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Warning: The following profile contains outbursts of pure insanity, delves into my deep love of "WarCraft", "Resident Evil", Transformers and "The Sword of Shannara". If you do not care for ANY of these three things, then I suggest you read someone else's profile. That's right. You heard me. Go ahead and read someone else's profile. Right now. Go. In fact...why are you even reading my profile? Why do you want to learn more about me? Why am I even putting a profile up? I know no one is really gonna look at my profile. Except to learn more about me. But if you want to learn about me, why don't you just ask? I'm a very approachable guy. Especially if you have candy. Do you have candy?

Name: Arthasvs.Leon

Age: Wouldn't you like to know = P

Favorite Foods: Anything edible

Location: Icecrown, Northrend

Interests: Korean dramas, WarCraft, Terry Brooks novels, Resident Evil, Naruto, Bleach, zombies, George A. Romero movies, the Army Men games, Harry Potter, history, fantasy, Diablo, StarCraft,, my friends, my family, Greek epics, Shakespeare, Marvel comics, heavy metal, Mozart, photography, ninjas, knights, revolutions in other countries, Arthurian legends, Beowulf, Transformers, Optimus Prime

Favorite Shows: "Seoul 1945", "The Immortal Yi Soon Shin", "WWE Smackdown", "Red Dwarf", "The Brittas Empire", "Heroes", "Supernatural", "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Family Guy", "Beast Wars", "Duck Tales", "Deadwood", "Rome", "Six Feet Under", "Sex and the City", "Naruto", "Bleach", "Mucha Lucha", "Transformers G1", "Beast Wars", "The Red Green Show", "Jericho"

Favorite Movies: "Night of the Living Dead", "Dawn of the Dead (1978)", "Day of the Dead", "Shaun of the Dead", "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "Monty Python's Meaning of Life", "To Sir with Love", "Stand and Deliver", "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", "Mr. Roger's Navy", "The Sound of Music", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "The Princess Bride", "Back to the Future Parts 1, 2, and 3", "Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI", "Transformers: The Movie"

Favorite Books: "The Sword of Shannara", "The Elfstones of Shannara", "Armegeddon's Children", "The Zombie Survival Guide", "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone", "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", "Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix", "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", "When the Eagle Hunts", "The Eagle's Prey", "Eyewitness to History", "Founding Brothers", "The Pact", "The Gunslinger", "Drawing of the Three", "The Dark Tower", "Terry Jones's Barbarians", "My Sister's Keeper", "Change of Heart"

Favorite Authors: Terry Brooks, J.K. Rowling, Simon Scarrow, William Shakespeare, Jodi Picoult, Arthur Miller, Stephen King

Favorite Plays: "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "The Tempest", "The Odyessey", "Oedipus Rex", "The Crucible"

Favorite Bands: Gothic Knights, Sound of Urchin, Rush, The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Mozart, Rich Robinson, Black Sabbath, Kiss, AC/DC, Blue Man Group, Starship, Molly Hatchet, Def Lepard, Queensryche, The Who, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Alice Cooper, Dragonforce, Nightwish

Places I would love to visit: Seoul, South Korea; Mexico City, Mexico; Seattle, Washington; Washington D.C.; London, England; China, Japan, Greece, Rome, Canada

Four Words that Describe Me: Loyal, honest, funny, completely and totally insane. Yeah...I know that's seven words. So, it's seven words that describe me. Or you could just say I'm loyal, honest, funny, insane. But that's bad grammar. I could say I'm loyal, honest, funny, and insane, but would you count that as five words? So...I'm just gonna say "Seven Words that Describe Me" and leave it at that. And if you got to the end of this and count EVERY word here as part of how I describe myself...then you have no life whatsoever and have waaaaay to much time on your hands if you could read all this. But then again, if you could stand this rant without your head exploding, then you just may be really cool. And have guts and dedication. I like that. You're cool.

Favorite Pairings

Leon/Claire: THIS IS MY OBSESSION!!(ASIDE FROM THE OTHER THINGS ABOVE) THIS TO ME IS WHAT BILLY/REBECCA IS TO UMBRELLA'S WORST ENEMY!! It's a perfect pairing. Honestly. They've had similar lives, have witnessed the same stuff, and I've always thought that these two would be perfect together. Before I even finished RE2 I IMMEDIATELY thought they were meant for each other

Billy/Rebecca: Not as into this as UWE, but this makes more sense than Carlos/Rebecca, but if you like them too more power to ya :)

Chris/Jill: The all-American couple

Wesker/Ada: The most evil and diabolical couple EVER concieved. I don't think they would be like the dating couple, but more like the flirting while threatening to kill each other couple. Yeah... that kind

Wil/Etertria: Can't go wrong with canon :-P

Least Favorite Pairings

Leon/Ada: I don't care if it's canon THIS IS NOT RIGHT!! I hate Ada. She is a manipulative bitch and I've seen too many of them and dated too many of them to know that THIS is not the type of girl and guy like Leon should desire.

