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Author has written 12 stories for Batman Beyond.

So rather than use this page to go on and on about myself, i think many would rather hear updates concerning what i'm working on. I guess it's like a pseudo-blog or whatever. Check in here now and again to see whats up, and if you message questions (or leave them in reviews) i'll reply here.

For those who would rather get to know their writer, here are a few details: I'm an adult failing to adult, love to read, write, travel, and do outdoorsy stuff (currently it's the whole horseback riding thing). Uh, let's see, what else... i'm super proud of my fantastically curly head of brown hair, hate people who don't use blinkers when they drive (they're there for a reason), and, er, can't bake cookies to save my life. is that enough info? i think it is. soooo, yeah... there you go. now go review my fics, much appreciated, thanks.

Fics to be read in this order:

1) A New Beginning

2) Untold Story

3) Lost in the Unconscious

4) Summer blaze (oneshot)

5) Meg's Turn.

The rest are oneshots that can be read in whatever order you like.

1/2/2017 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Been thinking a lot about my latest fic Meg's Turn and have decided to go in a slightly different direction so bear with me here. Deleted a couple chapters and are replacing them and i promise i will keep updating regularly until it is completed because i really cant wait to post my next fic in the series! which is super duper important! So exciting! Thanks for reading!

1/11/2016 -- SO. About that hiatus... i've had to find a way to renew my resolve to finish what i've started with my stories. I've used that time to write, rewrite, reedit, replot, re-everything the projects i have planned for the future and for the first time i can honestly and excitedly say i've got a lot in store for my favorite characters. It will all come to an end, but not soon. There will be new characters, new mind bending plots, and hopefully good reads. I do want to confess one thing: your reviews are the only things that stopped me from just forgetting the whole shebang and leaving all these ideas in my head. Just when i think i've been forgotten, BING, you've got mail IT'S A REVIEW! :) So i'd like to thank you guys for that and really the credit for my works goes out to you guys. Thanks so much! Enjoy the fics!

2/11/2015 -- yes, you read that date correctly. It has been two and a half years since i've updated this page. But, here i am, so there you go. It's been a busy couple years, of which i've since graduated, got a job, left a job, found another job, creating a job... there's a theme here and it's made me very busy. However, with the dreaded Valentine's day coming up, it reminded me that i had a very terrible oneshot published five years ago in dedication to this day. Because it has been haunting me for the last couple weeks, i decided to give it a facelift, much like i have given many of my other works face lifts. But that's about it... oh, except for the fact that i am planning on finishing my current incomplete fic (Meg's Turn) that i published couple years ago but temporarily abandoned. Basically, what i'm trying to say is don't hold your breath because i dont want to be held accountable for people passing out. Alright, SB18 out.

8/10/2012 -- So i've come to a sudden realization after submitting my final paper earlier this week: i no longer have anymore classes to take! Akh! My internship starts in the fall, and since my plan to finish all required classes before said internship has worked, the paper i just submitted will be the last i will have to write for at least a while. Which means i have more time to devote to this... hmmmm what does that mean, you ask? Well, it means there will be a new fic posted soon! I will try to update it as often as possible, because after it's finished, there is a oneshot i am just itching to post. after those two are done, i think i will be ready to start on my biggest project yet. It might - no, will - it WILL rival that of Untold Story, but that also means it will take a while to write. I'm pretty much set on the plot and all that, and the way i'm seeing it is as a big finale. No, fans, don't be sad. Think of it as The Dark Knight Rises, a great ending, but not really an ending, if you catch my drift. Well, that's all i'm going to say about that, so keep your eyes out for some goodies.

7/5/2012 -- no, no; i did not drop off the face of the planet. I'm still working on the piece that's supposed to debut soon. i just seem to have hit a little wall that's making me change quite a chunk of the story that i've already written. Since i just finished the biggest paper i will have to write for the summer, i have more time to devote to my fic... soooo lets just hope i finish up soon. k, thanks for reading ev'rybody!

4/25/2012 -- IT'S OVER! Yes, people, it's true. The editing for Untold Story is complete!!!! Its worth a second read if you've read it the first time because many things have changed (i added an epilogue!). I've tried not to let the perfectionist in me force a delay with the posting, so i apologize for itty bitty almost unnoticeable mistakes, and if you bring them to my attention, i will correct them. Anyway, i hope you decide to check it out and don't forget to review!!

PS let me know if you liked the way i revamped Thorn, and if you actually want to see him again.

