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Author’s Note (June 2024)

After a very long hiatus, I have finally returned to writing. Well…sort of. For those that know me well, you know the last 3 years have been nothing short than a nightmare and that, for a very long time, there seemed to be no chance of me ever returning to one of my favorite passions.

But, slowly, I have been digging my way out of the nightmare and trying to return to reality and reinvent, rediscover and transform myself.

Not an easy task by any means.

Oddly enough, a childhood favorite kept me hanging on, sometimes with the thinnest of threads. And that same childhood favorite invited me to open up a long-closed door with what I’ll describe as welcoming arms to imagine, create and to write.

So, that’s what I’m working on and I’m aiming to have something new to read very soon.

In the meantime, if you’ve supported me in any way during this crisis, know that words can never thank you enough.

PS – chocolate is still a wonderful thing.

See you soon with the 1st installment of something new.

Dear Reader:

I thought 2020 would be the worst year ever but alas, 2021 offered up even more than I thought possible.

My dear hubby passed away, unexpectedly, in early October.
One of the gifts that he constantly gave me during our marriage was the encouragement and freedom to explore anything creative that I had a wish to do.

Which is only natural, since my hubby was a very creative person himself.

While we were dealing with multiple things, non-related to his health and also including the ever-growing stress of my job, he continued to remind me of all the passions that either we shared or I had interest in. He did his best to try to give me the chance to balance the increasing load from my job with happy life enjoyments.

We continued to try to grow our love of photography and music and he encouraged me enough that allowed myself to finally give in to the study of tarot. Something I had wanted to do as a teenager but, for some weird reason, never gave myself the permission.

So, I am closing up 2021 in the most unexpected ways. Without my dear husband and feeling a large loss that I'm not sure I will recover from.
I also find myself hearing and remembering his encouragement, interest and celebration of so many things, both old and newer passions and hobbies.

After a less than stellar practice routine, I am picking up my flute more and more. Not every day, but I hope that will come. I continue working on the songs we practiced together, with him on the guitar, as well as my own favorites.

I continue working on the song that brought him to tears one evening, just days before he passed. The look in his eyes as he called me a flautist and the pride he had for his wife who can't actually read music is a memory I will treasure dearly.

I remember laughing and telling him that I was only a flutist because I still can't read music and everything I've accomplished has been either through the Hall Leonard EZ play keyboard books or many youtube videos. He was so happy that I was, here & there, working on some of my writing and kept reminding me that I have my Bob Ross collection and to not neglect that either.

Maybe the universe was trying, through him, to prepare me for these dark days even though I don't think either of suspected this. At least I didn't. I'll never know what my dear hubby was really thinking but there are some things a wife knows and will just hold close to her heart forever.

So, back to writing. I don't have any solid new ideas for fanfiction yet. I have a few older and unfinished works that I will get to and there is one new idea that just hasn't formed well enough for me to begin working on it.

Eventually it will form enough to begin drafting but until then, I've had a voice the past few weeks whispering to me that I need to get back into making writing a routine, just as I had done with the flute and the tarot cards.

I decided to return to where my fun journey into fanfiction all started and pull out one of my very early works.
What better starting point than to return to where your writing adventures all began and start working your way back up?

Return to what you know, to what inspired you and to where you feel most comfortable with.
So, after I save this updated profile, I'm going back to my word document and begin revising for the 2nd night in a row.

From my heart,
I thank each of you who have read any of my prior works and took a few moments from your busy routine to leave a review.
I wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and may the gods of the universe bless each and every one of you with a beautiful 2022!
If you made it through 2020 and 2021 then you, my friend, have earned the most blessed and joyous New Year!

Live Long & Prosper!

With much love,

The still slightly Twisted Sister

Happy 2018 to all the lovely readers of fanfiction!

May your nights be filled with mugs of warm and soul-soothing hot chocolate & lots of great Scarecrow adventures (or whatever else has caught your fancy in reading land)!

Love, Peace & Happiness


Twisted Sister SMK

May 3rd, 2011

As so many of you know, it has been a sad time in the land of SMK. In late March, we received news that one of our beloved SMK sisters and friend, had suddenly passed away.

Our Rita was not only just a member of SMK land, she was a very talented writer. She blended humor with great setups and treated our SMK characters with the respect that they deserved when being used in a story, no matter the type of story.

She was there with grammatical advice, wisdom and wit - whenever needed.

You will be greatly missed, Miss Rita - rest in peace.

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