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:-:-:-~Welcome to the wonderful world of Anime Fan18.0's profile! ~:-:-:-

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Account Links:

-Youtube: AnimeFan18point0

-Fanart Central: DrawingMan18point0

About Me:

Name: Anime Fan18.0

Age: 13-20

Sex: Male

I'm just a lazy writer who occasionally finds time to whip up a quick fanfic or short story, as well as drawing, working, and making AMV's on the side. Admittedly, I'm very whimsy about what I do and will bounce between different projects I'm working on. I'm also a critic when it comes to writing; if I see a story with a lot of basic errors, chances are I'll tell you and throw out some tips on how to fix it.

I am, by no means, a perfect writer nor pretend to be, but that's not gonna' stop me from pointing out something I see wrong. However, do not accuse me of flaming! With rare exceptions that usually involve staying up too late and somebody hitting a raw nerve, I'm never cruel when I review and take it as an insult when you accuse me of flaming. Sometimes the truth burns just as badly as an open flame...

Favorite Things:

Games: Ratchet and Clank series, Kingdom Hearts series, Jak series, and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Books: Harry Potter, Flowers for Algernon, Series of Unfortunate Events, Artemis Fowl series, and The Supernaturalists.

Comics: Spider Man, Iron Man, and Super Man.

Anime: Dragonball Z. That's...pretty much it... (I know, my pename is “Anime Fan18.0” and I'm only a big fan of one anime? Ironic...)

TV Shows: Burn Notice, Law and Order SVU/CI, The Simpsons, and My Name is Earl.

Movies: many. As of now, my top ten are: Gran Torino, Taken, Star Trek, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, V for Vendetta, the Star Wars Saga, the Indiana Jones Saga, both Transformers movies, and Kung Fu Hustle.

Actors: Eddie Murphy, Robert Downy Jr., Will Smith, Heith Ledger, Hugo Weaving, Clint Eastwood, and Morgan Freeman.


~UPDATE 6-27-2009~ Yeah...I've basically been dead these last few months, haven't I...?

I admit it, I''ve been lazy. I've been working with my dad so far over the summer (in 90+ degree weather lately) traveling up and down the road. Becuase we travel so much, I've been getting home really late. I've had time where I could have written a fanfic or two, but I just haven't felt like it... (Not to mention I'm suffering a severe idea shortage.)

So...I don't know. That story I mentioned in my previous update was Ratchet and Clank oriented, and with a new game coming out I decided to scrap it. I'm going to try and get something on here before summer ends and I go back to school, but as for between then and now...well, let's just say things look iffy. :\

~UPDATE 2-11-2009~ HAPPY (ubber late) NEW YEAR!! My New Year's resolutions? To churn out more one-shots and get the story I'm working on ready to be uploaded.
In the meantime, however, I have uploaded a small one-shot for the Odyssey. It's very interesting (as it is written in the first person view, as apposed to my normal second or third person) and I'd love it if you checked it out.

I don't see myself being ready to beta anytime soon. Life's real busy right now, and my computer time has been cut to a minimum. This goes double for concriting, I'm afraid. I'll find time to write fanfics, but that's about it. :\

~UPDATE 12-13-08~ Ehh...I haven't exactly been keeping my promises, have I? Okay, so I'm not doing as much reviewing as I'd like to, and I'm kinda slacking in my duties as a beta (If you're reading this KairiNamineStar, sorry that I haven't gotten back to you yet from that PM you sent me. Been busy lately with midterms and such...), but I am working on that story I mentioned before. I have one chapter somewhat done (S'more fine tuning needed) and chapter two is on its way. (I'm not going to post the story until I have a few chapters ready for me to post) I'm going to try to do a Christmas fic this year. Not sure how soon, or even what category I'm going to do it in, but I am going to try and do it. Just don't expect many reviews from me, especially those reviews pointing out all of those errors I spot, for awhile. And...that's pretty much it...

~UPDATE 11-25-08~'s been awhile since I last updated, huh? I've even been on a concrit hiatus! Well, then here's some good news.

-First off, I'm working on what I'd imagine is going to be my most epic story of all time. Not only that, but I'll be using a new writing style that I have developed offline (i.e. no more N00b BS in my writing).

-Second, I'm back and ready to do some concriting! For those of you who reside in the Ratchet and Clank section, expect to see more of me in the oncoming days. ;)

-Third, I'm ready for beta-ing. If you want to send beta-chapters my way, use DocX to establish a connection with me. (You might have to PM me telling me too, because I don't think FF.N notifies you of this feature...)

However, there is some bad news. My laptop is busted, so my time doing the above activities is limited until I can get it fixed. (My power cord went down the pooper, and I don't have enough money right now to go buy another one) I'll still be doing what I described above! limited amounts...

~UPDATE 8-26-08~ OMGWTFLOLFORLPMSINGSTFULOLZ!!11!!11eleven!elventy-one!!1! Yes ladies and germs, I have cerated a C2! One brand spankin' new C2 for my favorite fandom of all time; Ratchet and Clank! Not only that, I've put up a new poll at the top of my profile! Yay for me having too much time on my hands! XD

Anyway, I'm working on some one-shots for multiple fandoms. Don't know when I'll post them...but I'm working on them. Ummm... (tries to justify reason for random announcement about new C2 that everyone should subscribe to, but is at a loss...) Eh...oh well... I'll think of something. Any minute now...any minute...yeah... ...Okay, I give. See you all later!

