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"Shinji's Endless Choices" has been edited in title and story.


Posted chapter 3 of “The Last Seedling” and working on chapter 4.


Posted chapter 2 of “The Last Seedling” and I’m mostly satisfied on how it came out. I’ll probably be working on the 3rd chapter and fixing up my profile.


Just letting everyone know that I'll be doing a new chapter on my story or starting a new one, not sure which yet. Looking thru my old stories and ideas I thought of and with other authors to see what I'll come up with. Might take a week to about a month, maybe.

On a sidenote, my B-day is coming soon and I'll be 27 years old. Wow I'm that old now, hope everyone had a good last year and wish everyone a wonderful 2011.


I post my second fanfic "The Last Seedling" and made my first poll, didn't get alot of reviews for my first fic. I was hoping that others say what they think of it and what bad about my first fic. Only got 5 reviews for it and maybe about 450 or so people ever reading it. So I hope I do better with the second one and get more honest reviews.


Just did my first fanfic "Endless Choices at the Crossroad of Possibilities" and it came out sorta dark, but wasn’t my intention. Not sure if somebody did something like on other stuff here at FF.Net. Wanted to try something different for Evangelion. Hopefully this might spawn ideas for stories and give people something to think about for awhile.


Name: not giving it out

Age: 27 Gender: Male Personality: Open minded and easy going

Hobbies: Animes, Video Games, Music and reading stories (My interest in these varies all over the place)

Favorite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion ( My favorite of all time), Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi Muyo GPX, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Nadesico, Naruto, Macross series, Bleach, Gurren Lagann, Akira, Love Hina, Samurai 7, Ghost in the Shell (movie and series), Street Fighter, Great Teacher Onizuka,

(Wish they stop doing the first character the main character see and paired them off or hint heavily that happen a lot in anime once in while)

Favorite Cartoons: Teen Titan (TV series), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Justice League Unlimited, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparent, Invader Zim, Codename: Kids Next Door, Chowder, Ben 10 series

(Basically I like all kinds of animes and cartoons, will watch anything as long as I like it, will take up a lot of space to include all the others I like. These are all the ones that left a big impression or like alot)

Current Console: PS3, PS2, PSP, XBOX360

Wish we didn’t have to choose which system to play any of the games we like or want to try out

Favorite Games: Xenogears (just got it again and still my favorite), Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy series, Tales series, Xenosaga series, Armored Core series, Wild Arms 2 & 3, Suikoden 3 & 5, Dark Cloud series, Breath of Fire series, a lot of Atlus, Gust, Nippon Ichi Software and Square Enix games along with other that most people forgotten.

Favorite Genre: RPG and RPG-Strategy and some Strategy and Shooters

Favorite Music Genre: Like just about anything as long as I like it

Current mindset: Want to write a lot of stories

Author’s notes: Don’t like overly violent people that hurt other for little or no reason and that extend to animes no matter what they're life is like. ( ex: Asuka from Evangelion, Akane from Ranma 1/2 and Naru from Love Hina)

- Ideas and X-over Ideas I’m thinking and/or working on

Been seeing quite a bit of crossover in Evangelion section and wanted to think of something different for X-over with Shinji of Evangelion and this is what I thought of. Wanted to see or write something different with odd pairing normally not thought of and the reason for odd pairing I’m thinking for Shinji. Each of these are a x-over on their own and I'm using Wikipedia to see what anime is out and see if I can think of crossing over those with Evangelion.

I suggested an Eva/Teen Titan x-over fic to animefan29 and he has the 2 chapter up right now called Titanic Shinji. We e-mail each other on the ideas on how this is going to work. You should checked it out if you haven’t.

Eva/Nadesico- Thinking of it but not sure how to go about it.

Eva/Final Fantasy 11- Cait Sith stumble into Shinji's world and saw what happening and decided to help Shinji. She could be turned into a catgirl or human and she could be paired up with Shinji. If you don't know who or what she look like, check Youtube for the clips under Caith Sith FF11. The last one from the game mission with the other ones is cute and funny. At least I think so. Or She can even be in the Evaverse watching over him because she has seen what happen and wanted to help him. The Eva/Super Smash Bros. fic give me this twist of an idea and it wouldn't be clotted with character like that fic. There is too much character in it.

