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Christopher D. Martins

My God comes first.

updated January 2, 2008

age: 23

the place where i go when i am not in school or work: Missouri, foristell

birthday: September 20, 1984

what i look like: well i am a little short, a little under 6 feet, and have a young looking face so not many think i am in my 20's but that is no biggie. my hair is a dark brown eye length (yes i need a haircut) and have hazel eyes. i use glasses and like chashal clothes.

who am i: i am a true endgamer once i clear a game i lose interest in it.

likes: jokes, playing, and good friends

hates: not having enough down time.

fav. food: i cant decide

my kind of girl: some one i can give my heart to and fill my sloe and if she was a shy type that would be nice.

some stuff i am working on:

i: link travels back in time to stop his parents from being killed and in the prossess changed the furture.

i: monden day 4 sowards (man this one is going to take a wile)

i: Kairi on the beach, sad that a boy she can't remember, while she is slowy forgeting about him.

i: another story based on lori wick book "how brings forth the wind" and "a knight and a dove" both of them will be in Kingdom hearts section.

i: an orignal story that I will post in my free time for Legend of zelda.

some ideas i have had:

i: sora = sky, riku = earth, kairi = water, and = fire. now the secreat ending of KH2 showes a deasert, witch are vary hot could mean the fire, i suggest that in the theird game it will be about a nother person. Because sora has kairi then maybe riku will find a girl that name means fire. After giving it some thought I have decided on the name Ember for the missing girl.

ii: in the legend of zelda wind waker i think that mybe it was not the real ganon but in truth was his shadow. I say this for two reasons, 1 in the final battle he did not tansform into the pig, 2 in the O.O.T. ganon banished his phantom to the a place inbetween worlds. This could mean that he realised him inorder to attack hyrule, causing the rain to fall, thus destorying the temples exectp the temple of time, later his shadow excaped form below the waves and looked for the other two peaces of the tryforce, casuing the hero to pull the master soward out leaving only one seal on the real ganon. Now when the ocasion fell onto hyrul it destroyed the temple of time. realising ganon. I also think that he gave the phantom a small piece of the try-force of power to increase the ruse.

iii: for the wind waker story ganon is not dead. but more or less a pupet, i have to wonder why zek the other main villan broke gannons neak, its almost like gonon could not leave the twight relm so he transformed zek into a copy of him self to take on link. Killing him when he had faled for the second time.

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