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So it's actually been like two years since i last made one of these. my homepage has a link to my youtube channel. i absoulutely LOVE music so if you know a really good song that you want me to listen to, then send it to me or tell me the name of the song n i'll listen to it ASAP.

for those who actually remeber me, i used to have some stories on here, but due to a guilty conscience and unforseen circumstances with my parental unit i deleted them. fear not!! one day i'll start writing again, ull kno when b/c there will actually be stories on here to read besides the ones i have favorited.

Despite knowing how much people enjoy getting reviews (dont get me wrong i enjoy them too) i find them a hassle to do b/c i read soooooo meany fanfics!! so i only review a story if it really sucks n i thnk u need to kno, it's really really good n im heartbroken b/c the story is ovr or something, or if the author has asked for suggestions n i can thnk of something.

Fav Couples

Beast Boy and Raven

I REFUSE to read a story if those two aren't together. when Raven is extremely OOC (not just a lil bit b/c it's really hard to keep her in character, i understand that but when she's so OOC she's a prep...yeah we got a problem) i refuse to read the story. I also won't read the story if BB is extremely stupid. he's not dumb!! he's not the smartest team member but he's not so stupid that he can't understand anything.

Inuyasha and Kagome

I won't read a story if they're not together either. they belong together!! it's obvious. kikyo is a whore. DIE!! tht is all.

Naruto and Sakura

Hinata's too quiet and innocent for someone like Naruto and Sasuke is just a pompous bastard who like's being Orochimaru's sex slave.

Aang and Katara

Hello!! were we not watching the same show?? match made in heaven

Hated Couples

If any of my fav couples is mismatched i will not read the story. i don't even sign up for author alerts if i see that the person has written other stories that have mismatched a fav couple. im REALLY picky about this kind of stuff, lol.

About ME

I hate pink. i will not wear it, nor will i wear anything w/ the color on it. in fact when i'm older i will not let anyone wear pink to my wedding.

I love black. it jst matches everything so it's easy

I'm super duper awesome!! sarcastic, mean @ times (i call it brutually honest) nice when i wanna b n jst super duper awesome!!

That's all i got n i'm actually getting tired so...


La vixen de amor

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She use to care about him. He still cares about her. She wants nothing to do with him. He wants everything to do with her. She wants him to know how much she hates him. He doesn't want her to know how much he loves her! INUKAG!
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