Evangelion/Tenchi Muyo- Shinji get accidently turned into a cabbit by Washu's experiment gone wrong with Mihoshi's help if you know what I mean. Part of the reason for Washu experiment was to look for a mate for Ryo-ohki and Washu wanting grandchildren since Ryoko is too slow to give her any. Washu find out what happen and tried to help him. The pairing for could be Shinji/Ryo-ohki/Sasami/Rei. Third Impact still happen but get scaled down with the Chogin interfering.

You got to admit after being absorbed (in a way, death and rebirth) by his Eva and going through TI and in a sense of becoming a God or higher being that he won't or hasn't develop some kind of power. In repent for not helping Asuka he takes her scars. The scar on the arm is held together by Lance and is made into a blood gauntlet for defense and it only form a blade like Jing's weapon from King of Bandit: Jing. The eye scar is cover up by the marking of Unit 01's helmet mark to show a bond that form during TI. There some scar on the stomach but that'll be covered with clothing but it there. The mask with the eyes you see in the opening will be on his left shoulder with the wings going down some of his arm and up to some of his neck. All this is also to suppress the power he and Shogoki (Eva Uniy 01) have attained in TI. Where all this could spell trouble for him when other people finds out what he become. Like the Overlord from Disgaea's games, the chogins from Tenchi Muyo, and other beings from other shows. What kind of x-over this will be is up for grab. This might make him too powerful but because he can't control it and he just can’t go off and use it. He could accidently wrap reality into total chaos and death or destroyed worlds from across the galaxy and other universe. Training him to use these won't help helped him much and must learn to confront all his problems and learn lessons that are soulful only.

I just thought of an idea, Wikipedia said something about the First Ancestral Race or FAR as I'm calling them. What if Shinji's soul was the last project they worked on but they couldn't use him for any other project so they put him in the last Black Seed they created before disappearing. Since the FAR is the creator of the Black Seed and thus humanity I think this plausible. Anyway whatever they did to him before could explain why his presence could've started the Angel War and being part of the medium for Third Impact to precede as far as it did. After TI, one of the FAR's earlier project appeared responding to Shinji's soul as a result of him transcending that met a criteria for it appearing to him. I don't know where to take this at the moment.

Eva/Star Trek-It been done before with Q and Gendo as the centered characters, but here a different approach. Was watching an episode that I seen a long time ago, the ones where a civilization seeded other worlds since they couldn't find other intelligence lifeforms and like them. All this spark an idea in my head for a while, along with that fic. What if Shinji sometime after being abandoned started seeing into the Star Trek universe. At first he started seeing siloatute of someone like a ghost, than single person doing something or in danger, than multiple people, than some situation playing out in front of him like a stage performance. He would tell people that he see these things and people would think he crazy and that lead to his social isolation that started his inability to deal with people and situations like in the anime. Enterprise, Next Generation and Deep Space Nine were what I was thinking about to put Shinji in when he phase.

Here the point of the ideas, what if Shinji after defeating an Angel started phasing or whatever in various places and times even in dangerous spot and meet various characters of the series of the Star Trek universe. Q would see the disturbance or whatever but couldn't interfer or get close till after the 12th or 14th, he wonders why this happening but couldn't pinpoint why exactly or something. Each phase would put him under some trial of self and in the process helps various characters with their problems or saving their lives threaten by supernatural or other things. He would go back after a set time or doing something that helps or righting something by the Star Trek universal will.

I don't know enough of Star Trek series or am I a big fan of it but there are some episodes I like. But this idea would be kind of neat and maybe different. It still needs alot of refining and done by someone way knowledgable with Star Trek. So this idea is up for grabs.

?Eva/Golden Compass? I saw the end of Golden Compass and saw the creature and for some reason thinking of making an Eva story with the same thing but demons and other creatures of myths like a story in the Eva section and an anime I can't think of. But Shinji has a Nekomata in a Kemono like the Neko Wife or Cait Sith as his demon or whatever. That as far as I got with that thought.

- Ideas that me and other authors came up.

