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Me Stuff:

Name: Micah

Male, he/him

Age: 25

Occupation: Law school student in desperate need of a break some money

Place: All over but mostly Tennessee

Favorite stuff: Just about anything Marvel comics and/or movies, but specifically X-men, X-23 (still salty that she lost the Wolverine name), Gwenpool, and (you guessed it) Ant-man. I also love reading and writing, and at any given time would be more than willing to chat about any book I’ve ever read.

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1) Try not to resubmit a character without permission

2) Try to read the universe notes (I kept them brief for y’all, if you want more detail message me and I’ll gladly oblige with everything from poverty rates to the names of their universities to a detailed breakdown of how their training academies work) for your district, or you will design a character that does not fit in this universe. Panem is well past rebellion and famine at this stage, being a still very unbalanced society, but not one that is a hellscape.

3) Try to have fun, because that’s sorta the point of this at the end of the day

4) In the words of my wisest professor, and a green muppet in some sci-fi flick from the 80s: There is no try, only do.

Universe stuff:

Capitol: Very wealthy, a welfare state that has nobody starving, and has a small wealth gap outside of a small elite. Fairly large population, very comfortable with their position, with the Games including them being seen as mostly a positive thing. There is no official industry, with most jobs being in the service or tech industry.

D1: Very wealthy with a large wealth gap. The wealthiest are Capitol levels of wealth, while the poorest are some of the worst off in the nation, though that group is shrinking in population rapidly to the point where the vast majority are well off. Practically zero rebellious thoughts, with it being an extension of the Capitol at this point. Sports and the arts are extremely popular and provide opportunities to move to the Capitol, while training is on the decline and seen as less and less desirable, taking a backseat to sports and the arts.

D2: Tremendous schism that splits down the middle of the district both physically and figuratively. There is a well to do half that mostly provides the nation’s military and weaponry, and produces most of its, with this side being extremely nationalistic. The other half of the district is perhaps the worst off area in the country, with crime and poverty running rampant, even if starvation isn’t a worry thanks to food stamp programs recently added. There is a growing movement from this district, with the pride moving from Panem pride to pride for D2, with many seeking further independence from the Capitol.

D3: Practically a modern day silicon valley, with tech companies and universities taking over nearly the entire district, though at this point it is entirely self-sustaining in every way from lab grown meat, to self-sustaining solar power, to a growing interest in the arts and entertainment. Is fairly equivalent to modern day America in a suburb, albeit there are still some growing pains from this rapid transformation from its factory backgrounds.

D4: A very distant district that seems very disconnected from the rest of Panem. Training academies are kept open only for sake of tradition, and the district is very isolationist even within itself, containing numerous separated villages and towns that rarely interact. Conditions vary wildly within the district.

D5: The most utilitarian district, the gap between the poorest and richest citizens is nearly non-existent. The district is even more self-sustaining than D3, taking in no imports whatsoever, and making massive profits thanks to exporting clean energy. The district is one single city, and is incredibly small in population comparatively to other districts, and is a tight-knit community that values education, health care, scientific innovation, and an incredible work ethic.

D6: A district once renowned for its crime has cleaned up considerably, though drug problems still plague the inner city of the massive city-district. D6 puts Tokyo to shame in the magnitude of one single city that seems to spread on forever, littered with factories, prisons that house criminals from all districts, and recently a nice, quiet bubble towards the fringe containing a cluster of universities. One of the poorest districts, though the college town area is doing very well.

D7: The lumber district is vast, spreading out constantly in search of more woodland, and as such is even more isolationist than D4, containing numerous small lumber communities that all report back to small towns dotted across the district. It’s a decent life, though it requires hard work and offers little flexibility in Career choice, except for the few who work the lumber mills or other shops in the slowly growing town center.

D8: The once foggy, polluted district has cleaned up considerably. Or at least, it’s expanded away from the nasty downtown, and pushed it away from sight. For the sizable minority who still lives downtown life is rough, with poor working conditions and awful air pollution, though the wages have gotten more manageable. For the rest of the district though, they’ve modeled themselves after D3 and D5 in an effort to become self-sustainable, all built around the premiere university outside of the Capitol- Winslow University.

D9: Similarly to D7, D9 is spread out and vast, though the work isn’t quite as labor-intensive, the pay is slight better, and the town center is quite a bit larger, containing more flexibility and choice.

D10: Extremely similar to D4, albeit much less isolationist towards each other. Most families live on a farm, with only a handful of neighbors within miles, though the district is known for its hospitality and cohesiveness, even if the town center spans just a couple of blocks.

D11: The only district still living in truly brutal conditions that have been unchanged since the dark days, the vast majority in the massive district are born into the fields, and forced to work from age 10, given pennies for their work, and not allowed to leave. It’s systematic slavery on a massive scale, with only a select few (offspring of those who stayed loyal to the Capitol in the dark days) live in freedom in the well to do town that benefits off the fruit of the majority's labor.

D12: With the coal reserves depleted, D12 moved on to produce medicine, and although the transition was rough at first, they have hit their stride, and the extremely small district is doing decently for itself, left mostly to its devices, and provided with a laid-back, peaceful lifestyle.

Tribute List:

C: Xedrake Mercy(18), Rhodes Deimos(16), Sabrina Mawhorn(14), Patrick Rotomatoff(13), Divine Prophet(12)

D1: Luca(18), Rosalind(18) Mendelson

D2: Aros(18), Atheline(18), Apollio(16), Artemia(16), Aphrodemia(13) Graecae

D3: Caelum(18), Armitage(15), Drusilla(12) Fortier

D4: Coraline Sinclair(18), Jessica Damwain(18)

D5: Rachel(18), Aven(12) Bascom

D6: Suis(18), Jesse(16) Álvarez

D7: Landon(16), Autumn(14), Aria Zhang-(14) Farley

D8: Theseus(12), Morah(12), Soren(12) Devereux

D9: Gaspar(18), Saint(16), Ignatius(12) Malasache

D10: Bo(18), Lulu(13) Vivian

D11: June(15), Linus(14), Chester(13), Charlotte(13), Kennedy(12) Persimmon-Teff

D12: Llewellyn(16), Raoul(16), Lindy(16), Esther(13) Terran

My Tributes:

Theodosia "Cam" Cambria(12), D12, IDIDE2 by Goldie031

"I know that it’s always something
I’m just working with what I’ve been given
It’s not my fault, I’m happy
Don’t call me crazy, I’m happy"

Marquise Clifton(18), D11, Last of Us by david12341

"I threw away my innocence when I was seventeen
Lost track of what's magnificent, forgot my memories
But I'm marchin' on to a different drum
And nothing will stand in my way"

Valens Frost(17), D3, Lest We Forget by Andii99

"I'm going under and this time I fear there's no one to save me
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy
I need somebody to heal, somebody to know
Somebody to have, somebody to hold"

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