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Hello people in FanFic Land!! My name is Nicolas

The current story I'm working on is the King and Queen one. I have most of the plot worked out in my head, save for what one of the horcruxes should be. It's taking me awhile to get out the next chapter, but it should be done within the week. This story will span all of seventh year, with an epilogue. Harry's friendships with Ron and Hermoine will deteriate (spelling?) and whatever romance that he had with Ginny will be done away with, and i'll explain that in the next chapter. For Blaise's character, she will be in between a playful and seductive woman. I have to figure out how to balance the two. She'll also have her cute moments as witnessed with her teddy bear.

For those who read my story "You'll Never Have to" the next chapter should be in two weeks. Allright, this story was never meant to be long, there won't be any fight scenes, no big showdown between Voldemort and it won't go into Harry's sixth year. It will be about five more chapters that will talk about the summer between fifth and sixth, showing his connection with Tonks and how he has to deal with Ginny and Molly. Then I'll have an epilogue that is about ten years after the summer.

For the Final Fantasy stories I have, those have become officially abandoned. I'm sorry to those who liked "Winter Nights". I might finish it later, but not now.

My story "Love Shock" will pick up again, but the story "Autumn Leaves" will be abandoned.

Plot Bunnies

1) This story will take place at the beginning of the summer after OOTP. I will have Harry build up a more solid friendship with Hermione and then when they get shipped off to Grimmauld Place for the remainder of the summer, they eventually become a couple. I would like Ron to blow his top off because of this and have him go into a rant about how Harry gets everything. but you just can't have him say that, you would have to give his reasons, by explaining them to the readers.

Dumbledore would become more protective of Harry, he won't be the guy that says, "you will listen to what i say or i will take everything away from you." I've always believed that Dumbledore does wish to protect Harry, but he goes about it in the wrong way by never asking permission from Harry to set up a protective watch and other things. I would like that on one hogsmeade trip, that Voldemort plans an attack. During the attack, Harry ends up mortally wounded, trying to save as much people as he can; Hermione, Ron (even though he's been a git), and a couple of other people, also maybe stepping in the way of a cruicio that's aimed at Pansy.

I do have more of the plot line established, but none has been written. It will start out as Harry/Hermione, shift towards Harry/Pansy, and then I have a toss up for the final pairing, but I'm leaning towards Pansy.

2) This one will take place the summer after GOF. With the nightmares of the graveyard happening every night and Voldemort sending visions to Harry (not any forewarnings, but viewing of the actual attack and murders, rapes, torture, etc...), and with his friends not being to communicate much, Harry finds an outlet for the nightmares. He picks up a parchment and quill and starts to draw out the nightmares he has and the visions, in an attempt to deal with them in someway.

I have that much so far, but then I'm indisposed as to what I want to do. Do I want Tonks to go undercover and become a permanant guard by taking the appearance of a sixteen/fifteen year old and become friends with Harry, eventually leading Harry to become more outgoing and positive? Or do I want Harry to deal with this by himself and become more cold and calculating and assume a friendship with a slytherin? Or should I have him become more guarded towards some people, cold towards others, fun and relaxed when with Sirius and Remus? I'm also playing around with the idea, that on the train when he meets Luna for the first time and when she tells him about the Crumpled Horksnack (I think I spelled it wrong), that he asks for what it looks like and then he starts to draw it, building a friendship with Luna that could lead to romance.

End Plot Bunnies

Okay that's all I have so far, I'll be sure to update my profile, when I get a new plot or when i have to put up more info for my existing stories. By the way, does anyone have a list of the spells used in Harry Potter? I'm not much to give a verbal shout for the spell, I'm more the type of guy who gives the description of the color and the effect of the spell, in grisly detail if possible. There is only one spell that i really want the incantation to and that one is the folding household charm. The one that folds clothes? that's the one I need...(evil laugh) I got a cool use for it, so if anyone knows the incantation, please send it to me.

Signing out, May 31

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I'm back!
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