Claire/Steve: Brother and sister love I could understand. LOVE AS IN TRUE LOVE IS NO!!

Leon/Ashley: See above.

Gay pairings that make no sense. Like Leon/Chris. I'm not against gay pairings, but make them for people who ARE ACTUALLY GAY OR SHOW SIGNS OF BEING GAY!! (Like Steve or Alfred Ashford = P)

Original Characters



Caitlin Redfield

Age: 4

Parents: Chris and Jill Redfield

Hair: Short and brown

Complexion: Pale

Eyes: Hazel

Description: A typical four year old girl, Caitlin Redfield was born barely a year after Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine got married, which happened just after Umbrella was "defeated". During the whole time Jill was pregnant with her, Leon and Claire spent all of their free time helping the expecting parents prepare their house for the new arrival. When Jill went into labor, Leon drove them to the hospital while Chris held Jill's hand in the back, with Claire helping to calm Jill down.

When Caitlin was born, Chris and Jill asked Claire to be her neice's Godmother, a role she was more than honored to take. And then, they asked Leon to be the new arrival's Godfather, a role he felt he did not deserve, but took with pride. Since then, Leon and Claire have played as active a role as they can in Caitlin's life, helping to raise the newest member of their family.

While Caitlin loves her parents and Auntie Claire more than anything else in the world, she holds a special place in her heart for her "Uncle Leon". She always seems the happiest when he is around.

Caitlin Redfield is a bright and beautiful girl, full of energy and love for all of her family.

What the Characters think of her:

Chris: I love her so much. When she was born, it was the first time in my life I felt like I created something instead of destroying it. She's my princess, my world. I love her more than anything in this life, and I would do anything to protect her.

Jill: Honestly...she's a blessing to us all. When she was born, we were drawn so much closer together by this simple little creation. After all the...death and horror we were surrounded by almost have this little bundle of know I brought a wonderful angel into this world... I love her. She's my angel. Chris and I are so blessed to have her.

Claire: My first niece. I can't even begin to describe how much I love her. How much I feel for her. She's just such an adorable little bundle of joy, and she finds a smile for every occassion. She always brightens my day when I go to visit her, and she makes me feel good. I feel so proud to be her aunt, and I think Chris and Jill are the luckiest-and most fortunate, after everything we went through- parents in the world.

Leon: Even though I'm not a member of her family...I'm not a Redfield or a Valentine, she seems to solidify my place in our little family. When I first saw her, and had the chance to hold her...I felt like I was the one who was just made a father. After spending so many years holding guns...I was holding a bundle of new life in my hands. And it just gave me waves of emotions I've never experienced before, but ones I feel now every time I enter that house and Caitlin comes running to her "Uncle Leon". To be called an uncle...even when I'm not really's such a great feeling. It feels like I have some semblance of a soul.

Rebecca: Oh, she's jus the cutest little thing. She's so adorable and has the biggest smile I've ever seen. I hope when I have a child, she's just as cute.

Billy: Adorable little tyke. Actually makes me understand why people have them.

Ashley: Never really seen her, but Leon and Chris have pictures of them, which they've shown me. She's so cute and cuddly. Just like all babies. But she's special because she has a family that's not just her Mom and Dad...but so much more.


Description: When Leon first walked down the path to Pueblo, he encountered a wounded animal. A beautiful white wolf-dog, trapped in a bear trap. Leon saved the animal from the trap, and watched the dog escape into the forest. Little did he know he would see the wolf-dog again.

When Leon faced off against the brutish Gigante, the wolf-dog returned to its rescuer's side in an effort to return the favor. During the confusion of the ensuing melee, Leon lost sight of the dog, and believed the animal to have been killed by the brute.

When Leon and Ashley trekked through the quarry back to Pueblo, Leon paid his respects to the dog, only to find it still alive, and willing to join him.

Leon named the dog after his dearest friend, Allyson. Or rather...for her middle name. And since that day, Allyson has been a faithful and stalwart companion to her master, who saved her from the hell that was Pueblo.

What the Characters think of her:

Chris: She's a dog with my sister's middle name. How am I supposed to react to that? All in all, she's pretty damn loyal, and seems to really love Leon. Hates me, though.

Jill: That dog scares me a bit. She seems so protective of Leon, it's like she's in love with him.

