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My name is Chisa. (I'm not giving out my real name you don't know who is lurking out there)

Gender: Female

Age: Well I don't like to state my age a girl likes to keep her secrets you know.

Race:Asian/American (I wonder does this contribute to my horrible grammar. ;)

My favorite animes are:

Currently: Naruto (I use to like a lot of animes but apperently I'm crazy with watching Naruto right now that I don't give thought for the others)

Favorite Manga's:


Fruits Basket

Hana Yori Dango

Ouran High School Host Club

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

Favorite Couples from Naruto:

Naruto Coupling (Somehow the word coupling seems weird to use to me)

Naruto x Hinata (Love this couple but chance of them being together at the end is very unlikely. Yet they are still a cute couple!)

Naruto x Sakura (If the story is good then I consider liking this couple but it seems they will end up together if Sakura stops having feeling for Sasuke.)

Naruto x Tenten (I don't see any connection besides them talking like friends nothing else or partners on a mission.)

Naruto x Ino (Great put the two biggest loudest people together. NOT!! It's such a horrible combination two blondes. More dumb blonde jokes neh?)

Naruot x Temari (Isn't she older than him? Besides I don't every see them talking to each other besides meeting with their partners...)

Naruto x Shizune (Isn't she older than Naruto? Also I think the relationship between these two is more brother and sister.)

Naruto x Tsunade (Wow she like freaking old! But I don't know how old. If she has to use a disguise to hide her age she must be really old. Anyway I see a mtoher and son relationship with Naruto and Tsunade.)

Naruto x Any boy (A big no! I'm not a fan of Yaoi. I'm sorry to all those out there. My friends are and I don't mind but I'm not. One day I'm going to explain why not... Finally the day has come to explain why I don't like Yaoi. First it's weird basically and it makes me feel uncomfortable so basically I dislike it and it seems wrong to me but for everyone else who likes I have nothing against you. I will also listen down individual each person for the boys why they shouldn't be together this is going to take long. I will read sometimes...but otherwise I'm sorry if I offended anyone!)

Naruto x Sasuke (These two can be a pair but I don't think Naruto swings that way infact. Naruto sees Sasuke more like a brother. Yet I see so many stories of these two.)

Naruto x Neji (Yes Neji is thankful that Naruto was able to help him from the darkness but Neji well he can look like a girl when he's creepy. I think he better off smirking but I doubt Neji will see Naruto as his lover. Ewww Naruto probably reminds him a little of Lee.)

Naruto x Lee (Very energentic guys but I don't think so because Lee is so busy with training and proving that he can keep up with his peers. Naruto is too busy saving Sasuke's butt.)

Naruto x Shikamaru (Shikamaru is smart, Naruto is well not the brightest person out there so no but anyway even if they did like each other Shikamaru seems too lazy to commit. So sad isn't it?)

Naruto x Chouji (Don't think so but I think they would be a good pair of buddies when it comes to eating.)

Naruto x Kiba (It makes me wonder if they hate each other cause they get on each other's nerves but when trouble comes those two know how to behavior at least for the moment.)

Naruto x Shino (At first I thought Shino was mute but he can talk. Shino is so quiet and pairing him with Naruto doesn't seems to be good because well Naruto is loud and Shino is very quieted almost quieter than Hinata.)

Naruto x Kakashi (This realtionship shouldn't even happen. There student and teacher. Kakashi is too much of a pervert!)

Naruto x Gai (Wow this would be scary! It sort would be like the Lee pairing somewhat. Both wearing green tights...I think I'm going to puke! No offense to fans of Gai or Lee I love them as a character, but the outfit...)

Naruto x Asuma (No because those two never even talk to each other...)

Naruto x Itachi (Ahhh...Itachi seems like the guy to like guys but he would be awesome pairing to girls. This guy is too much of a mystery.)

Naruto x Gaara (My favorite two demons! If these two were to be a couple that would be just weird.)

Sasuke Coupling

Sasuke x Sakura (One of my favorites pairing but Sasuke is such an ice cube that makes things hard for Sakura. I sometime don't like Sakura behavior and also sometime Sasuke seems to be kind of it's going to be heartbreaken for some readers that he seems a little gay to me. Always wanting to beat everyone and doesn't have any other thought in his mind.)

Sasuke x Hinata (I'm wondering why I couldn't just say that Sasuke shouldn't go with any boy or any girl besides Sakura but I'm going through the trouble of typing this. Sasuke is the human ice cube and Hinata is quiet and gets easily frighten when she gets threaten. So no way is this couple good at all!)

Sasuke x Ino (Sorry no! Can't see them together...just wrong Ino is to loud but I love her loudness sometimes...)

Sasuke x Tenten (Okay first off I never even seen speak one word towards each no connection what so ever.)

Sasuke x Temari (Once again she's older than him and let see yeah he beat her in a battle before and what else no connection.)

Sasuke x Any boy (No Yaoi!!)

Sakura Coupling

Personally I hate Sakura a lot! She's a ..I'm not going to say it but I still love reading her pairing stories! I'm such a werido...

