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Author has written 2 stories for X-Men: The Movie, and Smallville.

My name is Jenn. I'm in highschool and I enjoy all types of fanfiction. You can see it in my many different favorites. I like almost every ship out there, but some do bother me.

I like anything with a happy ending, but angsty things are fine too :) Romance is a definite yes-yes

I realized I don't write very well but I immensly enjoy reading :D

I generally have a happy, bubbly disspostion, but at the same time I'm quiet and shy. I like helping people and I like to laugh(sounds like a dating blog thing)

Oh, check out Goddess of All Knowingness' profile.

Ok boring stuff aside...


"We were gonna start a bonfire, but someone already started it."Liz, twin sister and best friend

"What! We need marshmallows and chocolate! To Kmart!"Me

"Ever wonder why everyone likes to sing the wiener song? It's a conspiracy! Death to the wieners!"Liz

"Don't be such a weenie."Me

"If you could go to China or Indonesia, which would you choose?"Me



"They have great chinese food."Liz

"If you were stranded on an island, what would you bring?"Liz

"My contacts, tampons and chocolate. I gotta be comfortable"Mom

"I'd bring a tent, my pillow, a survival guide, a really big book, matches, first aid, a knife, compass, chocolate and coffe. And put it all in a wagon." Me

"What would you bring?"Mom to Liz

"Tanning lotion and sunblock. No tan lines."Liz

"Eww. What if someone saw you?"Me

"It's D-E-S-E-R-T-E-D. Who would be there?"Liz

"I'm very good at talking people out of things. I would be very good at a suicide hotline."Mom

"You'd probably talk them into it."Me in all utter seriousness

"Oh my gosh!" Me pointing at flashing green latern rings"We have to buy them. We...we could be the Secret Order of the Green Ring! I'm so calling president!"

"Umbrella...ella...ella...a...a...a...You think she is stuck on repeat?"Me about umbrella song

"Coffe makes me happy. What makes me happy should make you happy. Now let me have it." Me to my Dad

"Chocolate is God's most special gift to the human race."Me

"Why do you continue to make me suffer so?"Me to Mom

"Think of all the times you wouldn't clean your room. This is punishment."Mom

"Call him Sissyman. It should boost his confidence" Me to one of my best friends Meg

"Who was the guy who got swallowed by the whale?"K


"No, Gilpeddo(is that how you spell it)?" Me

"No the other guy."K


"Are you sure? It doesn't seem right..."Me

"Jonah and the whale, Jonah and the whale...What I used to know the song"K

"I thought it was Jonas.."Liz

"No...It's Jonah, or did you not hear Katie's ear piercing singing like I did."Me

"I swear the dishwasher was saying something! I'm not crazy!" Me after having a horrible nightmare.

"I swear that sign just said 'Golden Condom'" K

"I have a question for you..." Me

"If you ask me one more time if I would love you if you were a food product, my answer is still NO!"Liz

"Hello." Me

"Hi, did you check your cable?"Creepy Lady

"Umm you called already."Me

"Oh..oh..ohh! I'm so sorry I did...Somebody smack me"Creepy Cable Lady

"Can you please run her over? Carly can take a bus...Please?" Me to my busdriver

"Can you imagine Grandma dancing to this with the Peanut Man?"Liz about SATURDAY NIGHT song, lol

"If you had to choose...Coffe or Chocolate?"Liz

"BLASPHMEY!" Me in retaliation

"I'm the pretty one, Jenn is the smart one."Liz

"Some Lady just asked me to be a model! How cool"Me

"I can't believe some guy made his Uncle come ask us for our names."Me

"Well actually it was only Liz who was asked."K

"Wonder what his name is?'Me

"I think I will name mystery boy somethin cool, dashing, suave, sexy...I know!" She snaps her fingers

"What?WHAT? Tell us already!" Me and K

''I shall name him...Chuck."Liz and I'm dead serious.

"I know how the last Harry Potter book ends!"RJ, younger brother

"How?"Liz and I

"Harry marries Ron. Hermione is a dude...Voldemort is Harry's dad and his real name is Fluffy."RJ

Liz and I are at the beach, in the ocean,"AHHHH! Something just touched me! Ahhhh it did it again! We have to get out! NOW!"Me

Liz, who is cracking up,"Are you sure it wasn't seaweed?"

I'm crying and laughing,"I'm sure! Let me out!"

