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Author has written 18 stories for Doctor Who, Lazytown, Scrubs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, M.I. High, Silent Witness, Goonies, We Will Rock You, and Austin & Ally.

So, I'm Sophie. Haven't used in a good couple of years. I mainly write Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and most recently Silent Witness.

Pairings include:

Rose/Ten - Amy/Eleven





I think that's pretty much it! I will hopefully be writing more Silent Witness fics soon, I've recently bought a couple of boxsets, so expect some one shots in the future :)

"One Week"

It's a Doctor Rose fic it took me ages to write but i loved it! It came out before Martha was even introduced.

So it was brilliant to write her as the mean controlling one plus i hated her even before she began! Nothing could ever beat Rose!

Published: 16/12/06 Finished: 1/28/07

"Down On My Knees"

OK another Doctor Rose fanfic this time with a little added romance! Just 'cos i can!

It's a really short fanfic and worth a read if you like smut! it's quite sweet actually!

Published: 20/12/06 One Shot

"Meeting Again"

Absolutely pointless drabble about the one and only sound of the universe!

It was going to be continued but then I realised it didn't make any sense! So I left it! It was supposed to be about the Doctor being alone without Rose, guess it kind of backfired!

Published 10/1/07 One Shot


My first Lazy Town fic! Unfortunately it's not finished! I got a little bit bored and stuck for idea's and I'm still stuck after reading it about 20 times!

I don't think I will finish it but I want to! So watch this page!

Published: 19/3/07 - 28/3/07 Not Complete


Another Lazy Town fic! My shortest one actually! It's quite angsty but fluffy at the same time! lol! ooo yeah! this is the really depressing one! go angst!

I recently discovered the song 'You' and I loved it! right now i'm not so fond of it! i think it's been overplayed by me! shame!

Published: 2/4/07 One Shot

"Just For Love"

Another Lazy Town fic! Although I think this is my last one! Quite sweet but it ends really abruptly!

I got the idea from a film I watched recently but i can't remember what it was!

Published: 3/4/07 One Shot

"Sleep Deprivation"

OK My first and only Scrubs fanfic, I had to split it in two otherwise it was way too long!

My favourite episode of Scrubs is the one where they finally get together I think it's called 'Bed, Banter and Beyond' or something like that!

Published: 22/4/07 Finished: 23/4/07

"Music And Lyrics"

When I went to Bognor for the day, I was listening to Bowling For Soup and decided I wanted to change the lyrics!

That was how I came up with the story! But it is a good story! My favourite Doctor Who story that I've written!

Published: 6/5/07 Finished: 6/5/07


My only Pirates of the Caribbean story! It's a little boring and is crap at the end but I was rushing it and not enjoying it anymore!

But I did complete the story and I was very proud of myself!

Published: 4/6/07 Finished: 28/6/07

"Falling Asleep"

I love this story! My first Hhr fic of many to come! I got so much positive feedback that even though it was meant to be a oneshot it became more!

Now I'm on chapter 10 but real life is catching up on me!

I hate to say this but if anyone wants to continue this story please let me know and I'll send the adoption certificate your way.

Published: 15/8/07 Unfinished.

"Way Off Base"

Me and my friend Anna went to London on a school trip and on the way back I challenged her to a H/hr fic writing comp!

Anna is a R/hr Shipper so she did a very good job considering! Anna's story is the top one by the way!

Published: 26/9/07 Finished: 26/9/07

"Here We Go"

Journeys End was just huge for me, and I definitely couldn't let the Doctor leave Rose With a clone, I was not impressed :(

I do have it all pretty much written out, they're short chapters, and I'm not at school until september, so it will get finished!

Published: 8/7/08 Currently Unfinished

"There's Always The Cutting Room"

Really, desperately wanted to write something Harry/Nikki, and I was struggling to not turn it into a Tom/Millie fic,

but I managed to write this after Bloodlines as a little cheer up to myself :)

Published: 28/01/11 Finished: 28/01/11

"The Joys Of Being Grounded"

After watching The Goonies too many times, I just wanted to write a little Mouth/Stef fic which actually got to be quite long.

I was kinda growing bored with rereading and rereading the same fics so I added my own.

Published: 10/05/11 Finished: 10/05/11

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