~UPDATE 8-22-08~ Unfortunately, I have bad news. First, school's started, which means less time to update. Second, although I have posted a tenth chapter for VWN:TROP, I have writer's block on what to do next. Third, I am slowly being drained of my life by the amount of homework from school and am going to die shortly.

...okay, maybe I exaggerated just a little bit on that last part...

Good news is that for those who like AMV's, I'm working on a few for my Youtube account. Also, after seeing the movie "WALL-E", and taking a look at its fanfiction section (looking good so far), I'm inspired to create a one-shot or two for it. Also, I am trying desperately to think of a KH-story of some sort. As for the other two projects listed below, I'm not sure. I don't think my one-shot idea is going to work, and I can't say about the DBZ-DC villain story. I have a couple of chapters pre-made, but I don't want to post it out of fear that I may lose intrest and it'll become another dead story. I'd rather write a few more chapters beforehand so that if I get a writer's block, I'll have something for you guys while I work it out. Well, I suppose that is all. My interests are just spread out right now, so I'm not sure what I'm going to update or how frequently I'm going to update. (Shrugs)

~UPDATE 7-8-2008~ Double post time! Yes, I have posted both the ninth chapter of "Vegeta's Worst Nightmare: The Return of Pikachu!" and the third chapter of "A Nefarious Vacation" at the same time! Well, for those who want to know...

-KH Story: I have a little inspiration
-DBZ-DC Villain Crossover: 5 percent
-Oneshot story: ten percent

Also, for any spelling fanatics out there, I have spell checked my profile. If that's any consolation. That is all.

~UPDATE 6-20-2008~ Voting is now officially closed! Thanks to all (two) of the people who voted. Apparently they want to see more of Vegeta getting driven out of his mind in the Pokemon world. Speaking of which, here's the progress on my stories:

-The ninth chapter of "Vegeta's worst Nightmare: The Return of Pikachu!":being fine tuned, but otherwise complete.
-The third chapter of "A Nefarious Vacation":50 percent
-KH Story:...why do I even try?
-DBZ-DC Villain Crossover: doing research...
-Oneshot story: three percent. (Can't settle on a title)

Also, for those watching my DBZstory, know that before I post the ninth chapter I'm going back over my other eight chapters to correct any mistakes grammatically I've made. (It's about time I got around to fixing this problem...) Anyway, that is all. Seeya!

~UPDATE 6-5-2008~To keep you posted on the progress on my stories:

-The ninth chapter of "Vegeta's Worst Nightmare: The Return of Pikachu!": 50 percent.
-The third Chapter of "A Nefarious Vacation": 30 percent.
-KH Story: Ummm... Help?
-DBZ-DC Villain Crossover: Conducting research
-Oneshot story: I have an idea!

Also, PUH-LEASE vote on my pole! So far, only one person has voted! ONE!!I want to make sure that I'm writing stuff you people want to read. It doesn't necessarily mean I won't write the idea, I just want your input. So PLEASE vote, m'kay? Oh, and to the ONE person who voted (I think I know who you are, but I'm not sure) thanks!

In other news, I now have an account on Fanart Central. (DrawingMan18point0) So, if anybody wants to view any of my pretty pictures I churn out every so often, go there!

~UPDATE 5-21-2008~WAHOO!! IT'S SUMMER!! Yes ladies and germs, summer vacation is here at last! (For me at least. My school gets out a week early) Thanks to the technological marvel that is my laptop, and an Internet card to go with it, I shall be able to update no matter where I am! (I travel alot during the summer) I've already been working on a couple of things. Here's what I've got so far:

-The eighth chapter of "Vegeta's Worst Nightmare: The Return of Pikachu!" (Completed and posted)
-The ninth chapter of "Vegeta's Worst Nightmare: The Return of Pikachu!" (10 percent)
-The third chapter of "A Nefarious Vacation". (Coming up with ideas)
-A possible Kingdom Hearts story. (Basic concept conceived)
-A possible DBZ story. (Storyline made, working out details)

So, there you go. Also, I will have a poll up by tomorrowaboutwhat I should focus on with my stories. Please vote. Meanwhile, I will be working on all these projects. I'd say that voting will end by about June 7th-ish. (Unless not enough people vote for me to make a decision. Then I will extend it to the 14th) That's all for now, and have a great summer!

~UPDATE 1-1-2008~HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yes ladies and germs, it is now the year 2008! (Hopefully, one of my New Year's resolutions will be to update faster) Thank you to all who have stuck with me thick and thin while I've been here on FF.N. Now, on my previous update, I mentioned I got a laptop, no? Guess what? It came with movie making software! Now I can make my own videos and post them on Youtube! For those who want to look, my penname is AnimeFan18point0. (Ooh...original) Other than that, all I have left to say is I hope you have a very good year!