"Grandma says we all are too damn funny!"Me


"What! Grandma said it first!"Me :)

"I'm not losing to a damn dinosaur!"Liz yelling at the TV while playing a video game

"If God is so amazing, why did he ever make mosquitos?"Me

"How cool would it be to bury a box of twinkies, in a metal box on the beach? So a person with a metal detector could find and think it was buried treasure. And twinkies never age or go bad!"Liz

"Look! Look!"Me holding a shirt that says...'CSI: Can't Stand Idiots' :)

"It took me 20 minutes to put the icecream in the bowl! And it only took me 5 minutes to eat it!"Me

"Harry showed me this really cool video where these guys were skimming and they kept falling and crashing and I said,'Harry, you can do that too!'"Me to my Mom

"I have so many questions about religion-"Dad

RJ who interupts"Then use Google."

"You have seaweed stuck to you."Mom

" it off! GET IT OFF"Me, I HATE seaweed, it's gross.

Me seeing Liz drinking CranApple Juice,"Oh my god. I totally forgot we had the stuff!"

"Where are you going?"Liz as I bolted from the room

"To get a cup! You know it's the exlir of the Gods!"Me

"If I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, Lizzy would be in love with me! For if I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener, Lizzy would take a bite outta me!"Me

Liz looking at me in pure wonderment, "Did you just make that up?"


"Where are you going?"Me


"Why? And why do you have a blanket on your head?"Me

"I'm gonna go build a fork--"Liz

"Nennnneeeeeee...Nennnnnnennennenenenne..."Me in high pitched whisper

"Is that you?"Liz, looking around our room

"I think Denzel Washington is very actractive"Mom

"MOM!"Liz and I

"What? Jenn keeps pointing out all the 'cute' guys she sees then complains about them, Liz you need to get your sister a boyfriend"Mom

"Dad, Jenn thinks Anthony Hopkins is cute, tell her she is retarted"Liz(different conversation)

"Did you update your profile on fanfic?"Liz


"I guess we've been pretty boring, huh?"Liz

"No I just forgot."Me :)

"I just realized something."Me(different conversation)


"I'm deathly afraid of butterflies. And I don't know why."Me

Me to Liz who is being weird,"Are YOU High? Are YOU High on the giggles? If so this new product called...My Fist In Your Face works wonders to stop the giggling." :)

"Liz, we're taking the 5:15 bus home. Do you know what bus it is?"Me

"I have no idea what time the 5:15 bus is." Liz and I swear to god she said this, I even wrote it down because I didn't want to forget :)

"I had a really weird dream last night, the world was ending because sugar was sticking to bowls." Liz

Me,"Don't forget your toothbrush! Don't leave without your toothbrush! He's leaving without his toothbrush!" I'm loopy on NyQuil

"She gave me two pounds of coffee! From DUNKIN Donuts!"Me

"Hey what's Aunt Deedee's new dog's breed?"Me to Liz

"I think it was a Portugese Fire Demon."Liz

"No you idiots, it's a Portugese Water Dog"Dad

"Oooooo"Liz and I

"You gave my sister, the freakin energizer bunny, MARACCAS! What the hell!" Me to Meggie

"C'mon Jenn, coffee is not that good."Annoying Boy at School

"Run. If I were you, I would run fast and far." Me

"I think we should write a book on all the stupid stuff we do."Liz

"Why? We'd be the only ones laughing."Me

"My fingers have a first name they're O-S-C-A-R. My fingers have a second name they're M-A-Y-E-R. Oh I love to flick them everyday and if you ask me what I'll saaaayyy...My fingers have a way with B-O-L-G-N-A!"Me

"Why did your sister go for a broken pretzel?" My Dad about a boy

"I'm a super hero Abbie. Don't tell anybody ok?"Liz

"Yeah there goes her super power, it's always acting up."Me

"What? I'm a superhero!"Liz

"Power flare right there!"Me

"You wanna know how bad my weekend was? My dad compared me to a marshmellow! He said we were the same color!"Me to my friends at lunch

"I pledge alliagance to the flag of the United States of America. And for which it stands, one nation Under Canada and above Mexico with liberty and fruitcakes for all"me and Liz

"I like how I name my bookbag Estaban and now everyone says hi to it before me!"Me

"Bite me."K

"Only with ketchup."Me

"Why not chocolate?"K

"I would never sully the name of chocolate by putting it on you."Me

"Your sister is mean."Boy at school

"I believe she prefers the term 'Unhealthly sarcastic and bluntly honest."Me

Stupid paper at school,"Out of the five colors pick one that describes you.(Pink Lemonade, Lime Green, Jet Black, Pearl, Macaroni and Cheese)"