Claire: She's a dog with my middle name. How the hell am I supposed to react to that? I didn't know whether to laugh or kick Leon's sorry ass for that. She's a good dog, though. She's loyal to a fault and is actually very affectionate to me. Which is weird cause she still hasn't warmed up to anyone else. I guess it's cause I spend a lot of time at Leon's.

Leon: I love this dog to death. She saved my life, and now she seems like a part of me. I'm really glad I found her. At's like she understands me. I especially love when I come home from a long day, and all she wants to do is just sit on the couch as I scratch her ears and listen to me bitch and moan about my day. Sometimes...I feel like she understands me. But I guess everyone who owns a dog feels that.

Rebecca: Oh God, keep that damn thing away from me! It always looks at me like she's ready to tear my neck out. Honestly, since Raccoon City, I haven't been able to be around dogs at all. I just can't.

Billy: Good dog. Fierce, loyal, affectionate. She seems to like me. I just wish Rebecca wasn't so scared of her. But then again...I don't blame her.

Ashley: I love her! She's just so cute and affectionate whenever I'm around. I wish I could have her, but I know Leon would never part with her. Not that Allyson would ever want to leave Leon.

Patrick Kennedy

Age: 57

Hair: White

Complexion: Tanned and slightly leathery

Eyes: Cyan

Physical Description: A much older-looking version of Leon.

Description: The father of Leon Scott Kennedy. He has spent most of his life in the New York Police Department, spending twenty years as a regular officer and fifteen as a detective. Recently, a combination of heart problems, advanced prostate cancer, and grief from the loss of his eldest son, Tyler, has forced him to retire from the job he loves so much.
When Leon was five years old, his mother was killed in a car accident, sending Patrick into a state of depression that he has never managed to completely overcome. Despite his grief, he managed to gather the strength to raise his two sons as best he can. Leon and Tyler both gained an enormous amount of respect for their father, and acquired his love of justice and drive to do the right thing. When both of his sons were old enough, they immediately signed up and were enrolled in the New York Police Academy.
Both Tyler and Leon graduated at the top of their classes, earning them elite jobs when they graduated. Tyler became a member of an elite State Police unit that was involved in drug cartels and anti-terrorism tactics. Leon, on the other hand, was selected by the Raccoon Police Department to aide with the creation of a new anti-terrorist unti in Raccoon City.
Shortly after Leon traveled to Raccoon City, Patrick was informed that the city was devasted by a nuclear explosion. Fearing that his son was murdered in the blast, he sunk once more into a deep depression that lasted for years. Until, that is, he recieved a phone call from someone who he thought was dead.
The return of Leon to his life rejuvenated Patrick. Until, that is, he suffered the loss of his eldest son in a violent shootout, and had his first heart attack, and discovered that he also had advanced inoperable prostate cancer.
When Leon heard of these new developments, he immediately rushed to his father's side, accompanied by Claire Redfield. When he first saw Claire, Leon's father assumed that his son had finally found someone to spend his life with. When Patrick asked Claire is she was Leon's girlfriend, Claire, who did not wish to hurt this dying man, told him that she was. When she told Leon, the two of them played along with it. Little did either know that maybe... just maybe... a relationship is what they both want.
Patrick Kennedy died a year before Leon was sent on his mission to Spain. He was buried by his son and Claire in a cemetary in Brooklyn. Every year around the time he died (January), Leon and Claire travel to New York to visit his grave and pay their respects to him.

What the Characters think of him:

Chris: Leon never really talked about his family till after we wiped out Umbrella. He seemed to be really attached to his old man, though. After his father died, Leon was really depressed. Gradually, he's begun to open up about his father and let us know about his life. Now that Leon is talking about his dad, I really wish I had a chance to meet him.

Jill: It's not easy to lose someone you love. Especially when it's someone who's your hero. Like Leon's father was to him. After hearing about his father, I can see where Leon got many of his traits.

Claire: The sweetest old man I've ever met in my life. I was shocked at how much he looked like an older version of Leon. Even more at how much he acted like Leon. It really broke my heart to see a man like him so hurt and suffering so much. And when he asked me if Leon and I were in a relationship... what was I supposed to say? How could I tell him that we weren't? I couldn't do that to him. So yeah, I lied. Sue me. But you know what? I'm glad I did. I really wish I had a chance to know him earlier. I really do.

Leon: He was my hero. What else can I say about him?

Rebecca: Don't really know anything about him.

Billy: Leon had a father? I thought they grew him in a tube in an underground lab in New Mexico or something.

Ashley: I never knew Leon's father, and he rarely tells me about him.

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