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Author has written 5 stories for Evangelion, Batman Begins/Dark Knight, and Avengers.

Name: Hugh Jazz

Age: Old enough to know that tab A goes into slot B, but young enough to be considered jailbait (averts imaginary eyes)

Gender: 50/50 chance of guessing it and transvestite doesn't count

About myself: I'm nerdy in the classical sense and extremely sarcastic. I like most anime so I'm not going to really expound on that

TV shows I like: Firefly, House, 24, Supernatural, and Dollhouse

Things I like in fanfiction:

1.Prefer canon pairings, but something OOC isn't too bad for me.

2. Don't value spelling and grammar so much that it distracts me from a good plot, but I like fics that actually bother with decent formatting and all that.

3. Emotionally and psychologically complex characters are always an interesting to see in a fanfic or in any piece of fiction. It shows character as a writer and that if someone's going to actually take time out of their day to write that they do it right.

Things that I'm neutral on:

1. Alternate universe stories are a shaky issue. If they're really well written, I can definitely enjoy it, but anything lower feels like a disrespect to the writer of the original thing.

Things that I dislike in fanfiction:

1.I'm a bit wary of is the self-insertion fic. Now I understand the motive, but I prefer to just read different versions of the same story than a story about the writer. It feels more like an egocentric ode to themselves.

2.The most annoying thing of fanfiction is all the yaoi and yuri pairings out there. I'm kinda uncomfortable with them as a straight guy but also I find the pairings to be too OOC for it to believable in a story. I know it's fanfiction, but that is exactly the reason why. If I'm expected to take the story then I want some believability.

3.I always cringe at the look of an OC, but I always check it out to see if the OC is at least original and not a mary sue.

Thought of the Day (1/18/10):

You know now that I'm older and well aware of the future bearing down on us, I feel like we still need to keep ourselves. Change will always happen and it's necessary to avoid being some flabby forty year old living in his parent's basement. However, I think for the sake of maturation and growth, we don't need to discard all that we had in our childhood and teenage years. We can still have that spark of inspiration and wonder well into our seventies. The reason I mention this is because now that I've been on fanfiction for so long the loss of good authors becomes more noticeable. And the rush of new authors coming in. I know that a good amount will still keep going at it but the ones that leave...those are the ones I always mourn in some way. I know that fanfiction is a celebration of our geekhood and quite frankly I'm kind of proud of it. I'm by no means childish, but I feel like I've still retained my core in the midst of the growing that I've had to do. I was always nerdy, but I embraced it because it was a central part of me and it made me little more special. Especially since I've retained average to good social skills with people even in the popular castes.Rationally I know there are at least a hundred more like me out there except smarter and better looking, but I can dream, can't I? Isn't the point of fanfiction in part to be a way to express our dreams and the reality that we wish to impose on our world?

I won't become obsessed with FF.net but I will remain faithful. I won't write an insane amount of stories, but I will write. And I will always read. I will read to pay tribute to those people out there who just want to be recognized in some part. For their writing. For their geekhood. And for the greatest reason of all, they deserve it. They deserve to know that they're known and that it's all right. The best part of becoming an adult is learning what you are. And if you're a nerd or a pop culture geek, then I want them to know that it's all right. Fanfiction isn't a secret shame or a guilty pleasure. It's a way for you to express what you really are. I know some of you will go beyond this and it's all right, but I want you to remember those days at a keyboard and fantasizing about a better world. That fantasy is what drives you now except you're taking a risk to try and make it real in a sense. I congratulate you and I urge you to come in now and then to get in touch with your nerdy roots. Let's face it, being nerdy doesn't just go away, it just becomes stealthier and cooler as you grow.

And to those of you still staying faithful to fanfiction and what it represents, I salute you and hope you make some kickass dreams to share with the rest of us. I know I will...should I find enough time, but rest assured I will be here. I'm not ashamed of being a nerd, but I don't want to be some dysfunctional recluse, so I'll pop up now and then. The thing for the rest of you to do is stay true to the faith, but not get too entwined because then it becomes a little creepy ;-)

Good night and may you hold onto your dreams.

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