Sakura x Naruto (Look up above to Naruto coupling)

Sakura x Sasuke (Look up above to Saskue coupling)

Sakura x Neji (Well there they have no connection whatever so. Never spoke a word towards each other anything but somehow I still like this couple a lot maybe cause in some ways he acts like Sasuke.)

Sakura x Garra (Another couple that has no connection besides Sakura remind Garra of his horrible past during the Chuunin exams I would say for them to be a couple is out of this world but I still like them as a couple so their one of my favorite as well as Neji and Sakura)

Sakura x Shikamaru (Yeah I see no connection but never mind no connection at all!!)

Sakura x Shino (Does this guy even talk?)

Sakura x Kiba (Kiba in some way's remind me of a little smarter Naruto but nevertheless an idiot. Sorry Kiba fans; I like Kiba but he's better off with Hinata)

Sakura x Chouji ( got to be crazy if you see a connection in this...)

Sakura x Itachi (Suprisingly I like this couple but Sakura has never meet Itachi yet but she will in the manga already she did but that's a spoiler...)

Sakura x Sasori (I'm not really feeling this but this person writhing an amazing story on this so far and I feel drawing too it so not much comments on this.)

Sakura x Kakashi (HELLO!! Teacher here! To old! I luv Kakashi I tell you but Sakura and him not a match besides Kakashi is mine!!)

Sakura x Any other boy (I really like Sakura centric but it has to be good other wise no!! She should only be pair with my favorites!)

Kakashi Coupling

Kakashi x Any boy or man (NO!!)

Kakashi x Sakura (Look up to Sakura coupling!)

Kakashi x Any girl or woman (Umm right now I see Kakashi having no connection with any other female people besides Sakura and Rin. Is Rin alive?)

Team 10

Ino Coupling

Ino x Shikamaru ( I see some sparks flying)

Ino x Chouji ( I also see sparks flying for this. Either of her teamates would be a good pair in my opinion.)

Ino x Girls (Umm NO!!)

Ino x Asuma ( I thought no teacher pairing...)

Ino x Any other boy besides her teammates kind of hard to image.

Shikamaru Coupling

Shikamaru x Ino (See Ino pairing)

Shikamaru x Temari (They have so much connection but isn't she older than him?)

Shikamaru x any boys (NO!!)

Shikamaru x any other girls (NO!!)

Chouji Coupling

Chouji x Ino (See Ino pairing)

Chouji x Any boy (NO!!)

Chouji x Any girl (NO!!)

Asuma Coupling

Asuma X Kurenai (For sure if you read the manga that is posted online for Naruto you can tell those two have something going on)

Asuma X Anko (Anko like the craziest person I've seen so far in the show well maybe not the craziest...anyway I don't see those two having a relationship at all.)

Asuma X Shizune (

Asuma X any of the girls younger than him or older than him let see a big NO!!

Team Kurenai (I don't know their team number actually...heehee)

Kiba Coupling

Kiba x Hinata (Duh teammate great connection!)

Kiba x Anyboy (No Yaoi plz!)

Hinata Coupling

Kiba x Hinata (See Kiba coupling)

Shino x Hinata (Nice pair)

Hinata x Kurenai (Wrong)

Hinata x Any girls (No thanks)

Shino Coupling

Shino x Hinata (See Hinata pairing!)

Shino x Kiba (No...)

Shino x Kurenai (She his teacher eww no...)

Team Gai

Neji Coupling

Neji x Tenten (Oh I love this couple there teammates and they seem to have good communicating with each other)

Neji x Lee (Okay this is creepy I mean I rather have Neji pair with someother guy then but no yaoi please!!)

Neji x Gai (yeah too much youth I think Neji will die from it. _;)

Tenten Coupling (Does girl have a last name?)

Tenten x Neji (See Neji coupling)

Tenten x Lee (I can see them as a couple and it would probably be really funny!)

Tenten x Gai (This is just plain weird! No teacher couple please!!)

Current Stories Working On!


Were Children Again: Chapter 7 (Writers Block)

Were Not Weak: Chapter 3 (Already started writing 1/10 done (Writers block))

New Stories (Maybe)



Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 75 - Words: 907,848 - Reviews: 6426 - Favs: 3,988 - Follows: 3,421 - Updated: 8/2/2017 - Published: 5/3/2007 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Kakashi H., Kurenai Y.
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Left in Bleeding Broken Shards by VesperChan reviews
Growing up with a monster as a father can be hard and Sakura starts to loose hope that is untill she meets some of the boys from the village that have taken a likeing to her.Sakuracentric childhood fluff
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Sorry Everyone. I have lost all hope of writing for this story. It's now up for adoption. I just can't think of anything more to contribute to the story.
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Were Children Again! reviews
After a mission to the Sound Village. Sakura, Sasuke, Neji, and Garra return back as children. Watch as Sakura, Sasuke, Neji, and Gaara live their lives as children. Wait Naruto is taking care of them!
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