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Name: Anna

Age: 16 (but I am in college! But those idiots still think I need myhigh school assignments : )

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Unedited-stories: I am sure I am not the only person on this site who hates when stories are written like this: Dany stared at the wall wondering weather ornot he shuld tell Sam he lovs her He got up and starred oute the window, still contimplatting his ideea. I have nothing against DxS, but the way some stories are have to be at least thirteen to have an account here. When I was eight years old, I was reading Shakespeare. Peoples should know how to spell, and not use run on sentances!

Slash or Femmslash: I'll read it if it is minor and has a good plot line. But in DP I do NOT tolerate DannyDash or DannyVlad. Does the fact that they hate each other get through? Oh...and no DannyPaulina. She needs to die!

Um...well, I'm guessing that says I AM BORED:

White Walls (My favorite story so far):

Basic Summary: Danny has been captured after his secret is revealed. He is sent to a place with purely white walls. But...why is he there? And what does Clockwork have to do with it? Follow him as his life seems tocome to a premature end, no matter that his heart still beats.
Rating: T. It's started to get kind of darker...and maybe a bit suicidal. Also, there is a tiny amount of swearing.
Chapters: No clue. Probably somewhere between twenty and twenty-five.The chapters are fairly short,but it shall be updated frequently.
OC's? Four. Well, more like four hundred if you count the guards...but they don't count. Lecter: She is the big villian. Nick: The one who is obbsessed with wars and Hitler and stuff like that. He is there mostly just to help along. Malevolence: Ahm...I won't explain his name. Nicknamed Lev. He is a sort of sarcastic guy and gets along greatly with Nick, though finds his war obbsession pretty weird. He might die if I'm feeling mean...ahm...sorry (hinthint). Emma/Serenity: Ah. She is weird. Orphaned because Satan murdered her family and Nick (he is now a ghost), she has a habit of trying to keep families together. That's one of the reasons she is so worried about Danny.Also...very overprotective, and hates being used (anotherhinthint).
UPDATES at least once WEEKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone does it. It's a collection of random oneshots.

1: The Ghost King's Court: Uh...I was bored. A random crazy person is thrown into Pariah Dark's court.
2: Clocky: MoonrockBlink1772 said it was out-of character for Clockwork to respond to the name "Clocky" with an angry "HEY!!!". This is my justification. It's kinda cuckoo...but I think it's funny.
More will come when I do not have to devote every second of my freetime to WW.

The Might of Starbucks:

I won't say much. it.

Why Jack is Smarter than Vlad:

Uhm...same as The Might of Starbucks.

Potential Upoming Stories:

From My Point of View: Essentially a rewritten WID. Except...a he&# of a lot better. Danny telling his story from his point of view.

Untitled (ideas welcome): Um. It's...AU. Phantom has never known the light of day. He was taken from his family when he was less than two years old. When he comes back to Amity as a full ghost, the first person he runs into is a girl with beautiful violet eyes. When he runs into the Fentons, whose son Danny was taken when he was about to turn two, trouble starts.

Space Nomad: An idea I got from PP. Yeah, it has :SPOILERS: What happens when Vlad ends up on Jupiter, where he is tolerated (not quite accepted). Not to mention the inhabitants are advanced and the majority of them are...kind. He learns a multitude of lessons, some of which may allow him back to Earth...

Deleted Stories:

Rebellion: Deleted 'cuz I thought it sucked. I found it poorly written and boring. So sorry people who liked it. No sequel.

Wow, I'm Dead: Same reason as before. Might be rewritten.


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