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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, and Covenant.

Hello! My name is Danielle (Danie for short) and I'm a very hyper person when something good happens to me, or I laugh alot, or when something has to do with:

Fall Out Boy

Harry Potter

The Covenant

Anything Japanese

Guitar Hero


(I try to draw Anime I'm not Very good.)

Sweeney Todd

(that's a new one... But OH MY GOD I LOVE IT!)

Hhm What else... Oh yeah, Wait... I don't know. Lol.

Well the funny part is that I love reading and Writing fanfiction. But You know I really don't like the story I wrote here (Stab My Back)... I'm still deciding weather or not to put my new stuff up on here... YES that story I made is really old... I've gotten better at writting. That's like two years old... I was 12 when i wrote it? Yeah that or 13. .

Haha I'm rambling on and On about crap you may not want to know or you really could careless, but the truth of the matter is... I don't really care because well it's my info thingy...

Oh and by the way... I love Rock Music. Think its the best music ever...

Some Random Facts:

I'm 15 my birthday is in March and I'm proud.

I have awesome friends and everything.

I LOVE making crossovers. They're bloody awesome.

I use the word bloody for some aparant reason. I think it's because I love England and everything. And Harry Potter.

I sometimes confuse Reality with Harry Potter... Dude, I'm not kidding. I called one of my friends Hermione once... . I can get a bit weird but in the good way.

My friends Call me Sora, or Sorami! Yeah I love those names! Sora is not from the Kindom Hearts Series... It's actually Sky in Japanese. And Sorami is Beauitful Sky in Japanese.

I know all the words to 40 Fall Out Boy songs!(I'm so happy for myself!)

My friend Othspnluver knows all the words to the rap battle in Scary Movie 3.

I know a lot of spells from Harry Potter.

My Friend, Othspnluver, calls me a Harry Potter whore. And occasionally a Fall Out Boy whore.

If you may be wondering what Othspnluver means it means: One Tree Hill Supernatural Lover... Yeah but there's a random p in the middle because she's weird like that. lol.

Yes it's true I do know and understand Japanese. I just can't write it.

I have a Half British accent and a Half American Accent... It's odd but ask my best friend Monica (Othspnluver) She's heard me.

Okay so, I have issues picking out who i like more, Reid Garwin from The Covenant, or Draco Malfoy from well Harry Potter.

(They're both, extremely well... GORGEOUS!)

I donno I think I had fun writting like this. Out of nowhere cause you know I'm crazy like that lol.

Character Bios Of:

Children of Ispwich and the Potter Twins

Riley Garwin
Age: 17

Birthday: October 31 (Halloween)

Appearance: mid-back wavy blonde hair. Icy blue eyes. Usually wears very light make-up.

Personality: Protective of her friends and family but knows when to cut loose and have fun. She’s scared for her older twin brother’s using addiction. She is usually the peace maker when Caleb and Reid get into a fight. Riley usually helps Reid calm down and stops him from Using extensively, which he has a tendency of doing.

Abilities: Even though, she is a girl, she too has the Ipswich power along with the rest of the Covenant.

Danielle Lily Potter

Age: 17

Birthday: November 29 (Thanksgiving)

Appearance: pin straight shoulder length black hair. Emerald green eyes. A lighting bolt shape scar exactly like Harry’s on the left side of her forehead. Usually wearing black eyeliner.

Personality: You could say she’s a girl version of Reid Garwin, but more in your face. She’s not afraid to tell you that you’re douche bag to your face. She gets called emo just because of her looks and sometimes her personality. She cares deeply about her friends and would do anything to protect them because she knows they would do the same. She’s basically a leader with Caleb and Harry… She LOVES rock music, she sings randomly and they are mostly Fall Out Boy songs.

Abilities: Danielle has not only magic but she has super powers. She can fly and she has super strength. She isn’t afraid of using her powers and she would save anyone for danger. With her magic her appearance can change with ease… So much that when she experiences anger her irises turn red. Blue is sadness, Darker green is envy, Pink means she’s lying, Yellow means she’s hurt physically or emotionally, and Purple means she’s experiencing happiness.

Monica Melinda Piper Simms
Age: 17

Birthday: December 25 (Christmas)

Appearance: She has black hair that goes past her shoulder blades and is layered and dark brown eyes, unlike Tyler who has blue eyes.

Personality: She is the youngest out of the entire group. Sometimes quiet and shy, but can be really fun to be around when she's really gotten to know you. It takes a lot of hard work to get her mad, but only if you mess with her family will she get pissed.

Abilities: She too has Ipswich powers, along with everybody else in the Covenant.

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