PPS so you'll notice i added a poll. I wanted to know what my readers would like to read in the next fic, so giving you guys an anonymous voice if you didn't feel like either PMing or leaving a review. (Hoping this works!)

4/24/2012 -- Ladies and Gents, good news! Stage 2 is complete!! Stage 2 is complete!! This means that all the corrections have been mended on Word, and the final and most important stage has begun: Proof reading. I believe this will take no longer that a day or two, so expect my new version to be up this week!! EXCITING!

4/22/2012 -- Just letting you guys know that stage 1 of editing is complete!! This is by far the hardest and most time consuming stage, and the next two will be a breeze in comparison. So stay tuned folks! The reedit will hopefully be complete within no more than a week!

4/16/2012 -- Ladies and gents, i regret to inform you that with only 20 pages left to go, my red Bic pen has expired; so it in its memory, i present this eulogy:

Red Bic,

Although your time has come too soon, you will always be remembered; for you helped me revamp my Christmas Story, a oneshot many have enjoyed and will always continue to enjoy thanks to the corrections you helped me make. And although a new pen will finish those last 20 pages left to go for Untold Story, know that it has not replaced your fighting spirit; yes, i remember those times when you have faded, but like the fighter you are, you came back and kept your ink running generously. I have never abandoned you, always making sure to thread you through my hair bun so i would not lose you when i carried you from coffee shop, to work, and home. You have seen the world with me, and helped my visions come true. For that, i thank you, and it is now time to rest, dear friend.

To conclude this speech, the late Miss Houston:


4/13/2012 -- For some reason i find myself in need of sharing the progress of my editing challenge, so here goes. As we speak, i am currently fixing up page 100 of 157 in Untold Story and i've been working on it since at least february. Turns out this is a bigger project than i had anticipated. To give you an idea of how different the story will be once i'm done with it, the handy red pen i'm using to scribble corrections was more than half full when i started, and now i have barely an inch of ink left. Not getting it? how bout this visual: imagine a single printed page, the black ink stark against the white sheet; everything is crisp, intact and untouched sitting on my desk when suddenly my red pen hovers over it, unmercifully coming down and scratching out every other word, replacing entire passages, squeezing notes into margins or between lines, drawing arrows in ever direction and shifting the landscape of words. The once black and white page has turned into a massacre of squiggly red ink, the disorganization making it difficult to follow a sentence, and worse yet, the handwriting appearing as though i was abducted by an alien before fervently scratching at the paper. The original paragraphs are bleeding with corrections, but the only solace that makes this all worthwhile is the end result; and my God, is this version far more excellent that i could have imagined... well, okay, so that might be a bit of a stretch. I'm sure in a couple year's time, i'll end up bitten by the "i can't believe i thought this was good" bug again, but for what i am capable of now, this version's got me pretty excited. Can't wait to share it with everyone! Anyway, back to work. Thanks for stopping by!

4/1/2012 -- I have an announcement to make: I have decided to retire from writing fan fiction. I had a good run, but the end has come... yup, you guessed it, just an April Fool's joke ;) Don't forget to check out last year's april fool's special Lirpa Sloof. You won't be disappointed! Happy reading and pranking everyone!

3/18/2012 -- got a new oneshot titled Tables Turning up and running. Check it out and see what you think! I bet those rooting for a Ter/Jazz pairing will like it, then hate me for it ;)

3/5/2012 -- i just had to share this: A New Beginning has just reached 10,000 hits! many people wouldn't find that impressive, but considering it was first posted almost six years ago, i'm one happy camper :D hoping to see another one hit the big 10,000. Anyway, that is all :)

2/26/2012 -- In response to the recent review titled "Way off" in Happy Ordinary Day:

I'll start off by saying i appreciate the critique. I'll follow that by saying people in general interpret characters and their behaviors differently. So, where you might see Dana as a patient loving human being, i view her as a typical teenager. The beauty of fiction is that we can both be right. As for my OC's interpretation of her, allow me to offer some insight: imagine your are being told of a friend's ex, a person you know little about and have never met. All you know is that she left your friend and was very temperamental when it came to your friend having to bail because of work. You begin to paint a negative picture of this person because it's only natural to take your friend's side. Now, i understand that just because the picture was painted with dark colors doesn't mean it's true. However, to the INTERPRETER, they are negative until proven otherwise; Jazz hasn't met Dana... yet, so until she does, Dana will always seem like a spoiled brat to her. True she may have taken Terry back because he tries reconciling, but she always ended up leaving him anyway. As for Terry being comforted by Jazz's words, it's because Jazz gave him a chance to acknowledge that maybe Dana isn't so perfect after all, that she's flawed and he shouldn't carry so much guilt because of her leaving. This isn't saying the Ter is now viewing Dana as a villain, but he's not longer betting himself up for messing up so much.

