, mas vá lá. Beijinho no ombro pra eles. kkkkkkk

P.S.: BEFORE YOU LEAVE, I'd like to suggest a few fics that I recently read that are very good:

Unstoppable, by Welcometonerdworld. Just the most perfect one-shot that I've ever read. Hands down, it is just perfect, not even a single, tiny flaw. My absolute favorite thing from the HP world ever. It explores the possibility of a world in which James and Lily didn't die, and Harry's relationship with James. It is perfect, and it is spot on canon.

Revival of the Past, by Nightrayspath. This is probably my favorite ongoing fanfiction.

Along Those Lines, by Nightrayspath. I have no words to describe how much I love this story! The first story I'd recommend, hands down.

Acquired Perfection Syndrome, by Izaranna. Awesome story, very well written. Characterisation is spotless!

Something More, by Messr Padfoot Black. Warning! Heavy Slash, JamesxSirius! If you like it, this is a fantastic one. The only problem is that the chapters are a bit short.

Get It Right, by GryffindorHHR1991. Awesome! Very good, indeed!

The Return of Lily and James, by Artist 111. Excellent one.

Rising From Ashes, by Colourful Shades. This one is incredible. Twin fic without one of them being ignored or mistreated by James >\ . Really, really good. Bad Dumbledore though. Author's very good.

The Boy Who Survived, by PumpkinSparks8616. One word. WOW.

If you want to suggest a fic, or want me to remove your fic of my profile, just tell me by PM. But please don't be rude, okay?


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