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Author has written 11 stories for Naruto.

Age: Im 22

Sex: Male

Location: The wang of the U.S. that is Florida. Florida

Occupation: Student

Reason: Well, basically I decided to start writing after reading a ton of stories on this site. I felt like I needed to start increasing my writing skills, and what better way to do it then writing about what I love to watch and read.

Favorite Animes: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Trigun, and even though its oldschool Robotech.

Favorite Manga: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Death Note is pretty good. Update: Soul Eater and D-Gray Man are now on the list too.

Music: Well I listen to alot of random stuff from different sound tracks(some of the Naruto soundtracks you can get on for free are pretty good). But if I were to give bands I would say Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Reel Big Fish, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. So Powerglove is amazing

Ive now seen both My chemical romance in concert in tampa a few months ago and I went to go see Reel Big Fish at Hardrock in Orlando just last week. Both awesome concerts, but I would have to say I had a much funner time at Reel Big Fish. Ska ftw.

Games: I play HoN, League of Legends, and the Starcraft 2 beta most of the time now. My name is all of them is NewDeal

Movies: Cant really pick a favorite because I like alot of movie. But Shaun of the Dead, The Matrix (First one), Star Wars, The Three Amigos!, Blazing Saddles, and Space Balls.


My Pairing Choices.

Naruto/Hinata: Reasons I feel Hinata will end up with Naruto. One: No other female in Naruto has had as much detail put into their character as Hinata other than Sakura. And the dedication of Sakura to Sasuke is undeniable. It's my belief that Naruto is going to get a more sisterly love of Sakura. The detail into Hinata's character has to have some sort of purpose.Two: Hinata really seems to draw her strength from Naruto, if he ignores that then...well shit I dont know I guess hes an idiot. I guess we will really learn more about it in the Team 8 arc of the manga. Considering they are the next ones. Only thing that really makes me nervous is the fact that in every arc since hes returned from training someone has died. Wonder if this will continue.

Shika/Temari/Ino/Choji: I am not positive on these pairings yet and it will likely go back and forth between Shika/tem or Shika/ino in my stories. Choji is about the same way.

Neji/Tenten: I really just cant imagine Neji getting with anyone else. Or Lee getting with Tenten. And a big Fuck You too all the Hyuugacest people out there. I mean come the fuck on they are COUSINS.

Kaka/Anko: Come on...its just hilarious.


Currrent Stories:

Guardian.: Finished

Plot: After Sasuke dies Naruto goes into a deep depression and is even further brought down by horrid new from Kyuubi. How will one year training with the current Guardian of Konoha effect Naruto? NaruHina

Kitsune Memories: In progress along side Guardian.

Plot: Orochimaru captures Naruto and with the aid of Kabuto uses two different Jutsu's on Naruto. Now he is changed and without a memory, what will his friends do when they find him and attempt his rescue? NaruHina

The Demon Shinobi of Konoha:

Plot: After the attack of the Kyuubi the Third Hokage of Konoha immediately revealed who the father of the container was to the clan council. 13 years later Konoha is prospering with many strong shinobi. One of the strongest and most feared of all the Konoha ninja is about to get his own genin team to test. How will the students fair with the legendary Demon Shinobi of Konoha. NaruHina


Writing some one shots to get it out of my system also when I have a bit of writers block on Guardian.

Of Tears and Kitsune: Complete

Hokage Monument : Complete

Meant to be: Complete

What Really Matters: Complete

Reasons we fight: Complete

Proposal: Complete

Ones Journey: Complete

The Trial: Maybe a 2nd chapter


Some other idea I am having that I will likely write along side my other two stories or just wait till atleast one is finished.

Hoshi no tama : Massive AU story alot like my one shot of Tears and Kitsune. It would involve Naruto as a half demon kitsune that loses his Hoshi no tama (Star Ball) at age 5. The Hoshi no tama is said to hold a Kitsune's soul and is very precious to a kitsune. He find the person who has the star ball and makes a promise to watch over her. NaruHina


Update as of June 3rd 2010

So I kind of owe some explanations I think. I want to say that I am really sorry to all those fans that really have been waiting for a new chapter from my stories. Basically I can attribute my lack of writing to a few things that have happened to me.

First and probably least important was that I got into a car accident about a month after my last accident and totaled my car. I had to get a loan and am basically working 40+ hours a week and going to school now to make sure I can make all the payments on it. So I am very busy and when I am home I mostly want to relax rather than write.

Earlier this year I lost two very close family members. My aunt died in a accident and my grandfather that I was very close to passed away from Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. I was very close to my grandmother and she has lived with my grandfather for 60 years. After the funeral I stayed with her for a little while and to be honest since I had gotten back I really hadn't felt like writing fanfiction let alone read it. So finally after reading and reading some good fanfictions and some...not so good ones I have decided to come back to writing.

Finally the last reason I have been so busy because my older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Luckily it looks like we have beaten it, but it is still a hard battle with someone I am very close with. The reason this has made me so busy is that my family has become very very involved with the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation. We have been hosting fundraisers and walking in the races to help fight for the cure. Part of the reason I am so busy now I because of my training to race in this years Susan G. Komen 3day 60 mile walk in Tampa Fl. I am trying to raise up 2300 dollars to take place in this walk and help raise money in the fight against breast cancer. So please wish me and my family luck.

I'm happy to say I am back, but I can't say when you will get a chapter. I am going to have to get back in contact with my beta and hash out a few more thousand words or so for this chapter. Anyway thank you all.

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The Demon Shinobi of Konoha reviews
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