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A friendly reminder for a forgetful hobby writer 11/21/09

You know? Up to this point, I was all set to whine about entitlement, the fanfiction community, or some crap like that... until I came to a most startling(To me, anyway) and rather freeing thought. And I really needed to spill it outta my brain before I forgot. So here it is.

Writing is supposed to be fun.

Crazy, I know. I mean, it's weird for me, because I guess I thought I was supposed to make everyone happy with what I put down on paper or something? Hell, I don't know. Ultimately, I guess it's kind of a cool realization to come to. I'm someone who just writes for fun. For entertainment.

For some people, it's watching television. Others, video games. Me? I write. Having people on the site that enjoy it as well is merely a side effect of that. Going back to the television thing for a second; some people will like the show that they're watching, some will hate the show and keep watching, some will hate the show and be really vocal about it. If I were on prime time television, I would be trying to cater and shift and move this thing so that I could get as many people watching as possible.

I'm not. And it's kind of a relief to say that.

Sometimes you see the idiot on public broadcasting, saying some screwed up shit because he's got the camera and the time, not necessarily because he wants the attention, but probably because it's really fun and a little bad ass to yell and scream and jump around on public television. Even if it's at 3:32 in the morning.

Me? I've got a computer, some paper, a screwed up imagination, and some free time on my hands while I'm away at school. So I spend some of that time writing stuff that I like to read, and it took writing this to remind me that I started writing this kinda stuff because it was fun. Not because I wanted reviews. Not because I wanted praise or applause. Simply because it entertains me.

Does this mean that I equate myself to some creepy televangelist who screams and curses at a camera really late at night? Probably. (Reference for level of crazy: NSFW) But it's a hell of a lot more fun then doing what everyone else is doing, thats for sure.

That being said, I guess I'll start making this a real profile.

The Perilous Monster Eater: Yes. I am a real perilous monster who eats people. I do this because I have seven stomachs, and have an insatiable taste for human toes. Om nom nom.

I like lots of different anime, especially Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bebop, Clannad and Clannad: After Story (Which made me cry.), and Azumanga Daioh. Respectively, I like Simon, Ed, Tomoya and Osaka best.

I also read a lot, my current favorite writer being Kurt Vonnegut. Second favorite is Chuck Palahniuk. Max Brooks comes in a close third. Respectively, my favorite books are The Breakfast of Champions, Fight Club and World War Z.

My favorite movies are Fight Club and Speed Racer.

My favorite game is Fallout 3, but I'm currently playing through Dragon Age Origins. I play both on my PC, although I don't think I'm really a PC gamer, only an opportunistic one.

My favorite television shows are Angel and Firefly.

I think that's all anyone might ask about me. So there ya go.

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