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General Disclaimer: None of the characters within my stories belong to me, excluding Greywulf. (And any future protagonists I invent/given license to use, such as Khan.) Anything that doesn't look like it was in the original game... it probably wasn't. Unless, however, the content was taken from a mod; if that is the case, then all credit to the creators of said mod.

Heh... just got around to thinking, maybe I should put some stats up here since that's generally what a profile is, yes?

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Work: Maintenance Resource at Frito-Lay

Interests: Reading, playing in big Halo parties with friends, helping out with my church's youth group and youth programs, RPG's and/or strategy games, playing harmonica by myself or the congas with some guitar and piano, hunting, rock climbing, weight lifting and of course, writing and reading Baldur's Gate 2 fanfiction.

Personal reading/reviewing policy: I generally try to reply and thank anybody who's nice enough to drop a review for my stories, as long as you're signed in. If you're not... well, it makes it kind of difficult. So if you want me to reply, please sign in before you review. Or not, if you don't care to have me reply back, I personally don't have a preference. In fact, if you don't want me to reply, just let me know in the review or by email and I'll be happy to oblige. Although if you have a problem with any of what I'm writing or want to voice some complaint, please be signed in so I can reply back and possibly answer any question/complaint. Thanks.

Wars of the Bhaalspawn is now in progress, with about 2 more chapters to go, I think. That will ideally be followed by a third and as of yet unnamed story, Post-TOB, to wrap up my own little Trilogy that's been bopping around in my head for a few years now.

As you might have noticed, it's taking me a touch longer to post chapters than it used to. The main reason for that is in TotB and the first... oh, 15 chapters of WotB, I had written the story before I began posting, and the delays between chapters were mostly me rewriting parts I didn't like and adding polish. As of now, WotB is happening from scratch, and so it's a little more difficult to get new material written every two weeks. Having said that, I'm not planning on abandoning the story, so if it's been a while between chapters, that just means I'm putting a lot of effort into the next one. Or something like that. It's what I tell myself, anyway.

So I've done quite a bit of thinking about the 3rd storyline in my head, and whether or not I really want to spend the time to get it up and posted, trying to keep updated, etc... I think I've found a compromise that will hopefully keep people happy. My plan currently is to finish up Wars of the Bhaalspawn, then stop posting anything, but continue writing the 3rd story. When I've finished about half of the new story, I'll upload it all at once, then start writing the second half, and maybe post that chapter at a time or maybe all at once when it's done. Either way, the hope is that if I can get most of the story done before posting, folks won't have to sit there and wait for me to get my thoughts in order. Hopefully that idea works for everyone.

My very best to all the fantastic writers out there who have entertained me with new takes and new worlds involving these favorite characters of mine, and a special thank-you for those who have seen fit to check out and review my own contribution to the realm of fan-fiction.

Regards and God bless,

Captain Incredible

In this world, you must be either oh-so-smart... or oh-so-pleasant. For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.

Elwood P. Dowd- the movie Harvey

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