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Hello i am stuntbutt.

for information about myself i will be putting little about me personal including my name.

however i am a anime freak my favorites are: Naruto, Full metal alchemist, Inuyasha, bleach and outlaw star.

as for my fics i will mostly be writing Naruto fic al with in the mature section and they will all have happy endings ( i hate unhappy endings and bitter sweet. sorry im just a sucker for everyong being happyi write mostly one shots but intend to write some mulit chapter stories as soon as i can get round to it.

the ones im thinking of right now( i have yet to come up with titles for them so you will just get the description.

Half demon havoc.

Naruto is a half fox demon again with the power of fire. he did not grow up in the village but in hell (or some sort of demon realm) but will escape with the help of a half wolf Demon (who yet to have a name) with the power lightning(blots, mangtisim and a like). they will travel to the leaf village to live.

this is as much as the story as i will tell you now apart from it will be Naruto and Hinata( actually all my Naruto fics will have this paring) and OCxOC.

as of boxing day i am about 3 quaters finshed writting the second chapter which is going to be longer than the first. it'll been done and published by saturday.(hopefull)

please bear with me

A vampire story

inspired by a fic called "Bloodlust". im not going to rip bloodlust off it just that i really do like the feel of a vampire fic.

a follow up to Would you love a monster woman

this is a surrjestion by Dragon Man 180. basically NAruto in seexy no justu from and Hinata. still thinking of a story line.

there are more im thinking of but im putting these up for now.( i have more one shots in store)

i will be very happy to read surrjestions on all these and any others people would like to see

side note. the bacon refrence is somthing that i will put in all my fics but i will drop it if you want me to.( it was just some random joke i put in my first fic and i felt like being a bit weird)

p.s im sorry for any piss poor spelling on my profile (no spell check) and in my stories. i useally finish them at about 3 in the moring and cant be bothered to check for subtle errors( dont worry i'll read the chapters of my muilty part stories before i post them)

i would love to hear from you which of my current fic you like the most

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