"What the hell is Pearl?"Liz

"Would you rather have a dog or a flying pig?"Liz

"I never did tell you about the bean story did I?"Me to my lunch buddies

"I hate boys!"Me

"No you don't, you just hate the stupid ones."Mom

"Which every single one happens to be!"Me

"Why does she need to turn herself orange to be 16?"Me to Kalie

"I dunno."Kalie

"I mean I turned out fine when I turned 16 and I look almost transparent."Me

"Hey what'cha up to?"Dad

"Plannning evil and diabolical things."Me

"I just imagine people dancing to this like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs."Liz about the song 'Gimme More' by Britney Spears

"I don't like fake crying, it's too hard." Me (different conversation)

"I can do it without the tears."Liz

"But then it looks unbelievable."Me

"You're unbelieveable and you're acting skills are imaginary."Liz

"You're imaginary!...Oh god! I figured what's wrong with me! It took me all my life but now I know!"Me


"You're imaginary! I have an imaginary monster as a twin sister!" Me

"You know I never understood the saying 'You're a smart ass' " Me

"You have too much free time on your hands." Kalie and Meg

"Or what about Smarty Pants? Or Just Joshing Your Pickle?" Me

"Too much free time." Meg and Kalie

"I wonder about the other people who had tons of free time to come up with this stuff. Did they have mean friends telling them they had too much free time?Probably not." Me

"Apple Pudding Jeans...Boobs with Spurs...The crazy pub was lookin at her...Sally fell to the floor...Next thing you know Sally was getting dough dough dough...Those fatty sweatpants and the box with Straps...She turned around and gave her booty a smack..."Liz singing Low by T-Pain ft. Flo Rida

"One bad thing about Liz is that she can't rhyme on time when delievering a line and it gets her every time." Me

"Too much free time" Mom

"You should never feed the wild beast around midnight. And you should never, ever give her Tosito Cheese."Liz

"Hey! Don't be dissen my nuclear radio active fake cheese!" Me

"I should start charging 10 cents everytime that Steph comes into our room to ask for something." Liz

"What do you value most? Coffee or Liz?" Dan( stupid boy at school)

"Is that a trick question?" Me

"Who do you want as president Jenn?" Mom (I think she was joking)

"Count Chocula."Liz

"I believe I was being asked that question."Me

"Doesn't matter. You know you would pick him if you could." Lizzy being snarky.

"What's better that being a bum? A well feed bum." Me


Liz and I lying on our floor, why I don't know, "Our floor is disgusting."Me

"Yeah I know. We have to vacuum. Look at all the fuzzballs."Liz

"I'm afraid that they're just going to grow legs and say 'Gross' and walk into the vacuum."Me

"Lizzy! Vacuum has to 'u's and only one 'c'! How cool."Me

"Yeah I know."Liz

"Oh...ok."Me with a big frown

Sitting on the couch with Mom and Liz,"I can't believe that you two are going to be seventeen soon."Mom

"Yeah I know. But I feel like as I get older, my maturity goes down and down..."Me

"I guess I have been a bad influence on you."Liz

"They put me in jail!" Me complaining

"Why? What did you do?" Uncle, who I was complaining to

"I cheated! At MONOPOLY! I lied about what chance card I got and then gave myself money! And I didn't pay anyone cause they forgot!" Me wailing

"Serves you right Missus Cheaty McCheat Cheat"Liz

"OH MY GOD! THERE IS A LEECH ON MY GOLF BALL!!" Liz. We were outside, enjoying the weather and hitting golf balls off the corner. We both play, I'm terrible and Liz is really good. Well we were really giddy and goofy and one of us hit a ball into a puddle. Liz got the ball out of the puddle and started to scream.

"I stayed home from school, hoping to relax and not do anything! And...and.. You MADE ME CLEAN!"Liz

"Yeah I know. But YOU also made me stay home with you. So its your fault."Me

"I hate your power of persuasion."Liz looking quite grumpy.

"Whats wrong?"Mom

"I have a headache."Me

"You have nothing in your head to be achin."Mom, she's mean, lol

"I just called to say hi to my little girls."Dad

"Little? Dude, I'm about an inch taller than you. Ahahahahahaha"Me

"I notice that you say 'dude' and 'man' alot. Why?"Liz

"Hey is this Jenny?"Dad(diff. convo)


"Oh..So this is Liz then."Dad

"No" Me, hehehe it was so much fun to torment him. It went on for awhile lol

"I think people suck. In the end, most of them just let you down."Me


"I know. I'm like a cynical, pessimistic fortune cookie. I will bring you doom and gloom into your room!"Me

"Wow. You just had to rhyme didn't you?"Liz

"Become really famous and invent something for itchy eyes"Liz

"There's a visine for that"Me

Online with Dad, who just sent me a random picture,"Thats...uh a very pretty tree you have there Dad."Me

"I live under that tree! I'm a keebler elf!"Dad (this is also where I get it from)

