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Natsuo and Yoji describe us perfectly! as u can see in the picture =D

Welcome one and all to Dark'sangel and Haru'srooster profile page!! hmm...what to tell you... wracks brain for a moment aha! well this is Dark'sangel right now but my actual name is Katharine or Kat fer short. I plan on being the next Mrs. Kyo Sohma and anyone who stands in my way will PAY! hahahaha! oh ahem well anyway- here are some of my favrite things:

pizza, REVIEWS, stuffed aminals, i have a weird obsession w/sadness, and of coarse anime and manga. here look at these: understand these arent all that i read or watch

Dnangel: Daisuke, Dark, and Argentine

Fruits basket: Kyo! Shigure, Akito, Hiro and of course Tohru! (tho i must say i only like Akito as a man.)

Peacemaker: Tetsu, Suzu, Okita, Shinpachi, and Saya! (i enjoy Susumu too)

Loveless: Ritsuka, Natsuo and Yoji, and Soubi

Naruto: Naruto, Sasuke, and i havent met all of the Akatsuki yet but i like them too

Inuyasha: Inuyasha, kagome, Rin, Miroku, and Sesshomaru.

Vampire Knight: Zero, Kaname, Aido, Ichijo, and Yuki is awesome!

i like to dance--in my underwear, i love eating junk food and writing my fics. and most of all i just really like to hang with my Haru'srooster. she's really awesome. truthfully, i dont think i could live without her. she's m-azing and she's not just my best friend, she's my other half. if i had to kill her b/c she killed my master whom i was having an affair with and i loved dearly i'd kill her then kill myself. THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!! im usually always smiling. unless im totally pissed or depressed but usuallyim purty content. i hate writer blocks, they screw up everything and usually no matter where i go i find myself thinking of new ideas for fics. its kind of a curse cus usually i think up a whole new idea when i havent even finished with other ideas, laughs nervously just ask Haru'srooster, it's the reason we have 11 stories. i think she's ready to murder me. thankz for listening to me squabble please READ AND REVIEW DAMMIT! and if you want to contact me personally my e-mail now is Kyonkichi92@aol.com or my Facebook: Just look up Kat Navarro i go to Stafford High

message me!! love to hear from you

Dis is Haru'srooster now...

NOTE: I plan on burning every single one of her muffins.

Okey dokey... so my real name is... Cornelius... nah I'm just kidding my real name is Becca. AND I AM OBSESSED WITH COWS!! It comes with being a Hatsuharu fan, okay thats how it started and then it just kinda got carried away... only kinda tho...okay never mind a lot!! My tongue hurts, yes i know it is random but i burnt it on hot chocolate... CURSE YOU HOT CHOCOLATE!! also lately i havent been into romance all that much so either my stories wont really be updated or they might be really crappy, i'm sorry about it tho

I like...


bleach- ICHIGO!! and renji


fruits basket-uh duh, haru... and kureno

black cat- train, who else?


hana-kimi- sano and mizuki

and much much more

my partner... my pokey joe as i call her. if we were on a cliff and i had choose between a cow and my pokey joe i would deffinitally pick the cow and push pokey joe off the cliff to her extravagant death (haha that is a oxymoron) and break into her safe full of muffins and set fire to them all. cant you tell i love her.

i was born in the year of the rooster... this is what kat thinks of me...(personality wise)...

very wise and easily remembers important stuff, brave (like seriously, she has no fear) adorably cute, fantastic as a friend, warm hearted and concerned fer her peeps, she can be cold at times but thats all good i mean who isnt? i .love her laugh and she's very creative...she can be super duper slow and had many things to learn in the world wise like grotesque slang she has no clue of...she's can be a real tomboy but she's the cutes tomboy eva!! i love her fascination with the cow...uh...and sometimes she isnt easily persuaded by objects like me (clothes, books, boys, etc.) due to me being so distracted by these things i spend my money carelessly unlike her. i really do admire her very much and thats all...buh bi.

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Epidemic Of Darkness reviews
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