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Hello all. Just a head's up. I've been working on updating Season of Hell and Quest for Pieces and am currently mapping those updates, however due to real life, not sure when I will be updating soon. The company that I've been working for these past four years has decided to close their center in Jacksonville and has given us the decency of a two month warning. Meaning, I've had to update my resume and am in the process of networking while tying up loose ends at the job before having to get back out on the streets and find a suitable replacement. So, should anyone hear of anything, please let me know. I officially hit the streets as a free-agent on 08/09/2008.

OK, before anyone asks, the picture is my idea of Tom Riddle's deepest darkest secret. His animagus form, an evil little Spider Monkey.

Favorite Pairings:



Harry/Luna(if she’s not spaced and it was all a ruse)



Harry/Hermione(if done right and inclusive of Ron bashing or evil!Ron)

Least Favorite Pairing:

Ron/Hermione(This is a recipe for divorce) Now, I admit that I argue with my wife all the time, but it is a mutual thing and playful banter, at that. There was nothing ever playful about the arguments that Ron and Hermione had. I don't honestly think that JKR planned to put the two together until she met Rupert and Emma.

Harry/Ginny – Does not make sense and there was more to what was going on in HBP than what the author suggested and Deathly Hallows didn't answer any questions as to why this was a pairing, and finally, JKR cannot write romance or hasn't proven that she can.

Last, if you happen to read my story, if you have to time to write a review, please do, if not, please enjoy.

Lastly, there is one thing that I hope that I convey in my story that no other story conveys, and I've read alot of Harry/Tonks or HONKS stories and haven't seen a bit of it. Nymphadora Tonks in my story has that other utterly lack. A deep seeded, totally hoplessly and head over heals love for everything Harry has for her love that none of the stories have before. There is nothing about it being naughty or forbidden, or anything wrong about it. She loves her little prince, and has always done so, always wanted so, and has always yearned for her little prince in so many things that is her that it has physically hurt her to be away from him. I want to convey that. It's the beast with two backs, more than sex. Her mischevious side, her marauder; if you will, is the lost part of him, and yearns to be set free. Not only in her, but him as well.

The questions that I have are these:

Was the prophecy real or fake, if real then the person responsible for sending Harry to someplace non-magical in the care of people who hate magic, only to be abused is neglectful and worthy of death.

If fake, then who is responsible for Harry’s placement and treatment? Going upon it being real or fake, why hadn't Harry been trained to use magic since he could hold a wand?

Why hadn't he be trained in Occlumency since then?

Why all the secrets?

Why all the carefully laid, and easily overcome obstacles in the Philospher's stone?

Why was Fawkes able to bring the sorting hat and Gryffindore’s sword to Harry in the Chamber and not Albus, himself?

Why no trial for Sirius, nor questioned under Veritaserum? Why 12 years in Azkaban?

Why wasn’t the Dementor presence in Surrey never questioned or investigated?

Why was the Triwizard’s Championship allowed to continue when obviously Harry didn’t enter his own name, nor meet the age requirement?

Why is the ministry of magic allowed to override the board of governors and place a teacher for DADA who doesn’t teach?

Why has the only worthwhile training Harry has received been independent study with his friends in the Room of Requirement?

Why Hernione’s sudden change of behavior towards Harry during HBP?

Why was Ginny eye-balling the love potion only not to take it, however Harry falls head over heels for her without any warning nor real interaction?

Why all the time invested in simply discussing Tom Riddle with Dumbledore(The Greatest Wizard alive), rather than training Harry for the conflict that is so obviously lying ahead?

My last question is who?

Who has been manipulating the life of Harry James Potter?

Additional questions that have arisen from Deathly Hallows? What was the point to all the traveling and living in a tent across the country when the trio didn't do much of anything?

Why did Hermione comment towards Harry about looking "TASTY"? (And the rest of the sexual inuendo between the two of them.

What does JKR find to be particularly alluring in matching up a couple that fight and usually unresolvingly fight non-stop? Was this a regular occurrence in her FAILED marriage that she attributed to being TRUE LOVE because that's what she had in her relationship? And then did she also decide that this recipe would translate into true love?

A pleading to the authors out there that are writing Harry Potter fan fiction. Alot of you that I have listed in my favorites are there for a very specific reason. You are decent authors who wrote a story or stories which I found captivating and truly thought prevoking. Do not give up on your fictions because of this absolutely worthless piece of trash called the Deathly Hallows.

Finally, in Deathly Hallows, Harry translates into a nothing happening mediocre wizard that couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He's weak-willed and weak magically and Hermione literally saves his arse over and over again. This was a far cry away from being the LEADER of the DA. JKR did a bit of a skip at the beginning of the book so there was no real transition between HBP and DH, and somewhere in the middle he ate some dimwitted potion. His emotion range went down to the teaspoon while Ron Weasley became the LOVE guru.

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