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Ok, screen name is Sachiru Natsu...which apparently has a very strange meaning to it...

Gender: Chick!!I swear!

Age: 15

Height: Errr, somewhere around 5'4

Weight: 119

Location: The U.S.

Real name: I don't feel like gettin' any stalkers.

AIM: SachiruNatsu, no duh...

Ninja or pirate: Ninja all the way!!

Favorite Naruto pairings!!







Favorite InuYahsa pairings





Favorite Samurai 7 pairings




Pairings I really hate

Anything with Ino and Sasuke, especially the two put together...ack!I hate them both.

OrochimaruXSakura (yuck...!)





Opinions on Story Reviews

Reviews: Reviews are extremely important to an author's esteem on their story. Without them thougths begin to coil up in there minds and they do not have the gumption(big word!) to write anymore. No matter how bad a story is, still review as nicely as possible.

Flames: Flames are acceptable, but I only believe you have that right if you have written your own story and posted it.If you have deleted your stories, you have written them, but no one will belive you when they write back to your flame saying 'don't flame me, you have no right.' You know the pressure it puts on you, especially with school ect. In fact, all the flames that were rude and retarded that I have recieved have been from people who have absolutely no self experience in writing. They are simply just readers and believe they are so much better and that your story sucks when they have no room to talk.

If you are an author and are absolutely appualed by a fic, write them a flame, go for it, BUT make sure you don't just say it sucks. Give them a reason why it sucked. Try and help them and support them and if you are really generous, offer a beta reccomendation.

Flame replies: An author never likes the rude words that are spoken to them by people, especially when they have not written anything themselves. My advice is to always always have a come back. If the people did not sign on to avoid that particular comeback. Give them a rude awakening when you embarrass them in your next chapter.

If it is a polite flame that is only trying to improve your spelling or story line, still reply and ask for advice in what they think could make your story more appealing to their intrests. If you are not so fond of there idea, tell them and make sure they understand why.

Review replies: If you are in the replying mood, go for it, but if not, just look for the ones with questions in it. It is hard for and author(especially a succesful one) to reply to each and everyone of there reviews, so not to over-stress yourself, just answer the important ones.

My website info

Ok, I do have a myspace. One for my personal life and the other for my writing stuff. On my blog it includes sneak peaks, info on new stories and other stories that do not relate to a fanfiction.

the url is

check it out and add me if you would.

Story Inspiration and feelings on the story(can also be found on my site)

I like to run, but I am not on the track team. The only reason I like to run is because it feels like what I've been doing all my life: running from it. I hate violence even though it is a great part of my past. I love to rid myself of my anger by force and I hate crying. I hate emotion. I makes me feel weak. That is kind of where the idea of Emotionless Eyes came from. Writing my feelings has always been one way to express myself and besides beating up stuff, it helps. Plus, I have always hated Sasuke and I hated him more after episode 111, so I decided to let Sakura kill him.. that made me oh so happy. So far, this has been my favorite story and I'm not sure if I will ever write another one that I have loved so much.

My story Invisible also came from a life experience. At school or at home, I'm always so left out. Your friends don't tell you stuff so you are left out of the group and have no idea what's going on. You always feel like you've been misplaced and unless you draw attention to yourself, no one will see you. As the time goes on, you start to distance yourself from those people and even though they are your closest friends, they are not that close. they know about your past, but not about your present. They think they know you when they are totally clueless and eventually, no one will ever know who you really are. Always the happy mask, always the liar, always the one who is not there, always the last one to call, always the last one to invite over or out, always the last one to be asked advice, always the last one to be given advice, always the last one to find out the truth, always the last one to know. you become so dependent on yourself, you begin to learn how to find these things out sooner. If you are quiet, you will hear. If you are invisible, no one will know you are there.

Inner Itachi was written so that when I have my happy moods, I can get it out and make other people laugh. I have always been a funny person who likes to make other people laugh. I can be on the brink of tears and still make a funny comment. Inner Itachi also relates to me because of stupid Inner Chiru here. Yes I do have an inner self that never shuts up and is not always the nicest person in the world. Inner Itachi is just a reflection of Inner chiru. She's funny, a little strange, sometimes mean, but always there for you.

Healing Eyes was written to express how few things can break through your mask and can be bring you back to your senses, but you always go back to help you be strong. You're scared of what could happen, but you can only open up around people you trust. You also find that if you love someone, they might be the one person you end up hurting the mot.

My sorry excuses for postponing stories

1. I have horrible writer's block. For example, ever since my little sister being taken away from her mother, I have not been able to keep in the funny mood with Inner Itachi. I love the story to death, but I just can't seem to be funny anymore. When I write something down, I scribble it out. everything I say, write, or do always feels stupid. I hate this dumb as writer's block.

2. I haven't gotten my damn reviews. I have gotten many flames saying how you shouldn't be dependent on reviews, but I beg to differ. Reviews make you want to make time to write those stories and make you feel good and mushy inside. Do you think a good writer would continue to write a trilogy if they got three reviews every chapter? I don't.

3. I have no time. All people get busy. No matter if it is planning a trip or a wedding. It take time and you can get so engrossed in that one subject that you forget to write.

4. I've lost my inspiration. There can be many causes for this. It can be to many degrading flames or not enough reviews. Or even a life changing event. My example now is I'm freaking out. Ever since my recent eyebrow peicing my mother has not spoken to me. Nor have I seen her in three weeks. I'm not depressed, just upset and I don't want to write.

5. Degrading flames. I've had my share of them and have deleted my story just to piss them off. I can be called a whatever bad names, but when you yourself are being a hypocrit(sp?) after calling someone one, it makes you laugh and also makes me want to delete the story just so you'll shut up. For example. Someone told me that my grammar sucked like this. 'What if u flame that person b/c of thier grammar? coughcough u.' I laughed hard and wrote them back. Then they wouldn't shut up so I got bored of talking to them and deleted the story and blocked the person. I'm cruel, oh well. I don't really give a shit. I'm the writer and if you are gonna give me flames, expect a comeback. That's all I have to say.

6. Injury. Hey, it happens. a broken arm, finger, hand, wrist, neck, back, etc. It effects our writing.

7. A freaky car just passes by your window. O.o. That just happened. j/k. That's not an excuse.

Anyhow, there are probably a tooonnnnn more, but it's late and I wanna talk to my friends, so I'll do whatver when I feel like it.

Stories and author's close to the heart

Shika and Tsuki

I'm not sure what their SN is, but I know I love there stories. Tsuki's flying fishcakes, misadventures of Umino and Hatake, and the one all the colors fro fushigi yuugi are hilarious. Shika's Kakashi X Rin fic is sweet. (confusing at the beginning) But I like it bunches and bunches.

The Ripple in the Pond trilogy

Even though I do not kno wLady Hanaka personally, I love her work. It's beautiful and very unique. I love how she describes and leaves those damn stupid cliff hangers. I especially like those pick up lines at the end. They be funny.

The CLOSEST authoress award goes to...


This girl is someone I know better than myself and find her acting more like me everyday. She's of fan of my writing while I love reading and correcting hers. She's always smiling despite the past and present and always loves to talk. She's not a bug people person and has a shield up so be careful. She doesn't date because boys are all idiots at this age and trust me, they don't really love you. i am her beta and posted her story 'Falling Apart' or now soon to be know as 'Holding On'. She's a shy girl and doesn't like all the credit. She told me to see if people liked her story and if they did she would eventually get a computer(no matter how slow it really is) and post it herself with her own updates and comments etc.

I Heart ya Girlie!


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