~UPDATE 12-28-2007~Well, I didn't get a PS3 for Christmas. But I DID get something better...a new laptop! (Does happy dance) I should be able to update quicker, now that I don't have to fight over the computer. Also, as of this post I have posted a new story titled "A Nefarious Vacation". This story has been in my head, but is subject to both change and deletion. (You could say I'm giving it a trial right now to see if anybody is interested. If not, I'll just take it down.) Anyways, other than that, nothing big's happening. So seeya!

~UPDATE 11-1-2007~ ACK!! DANG IT YOU STUPID COMPUTER!! I tried to add another hyperlink to my profile. It wouldn't work on Mozilla, so I tried Internet Explorer. Well, I got my several of my other links disappeared AND the ENTIRE bottom of my profile was turned into one huge hyperlink! When I tried to copy/paste it into Microsoft Word, some of it got deleted! ARGH!! (starts doing violent and censored things to computer) So, all previous updates are gone. Somethings buggy with FF.N right now, so they'll be no extra hyperlinks. I will do my best to re-type the summaries. Sorry...

Story Summaries:

1. The Legend~retired.
Story has been discontinued...

2. Vegeta V.S. Pikachu!
WAHOO! Fanfic #2! It seems to me that DBZ fans don't like Pikachu (Just go to, so I wondered 'what would happen if the two met and went at it'? From there, a Fanfic was born!

3. Bad Sushi
Vegeta and Bulma go to a Sushi restaurant for their anniversary. BUT, the waiter gives him some BAD SUSHI! You know what that means? Nightmares!(Bum, bum, bum!) Vegetanowmust deal with embarrassing situations, pride loss, stress, and some very weird behavior from Goku... BEWARE VEGETA, YOU CAN NOT DESTROY...BAD SUSHI! (One-shot)

4. Vegeta's Worst Nightmare:The Return of Pikachu!
Heeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaack!!Pikachu's back, and he's ready to rumble! Only this time, the showdown shall take place in...THE POKEMON WORLD!! Trunks has been lonely, now that Pikachu's gone. Vegeta ain't helping, insulting him for missing the little guy. So, Trunks decides to use Bulma's machine to visit him. When Vegeta comes in, however, the machine sucks them in. Now, instead of Pikachu coming to Vegeta and Trunks, Vegeta and Trunks are coming to Pikachu! Vegeta now faces the horrors of the world of cute and fluff, including random Pidgeys, idiotic trainers, little girls whose mother's like to kick Vegeta in the crotch, and, worst of all, the infamous TEAM ROCKET! I almost feel sorry for Veg-head. ...almost! (On Hiatus! Stupid writer's block...)

5. A Nefarious Vacation
(Takes place before R+C UYA) Dr. Nefarious is near completion of his master plan to take over the galaxy! Only one thing stands in his way: his inability to think of an effective super-weapon! Lawrence, whom which the stress of being overworked has gotten to, suggests that he and Nefarious go on vacation so that they both can get some good old R-and-R. When Nefarious refuses, claiming he is "too busy", Lawrence actually forces Nefarious to go! Now sit back and watch as any thing that could possibly go wrong goes wrong as Nefarious takes on this nightmare of a vacation! (On Hiatus for unknown length of time-possibly forever!)

6. The Regrets of a Warrior
As Odysseus returns to his life as a King, he beings to reflect on his past; namely his twenty-year absence. He feels the need to call his son, Telemachus, and confesses his regrets and sins to him. (one-shot)

7. Bar Fight
There are times where life just decides to send a random jerk your way. Unfortunately for Ratchet, life sent a maddened, bloodthirsty bounty hunter looking to turn our heroic Lombax into Fuzzball-Flambe. (one-shot)

So far, my profile has had 1,907 visitors. That means one of two things:

One, I'm obsessed with my profile.

Two, more than one person has stopped by to check me out.

I'm going to guess it's choice two. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to stop by! Or, as it would be said on the Simpsons...
"Thank you, come again!"

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Bar Fight reviews
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The Legend reviews
Nefarious returns, with an army of Dreadzone bots! When Ratchet attempts to stop him, he discovers darker forces working in the shadows. Not only that, he must help stop this evil from unleashing a being capable of destroying all life as we know it! R&R!
Ratchet and Clank - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 7 - Words: 17,249 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 9/18/2007 - Published: 10/5/2006
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Vegeta and Bulma are having a anniversary dinner at a Sushi restaraunt. What happens when Vegeta eats a bad piece of Sushi? NIGHTMARES! Vegeta now faces Goku, floating fish heads, Goku, a crazy old man, Goku, personal emmberassment, and did I say Goku? RR
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What would happen if a Pikachu fell out of the sky and attacked Vegeta? Only the most hilarious battle ever! LET THE FIGHT BEGIN! Next and last ch Pikachu must now leave. After a month, Bulma finds a way to send him home! Bye Pikachu! Rated T just in case
Crossover - Pokémon & Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 6 - Words: 12,916 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 11 - Updated: 4/2/2007 - Published: 11/28/2006 - Pikachu, Vegeta - Complete
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