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Howdy there!

About me:

I'm a 27-year-old journalist who happens to like writing creatively (yeah, I see the potential trouble with those two interests). Being involved in those two fields, I'm a big fan of readability and proper grammar/spelling. I'm by no means a Nazi about it (there are a number of stories I read start to end just because I find them really compelling despite spelling errors), but with each incorrect word/sentence, I come closer to ditching the story altogether. I'm also very respectful, but can be very sarcastic. I never flame others, but if something about the story really bothered me, I'll let you know about it in a polite manner. If you get defensive and snippy in return, I'll just stop caring.

As for my writing, I like to write about all sorts of things. From fantasy to anime, pretty much anything has potential for me to jot down words about it. Also, when I post a story, I will have made sure beforehand that it is as readable and error-free as I can make it. On another note, I'm extremely respectful of other cultures and customs. Because of that, when I post stories with anime characters involved, I will not use honorifics (-san, -kun, -sama, .etc.). The reason for this is simple: I don't want to screw it up. Japanese honorifics confuse me, and I have no problem admitting that. I know the basics, but there are too many examples I've seen where boys are called "-chan" for me to be comfortable with using them. As for using Japanese in my stories, I do so very rarely (one of the only exceptions being that I call the hidden ninja villages in Naruto by their Japanese names on occasion to avoid repetition. Saying "the Hidden Leaf Village" or "the Village Hidden in the Leaves" four times in two paragraphs gets old). Once again, this is because I respect the Japanese language and culture. I don't want to botch some phrase horribly and get chewed out (rightfully so) by some Japanese buff.

...baa-chan-sama-teme-hime! I have no idea what that means.


Because I seem to be unable to post links in stories, I'll just do it here.

My OC: Tanken Zengosaku (literally meaning "Dagger Remedy")

Tanken is my OC in the Naruto universe. His clothes are earthy shades of red, brown, and green, and are pretty much exactly how I thought they would look. Note: The image itself is not mine. All I did was Photoshop the hair, eyes, and clothes more to my liking. I have no idea who created the original image, and I gave up after seeing about 4 different versions. Props to whomever it was.

The symbol of Honzogakure

This is Honzogakure's symbol as it appears on a forehead protector. The name translates to "The Village Hidden in Plants" or "The Village Hidden in Medicinal Herbs." I obviously use the first definition on the grounds that it is less silly. This image is mine, but it took me far longer to create than it should have on Photoshop. I haz no skillz.


- Naruto

- Star Wars

- Video games

- Writing

- Reading well-written pieces (mostly romance)

- Parings:




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