Personally, i am not a Dana fan; the show may be to blame since they portrayed her as a flaky chick who was all "aww he cares for his family" until she switches to "he's so selfish because he never pays attention to me". I'm not denying the fact that this wasn't reflected through the oneshot, but i'm not going to justify why i believe it's true. BB fans are divided between pro-Dana, anti-Dana, and pro-Max/Ter, and i just happen to fall into the anti-Dana category. Can't hold that against me, but i don't think i'm way off like you suggested since my interpretations are still sound and not plucked from thin air. Anyway, i just wanted to stand behind what i wrote, but i'm glad you felt the need to say something about it. Regardless of your feelings towards me though, thanks for taking the time to read through the fic, and maybe even this response. Have a good one!

2/14/2012-- i know, i know, all you people expect me to say happy single awareness day... but think about it, v-day is a celebration of love, and if you really don't love anything (not even Batman Beyond), then yes this day is not for you. But since i know for a fact everyone loves at least one thing, then cheer up and celebrate it :D. Don't forget to check out last year's Happy Ordinary Day in case you haven't yet. anyway, Happy Love Day to All :D

2/2/2012 -- as promised, i have finished the edit to the christmas special. Took me a while and i could list the reasons why, but i don't think you'd be interested in reading them all. My semester has begun, so don't expect anything for a while. I might be posting a new fic if i feel i have the time, otherwise, next time you see a fic or the re-edit to untold story will be by summer time. Anyway, please check out the christmas special, as i am very proud of it now, and don't forget to review! only way i can improve is if i get feedback :) thanks for reading!

12/31/2011 (5, 4, 3, 2...1) 1/1/2012 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

12/25/2011 -- HAPPY CHRISTMAHANUKKAH EVERYONE! Yup, and i'm still hard at work... sorry, but they'll be done soon!

12/14/2011 -- Well, here we are, 12 days till christmas and my break has officially begun since i am typing this from Canada's airport while on my way to china. As promised, i am working on the fics as we speak, and i'll probably update the christmas special before untold story since the latter is 39 chapters long. There will be some dramatic changes in both (more towards the beginning for untold story). You'll be notified through here whether they are ready for viewing or not. Until then, have a great 12 days until christmas!

11/10/2011 -- Hey y'all! Stopping by to let you guys know that the reconstruction for Untold Story and A Christmas Story will be beginning soon, so apologies if you don't think it lived up to New Beginning. Also, since the voting period for the new 7 wonders of nature ends tomorrow, do this writer a favor and hop on over to their website (or find them on Facebook) and vote *cough* for Jeita Grotto, Lebanon *cough* Less than 24 hours left, so hurry! Much obliged. Have a great day folks!

10/31/2011 -- As promised, the halloween special is up and running! You won't find anything dramatic in it mainly because Halloween is my favorite time of year and i don't like to make it too dark. Maybe in the future i will feature something like that, but i think the series itself can get pretty morose real easy, so we need something happy. I realize i'm just rambling at this point, so i'll stop. Enjoy the fic and don't forget to review! oh and PS, i'll probably start posting the new fic once christimas break rolls around. I have a lot on my plate come december (rediting Untold Story as well as a few oneshots, reading a list of books i've bought myself, traveling across the globe, finishing a new fic, and preparing for exit exams). Hopefully i'll manage, so stay tuned!

10/23/2011 -- Thanks for the reply Ruth. I hope my curiosity didn't come off as obsessive, but it's settled now. i guess i can't be perfect all the time. I'm glad you like my OC, and yes i deliberately made her a bit emotional so the changes she has gone and will be going through will seem more obvious. I don't like overly-emotional people either, but characters become more likable when they have a flaw they work through, right? As for your question regarding her current employment, i'm gonna say yeah, she's still working there. The plan is to eventually have her sign on with Bruce as his personal pet sitter, cause you know, billionaires and personal pretty much go hand in hand. After that... well, future fics will tell that tale. Thanks for the feedback! you have no idea how much i appreciate it :)

10/20/2011 -- Ah, Ruth, lovely name by the way. I'm glad you do stop by here often; makes communicating less of a mystery. Thank you for the kind review. I was thinking about the last comment that you had made, the one regarding Terry being a bit out of character in the morning. I was wondering what you meant and narrowed it down to two possibilities: either because he didn't freak out when he realized Jazz is sleeping on his shoulder, or because he was too polite, thanking Jazz for help and all that before she left. i think the former would make more sense; Terry should have been a bit more reactive after finding Jazz on his shoulder in the morning, and i'm not really sure why i didn't show that. I guess the scene that played in my head as i wrote it was a Terry who had grown comfortable with the relationship and doesn't mind the proximity. I guess the fics i've written don't really portray the transformation, so i can see why you and probably others have had the thought of Terry being out of character.