We thought of these years ago and I don’t remember with whom anymore. Just wanted to share these with everyone. I don’t even remember if they were done in this way or already discuses in forums so sorry in advance if I’m just repeating these.

Evangelion/Tenchi - Shinji/Sasami-The idea is that one of Washu's inventions gets dropped to Earth and is found by Shinji when he runs awy from NERV. It teleports him to Washu's lab on the Planet Jurai, where she turns him into a powerful bodyguard for Princess Sasami, who at first mistakes Shinji for her new husband. However, the real husband-to-be is a distasteful person who looks like a blue-skinned vampire. Unwilling to marry him, Sasami runs away with Shinji and Ryo-Ohki along for the ride. (Now this is where it gets tricky) Shinji and Sasami encounter a half-dozen unique individuals from other planets, such as Jango Fett the bounty hunter, Aisha ClanClan the feral catgirl, Frosta the ice maiden, Syclone the wind cyborg, Katar Hal the hawkman, and Ryoko the space pirate. They all become friends, and eventually Shinji and Sasami realize their feelings for each other. But when Washu finds them and brings them back, Sasami is forced to marry the vampire-like prince. However, she also has found out that the prince plans to have Sasami killed so that he will be able to take over the Juranian Empire. Shinji and the others race to stop the wedding, and save Sasami.
(That's about as far as I got)

Shinji/Ryoko-The idea behind this one, is that when Third Impact happens, Shinji and Unit 01 get teleported 6000 years into the past, where they end up on Mars. Since the Eva has an S2 Engine it can survive almost indefinitely, but Yui is worried for her son. She then intercepts a communication message from Washu, who's ship is stranded in the asteroid field by Kagato. The pair start talking, and eventually Washu convinces Yui to pair her son up with her 'daughter' Ryoko. But to do so, Yui has to turn Shinji into LCL to bring him into her world inside the Eva so as to alter his genetics. (Yui also finds out that Washu created the Angels as prototype weapons) 6000 years later, Ryoko is passing through the solar system and finds the Eva, but also the human being inside it. She brings him aboard her ship-(Ryo-Ohki) and the pair slowly become friends, mostly because of a special energy function Washu taught Yui how to create in Shinji to make them 'compatible'.
(That's about as far as I got)

Evangelion/Soul Eater - Shinji/Rei-The idea behind this is, Shinji is a Weapons Master and grandson of Shinigami-sama and Rei is a Weaponeer, capable of becoming a powerful katana sword. They have to claim 100 souls in order for Rei to become a Deathblade, an elite weapon that can only be wielded by The Death God himself. However, after working with Shinji for nearly six months, Rei has grown affectionate towards him and doesn't want to leave him. When the pair attack a witch named Misato, who turns out to be a cat that knows hundreds of magical spells, the pair have to start all over. Shinji suspects that Rei knew about this, and when she admits why she did it, Shinji admits that he cared about her as well. As a result, Shinigami-sama decrees that when Rei becomes a Deathblade, only Shinji will be allowed to wield her.

Evangelion/Addams Family - Shinji/Wednesday-When Shinji is abandoned by his father after his mother dies, he is found by Lurch, the Addam's zombie butler. Seeing his pained, broken, and depressed spirit, the Addam's immediately welcome him into their family, because they think miserable souls will make good family members. They teach Shinji all the things that it takes to be an Addam's, and when Shinji returns to Tokyo-3 at his fathers request, he knows how to swordfight, blow things up, isn't turned off by death or carnage, and ends up playfully torturing several people because he thinks it's funny. This includes Asuka. Eventually the Addam's get concerned about Shinji and come for a visit. It is there that they reveal that Shinji and Wednesday have been trying to kill each other for years (much like she and Pugsley have been doing), even though she gave Shinji her virginity for his 12th birthday. When Shinji finally gets the upper hand against Wednesday, he finds out he can't kill her, because he loves her. Whats more, she reveals that she loves him too, because he is the only boy who has proven her equal, and the pair end up making love to each other again. They then promise not to try and kill each other, and instead conspire to try and eliminate Pugsley and Asuka.