"Jenn, I think the only reason your sisters keep you around is so they can see in the dark. You know you kinda glow like a flashlight." Kalie

"Oh my god. You really do glow, and I have never seen a person so white in all my life glow like you do. You kinda sparkle." Kait and Shannon and Kalie

"You're an ass!"Liz

"E-haw...E-haw...Listen I'm a donkey!"Me

"Oh god..haha..."Liz

"Did you know that a female donkey is called a jenny?"Me


"Why would I lie about that?"Me

"Cause you're Satan's baby."Liz

"And you're the Devil's Love Child. Which still makes us related and you a bastard."Me

"My butt is itchy." Me (different conversation)

"Ew...that's gross."Liz

"How do you think I feel?"Me


Online, two different places,"Ca va...Ca va"Liz, typing in French...this may offend some people

"Caca? Ew...that's mean...Here I am trying to apologize to you and you call me caca!"Me

"Non je ne pas! Non je ne pas!"Liz

"Pass what? I feel this whole thing is a miscomunication and that you should apologize for calling me caca."Me

"I really want a cat. A fat one. So that way when I come home, I can pick him up from the same spot every day and make him watch T.V with me." Liz

"I think you should name it D-O-G." Mom

"D-O-G...what's that mean?" Me...we were watching Deal or No Deal and I was too busy laughing at the poor soul who lost all the big money cases

"I really want a cat now."Liz

"I really want cake now."Me

" both of you."Mom

"I asked my guidance counselor why I have to take gym. She said it was required. So I asked her why it was required. She said it was for physical movement. So I asked her why they care if I can throw I rubber ball at someone's face and if it mattered that I've been used as practice dummy for target practice. And then I asked why it was important to know how to shoot an arrow. Then I speculated that maybe with technology taking over the world, soon all robots and techonology will turn on us and enslave us and it's important to have the skill to shoot a wooden arrow at a titanium robot who can shoot lasor beams out of its eyes. She then said she would schedule our meetings during gym class." ME

"I realized something Jenn."Liz

"What Liz?"Me

"Every movie now seems to be about zombies, viriuses, robots, nobody alive and only one person stopping a catastrophe."Liz

"We could make a movie! Ok so there's this guy who had a robotic part put inside of him. Then he was able to clone himself but in the process he created a virius disease contagion that turned people into zombies that eat people who get angry at one another and it melts their flesh but some people were choosen to become cyborgs and soon there are no humans left expcept a band of them who 'The One' is found and leads them against the robot cyborg flesh eating crazy virial disease ridden zombies because he/she was prophecised to save the planet and marry the hottie and rule the planet." Me

"My babies are all grown up!" Mom

"Mom, we're only seventeen..."Liz

"Yes and you two have eighteen months to get the hell out."Mom

"I so need a tan."Me

"Yeah you remind me of a glowstick."Mom

"So I won two stars today in gym class."Me

"Okay, doing what?"Mom

"For being a fantastic dancer."Me


"What about you Liz?" Dad

"Nope, I killed a cone and I'm considered a safety hazard."Liz

"Aren't you excited to live in Florida?"Dad( different conversation)

"About as excited as a cat coughing up a fur ball."Me

"So, how do the two of you feel about living in Pennsylvania than Florida?"Mom

"Like I was just told that there was a castle made of coffee and chocolate and it was filled with sexy men."Me

"So I've been telling people the real reason why we're moving and so far two people believed me."Liz

"Okay, what?"Me

"I've been telling people that we're moving cause Jenn doesn't want to take gym class anymore."Liz

"I've just realized I have stubby hobbit fingers and large square man hands."RJ (my brother)

"So you know how you spell your name with an extra 'n'?"Liz


"So when I got my license (finally) I made myself an inch taller than you! I'm now five five!" Liz

"I just realized we only drive to get food. To Pathmark and Applebees. We're retarted."Liz

"Wanna live on my island?"Liz

"You have an island? And I'm just hearing about this now?"Me

"Yeah...Anywho, its South Sandwich Island and I'm supreme Empress right? Well there's a height requirement to live there and you also have to pass an IQ test. That I'm going to make. And no Twilight movie allowed. Oh it's kinda close to Antartica and Africa, I think. So wanna live on my island?"Liz

"I have to pass an IQ test?"Me...She really did make one and I got every single one of them right (twelve questions) and I was told I was too smart to live on the island cause I could try to take it over.

"There are three penguins in a boat. How many penguins are there? A)1 B)2 C)3 D)4...The answer is 4" One of Liz's questions

Liz walking into the kitchen, "Hey! Don't eat my ice. Keep your fingers out of my ice-"Mom and Liz argued that it was snow and then it was my fault cause I ate all the ice.

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