Of course, a third possibility is neither one is true and i'm just reading too much into the comment (it wouldn't be the first time). In any case, i'm glad you'll be sticking around! And if you ever get the chance, i would love to hear what you think of Jazz as a character. Since revamping the first fic, i'm hoping i fixed that bit of mary-sue that seemed to hang on her shoulder. Now, i haven't gotten my editing fingers of the sequel, so bear with it. So considering the first and third one, what do you think of her? I'm open to interpretation. :)

PS to the rest of my lovely reviewers, thank you! You have saved me from starving! You're all heroes!

10/15/2011 -- Surprise! Just dropped a brand new oneshot, and it isn't the halloween special! Go check it out and don't forget to review!!

10/13/2011 -- I know many of you are stopping by here hoping to see an update. well, here it is. i'm currently putting all my energy into studying, unfortunately (well fortunate for my grades at least). However, i am managing to stop by now and again to catch up on some of the fics that are being published to pass the time at work. I like reading the different fics out there; it keeps the fruit from which the juices flow from going bad, know what i mean? Last thing i know you guys want to read is sour, nasty, cringe inducing stuff. Now, i started on a halloween special last year; however, since i couldn't finish it, i'm hoping it will be ready this year. It's just a short one shot that pokes fun at everyone. It's an easy, simple read; i just need to figure out how to end it... Anyway, everyone is more than welcome to send ideas my way. You never know, i might use them in the upcoming fic! I'll give you guys a hint on what i'm working on: it's set in Smallville... sooooooo, yeah... ;)

9/30/2011 -- Okay, i got me this awesome reviewer who signs his/her reviews with R, and since i can't contact R through email, i'm going to leave my message here and hope they check out my profile and PM me or something. Anyway, in regards to the review on Lost in the Unconscious: Thank you!! even i can't believe i wrote that plot, lol! I guess i have my shower to thank since that's where i got the idea for the entire fic... too much info? sorry... you know, its hard to find all those little typos and faults when i'm the only one who reads the chapter before posting, so some things just get by me unfortunately. I should probably have a beta read over them before i post, but for now i'll just try to be more aware.

In regards to Happy Ordinary Day: can i just say that you are currently my favorite reviewer? i mean, you get 23-year old Terry; yes, he is more confident and assertive, he has grown since that first year he took the job, so there's no reason Dana hasn't transformed either. Now, i'm not going to write a one-shot about this because, well (SPOILER ALERT), i have a fic that'll feature that. Little tid-bit i'm willing to share that might get your gears turning: I stick to cannon; and according to Epilogue, Ter is on the verge of proposing to Dana, soooooo... yeah... There's a lot in store for Terry when it comes to romance, so i hope you enjoy what i cook up if you decide to stick around. Thanks for taking the time to review! You're totally awesome!

9/28/2011 -- I just realized that with's bazillion and one updates, some issues concerning line breaks in my fics have been brought to my attention. the first and last fics are fine, line breaks still exist; but the rest might be confusing since i hadn't worked on them in a while, causing the line breaks to disappear. since editing published fics on this website can be a bit of a pain, i'll fix all those issues when i edit Untold Story in december, so bear with me. If you choose to read them despite the confusion, good for you; but be aware that i know it's confusing and this will be resolved soon. That is all i have to say about that.

9/26/2011 -- uh, so, updates... i expect to be reediting Untold Story around christmas time. it won't be as big of a change as A New Beginning; i'll just be, you know, trimming around the hedges, taking out the weeds, rake any dead leaves. That sort of thing. Same goes for the one shots, but i don't know if i'll be done with them by the end of christmas break. The reason i plan to work on them then is because i'll be taking quite a few international flights which are 14 hours long, so plenty of time to work on them. So if any of you have suggestions, i'll be glad to hear them.

9/15/2011 -- The editing to my first fic A New Beginning is finished! Scroll down, click the link, read, review and most importantly ENJOY!

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