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Author has written 4 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter.

I feel as if I should have this huge biography about myself here, or something to fill in the space, but find that it is quite difficult to fill it, seeing that I really don't want creepy stalkers coming up to my door step and being all like "Hi, I'm this really creepy person that was stalking you online and now am stalking you in real life!"

No thank you.

What I feel more comfortable sharing with you lovely folks is that I am a James Norrington fan. Maybe not a die-heart fan like a lot of people, but a fan at heart who started crying when he died in POTC 3. Sorry if I just spoiled the movie for you there, but that's what you get for reading this isn't it? But after seeing all three movies, I have come to these conclusions:

Elizabeth should have seriously picked James and stayed with him. I mean, I know in the first movie, she picked him just so she could get Will back, and then she ditches him. Personally, she should have stayed. I would have. But yet again, I'm not Elizabeth Swann/Turner for that matter (spoilers again...but we all knew that they'd get married). And since we are talking about the lovely Mrs. Turner, has anyone noticed the tiny fact that EVERY MAN SHE'S KISSED HAS...opps, upcoming spoiler...again. I should really stop spoiling the movies because you might get mad at me. Espescially if you are a Beckett fan, then you'll really hate me if you read 'More Than Just Friends' Guarenteed, you'll hate me.

Anyways, more about me...because that's why you're reading I right? I like to draw, and I attempt the whole 'Anime-Manga' thing, and I find myself okay at it. Defiantly no where near as good as what you see online, but pretty good by my standards seeing that I'm trying to teach myself how to draw Anime-Manga. If you want to check out my horrendous DeviantArt gallery, here's the link=

Yes, I like the nickname Squeeks. Bear with me here. And please don't flame my artwork. If you happen to be a better artist than me (which probably half of you are) please don't hold back, give me a few pointers if you feel brave enough. Seriously.

I live in Wisconsin (where I'm not telling) where we do have hot summers (it's not the tundra for anyone who's wondering) and really cold winters. And I mean cold. But not as cold as the Tundra, but it might as well be. Plus we get snow, and this year 'we get snow' is kinda the understatement of the year, because we have a LOT of snow. And I mean a LOT. On a sudden, random side note, I love video games...Nintendo is my friend. Plus Legend of Zelda, but I find that writing Zelda fanfiction is harder than writing Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction. Weird. Did I mention that I like reading? Oh. My. Gosh. How could I not mention that I love reading?!

I'll stop my ramblings and let you go read. If you feel like randomly talking to me (don't know why you would), click the little email button thing and e-mial me...

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