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So this is the strange thing you Earthlings calls a profile?

In all seriousness though, I am S Prime and this is my profile.

I am probably what many would call a casual writer, in that I haven't received any formal training in that regard and that writing is simply something that I do in-between career, school and my many different hobbies.

Basically, I have all of those strange voices inside my head, that are constantly weaving elaborate stories or driving me along from one subject to another by always raising more questions as I go. Which is probably what drove me to writing in the first place, since I had all of those stories in my head, but absolutely no way of letting them loose.

And so, I started posting what would eventually become the COPY Project on a Mega Man Roleplaying Board; and here I am, years later, constantly trying to produce better and better content, while simultaneously trying to bring some of those stories to an end.

Of course, it should be pretty obvious by now that I'm all heart; I haven't received any formal training, I haven't read all of those seemingly brilliant writers that came before I was born. What I do hear however, is that practice makes perfect, so hopefully, this might get me somewhere at one point or another.

Still, while writing is more of a hobby to me or just something that I do rather than a career plan, I have recently been pondering trying to move away from FanFictions to produce my own original stories. Though whether I have the talent, time, will or resilience to go through with it remain to be seen.

As far as my interests are concerned, I generally try to keep an open mind and try different things in order to stimulate my brain, though I sometimes joke that I am a Mega Man fan first, with everything else coming second; which is absolutely true.

I regard things like Animes, Mangas and Video Games as pieces of art in their own rights and there are few things that impresses me more than a skillfully depicted moment, character or expression. Furthermore, I have come to develop a certain admiration for all of those enduring pillars of well-established franchises, such as Mario, Kirby and Mega Man; as despite growing older, they all seem to have withstood the test of time, something that few characters can brag about in this day and age.

If anything, I find it truly amazing that a piece of art can move or change a person so much through its given media that they'll still remember it fondly for years to come, even going as far as to generate FanFictions in the process.

Also, for those wondering, I read and welcome every reviews you might submit to any of my stories. There is little chance that I will answer any of those personally, but do know that I read each and every one of them and that they are very much appreciated.

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