Evangelion/Justice League - Shinji/Supergirl-The story starts when Green Lantern, Supergirl, Captain Atom and Green Arrow going to North Korea to stop a powerful nuclear robot from destroying everything. Shinji teleports in and phases through Green Lantern and Supergirl. As a result of this, he comes a Blue Lantern, possessing the power of hope, as well as Supergirl's physically aged equal. He helps the JLU battle the atomic robot, stopping it, and becoming a member of the League, as Green Lantern's sidekick. However, he and Supergirl becomes close friends throughout their adventures, mostly because they are opposite personalities. (She likes rock and roll, he likes classical; she likes it fast, he likes to take it easy; she likes high-tech and advanced, he likes old and traditional; she's a bit of a slob, he keeps it neat; etc.) By the end of the first season, when Luthor's plot to destroy the League and create an Amazo body for himself is revealed, Shinji and Supergirl are already dating. The second season of Justice League Unlimited has more to do with their relationship and how strained it gets, especially when the team gets pulled to the 31st century and Supergirl finds out she likes it there instead of the 21st century. But Shinji realizes that he needs to be in the 21st. (From this point my idea was for Shinji to give Supergirl a passionate kiss before returning to hisown time. But Supergirl follows them back to the 21st and arrives in time to help stop Darkseid's invasion. From there the pair continue on in their relationship, eventually getting married and having two children. This is possible because Shinji possesses part of Supergirl's Argosian DNA, making him the only possible match for the maid of might)

Shinji/Arisia-The idea for this, is that when Shinji leaves NERV following the events of the 13th Angel battle, he is recruited by mortally wounded Green Lantern Hal Jordan and given the responsibility of being the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Shinji accepts, and goes to Planet Oa for training. There a young Green Lantern named Arisia takes a liking to him. The pair become friends and partners over the course of the next years, both using their rings to physically age them to adults in order to fight off a horde of Red Lanterns. But Asuka, who was given a yellow power ring by a dying Sinestro Corps member, has followed Shinji into space and seeks to destroy him with it. The battle leads to Arisia's homeworld where Asuka detonates their sun in order to be both feared and recognized. While Arisia battles Asuka, Shinji gets everyone off the planet and to safety. Asuka defeates Arisia, taking her ring but leaving her alive so as to have her witness the death of her planet before she dies. However, a Star Sapphire ring finds it's way to Arisia, and she accepts it, seeing as how she failed the GL Corps and all, and goes to help Shinji. Together, Shinji and Arisia battle and defeat Asuka. After relocating Arisia's people to another world, and imprisoning Asuka, both GL Shinji and SS Arisia get married, as a means to form an alliance between their two groups.

Evangelion/Rosario+Vampire - Shinji/Kurumu-This story is a multi-crossover that starts out with having Ranma, Shampoo and Shinji all get teleported to Yokai Academy, where they meet Moka and Tsukune. The group becomes friends, but when Kurumu tries to seduce Tsukune away from Moka, Shinji tries to stop them from killing each other. Despite being injured, Shinji stands up to Inner Moka and convinces her to spare Kurumu, because he likes her. (He says that he has a thing for girls with blue hair) Kurumu instantly latches onto Shinji as her 'mate of fate'. Shinji eventually becomes a more worthy mate for the succubus, when Naruto comes to their world, and the Kyuubi adopts Shinji, Naruto, and Ranma as her sons, turning them into half-demons with incredible powers. Shinji becomes a demonic angel, which enables him to fly like Kurumu can, as well as gives him other powers. But it is during the battle at Witch's Knoll that Shinji marks an injured Kurumu as his mate in order to save her life. (Though at the same time he attracts the attention of the raven witch Ruby)
I'm also going to turn Tsukune into a super werewolf so that no one tries to kill him because he's human. And when I say 'super werewolf' I mean, I'm going to give him more powers than Ginei.
The pairings for this story are:
Tsukune/Inner and Outer Moka

- My Current Line of Stories

Shinji's Endless Choices (Completed) - This was something I wrote and my first fanfic after reading a bunch of Eva fics and looking up Evangelion stuff in Wikipedia and I thought about Noein and the possibility of different dimensions and possibility like a tree. I made this but it seem not many like it because the amount of reviews and hits I got for it. Well I hope my future works come out better.

The Last Seedling - My second fanfic and I planned multiple chapters for this.

That all at the moment.

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