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December 2017/January 2018: *looking over a checklist of things, determining which to cry over first*

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I WRITE LAWxSANJI - Unfortunately, my ZoSan started and ended with "A Stroke of Luck" (with The Pirate in the Doll and What Kind of Man laying somewhere in between). I am obsessed with this couple, and while it's starting to die down, my stories haven't D:

What Kind of Man: (ALMOST CONCLUDED OMG I JUST NEED TO DO ONE MORE CHAPTER WHHHYYYYY ISNT IT DONE) Zoro needed more training to be a better man, and what better way of doing it then getting up in the middle of his new relationship with Sanji and taking off for two years without telling anyone where he was going??? Of course, when he returns, he realized he made a boo-boo. It's too bad Med-Nerd Law popped in with an agenda of his own while orchestrating a grand battle around mid-terms. Because after Zoro broke his heart, Sanji refuses to fall for Zoro's honed wooing-skills, and goes with the only man that thought he deserved better. Meanwhile, Ace checks in with the family, and Nami plans a wedding while the Heart Pirates worry over whether or not Law's socks match. Humor, OOC, AU, Drama, Angst, Language

The Long Run: (COMPLETED) Law had been living in an isolated desert town, minding his own business when one night, Strawhat Bandit Sanji convinces Law to take him home. Before the night even ends, Sanji is taken by force, and Law's left with a lot of questions - once the other Strawhats arrive to look for their friend, Sanji takes it upon himself to rescue himself, and inadvertently starts a shit train of trouble that Law ends up personally involved in. He should've said 'no' a little more firmly the first night, but the man finds himself helplessly falling for a man that can't give his heart because he doesn't know how. AU, Angst, Drama, Western, OOC, Violence, Mature Themes *There are major deaths involved - c'mon, it's a *western , people die. Lots of them. Sometimes after lunch.

Family Bonds: (COMPLETED) The Strawhat Bandits are still making their way to the ocean - but as they're traveling, they're ambushed in a small mountain resort. When Rosinante takes Law back to Dressrosa on Doflamingo's command, Sanji goes with them. There, Sanji does what he can to keep Law alive - he'll do whatever it takes to keep the man he loves alive long enough for the others to show up. But during the forced stay, Doflamingo's fire and brimstone morals give Sanji pause - he hadn't expected to see a human inside of a monster. AU, Angst, Drama, Western, OOC, Violence, Mature Themes

White Rabbit: (COMPLETED) Crack!fic where the Donquixote brothers are cooperative "parents", Zeff is an overprotective "grandfather", definite *LawSan*. Much lighter than previous fics) Two childhood friends slowly come back together as they start individually exploring a metaphoric underground world that has always been there, due to the White Rabbit, a drug sold only to fighters. But when Law's obsession with the drug's origin takes him through dangerous levels, and Sanji starts learning what his grandfather is hiding from him, both of them grow curiouser and curiouser with exploring a world that doesn't hold much logic. AU, Humor, Adventure, OOC, Drama, Drug Use, Sexual Content

Chasing Cars: (COMPLETED) In which Sanji learns how to drive, but his driving instructors seemed to be confused on whether or not they want him to succeed. Humor, side-story to WR

Take Me Somewhere Nice :(COMPLETED) Sanji wakes up in a world completely different from his own - all he remembers is drinking heavily the night before, and now he's on the Thousand Sunny. He's not a pirate - these friends aren't his friends. Meanwhile, Law isn't his boyfriend - this one isn't that one Sanji wants to go home, too. The surly, self conscious, vitiligo-afflicted pirate captain is someone completely new and different. But as the days pass on the Thousand Sunny, all of them notice something odd about Sanji's clothes... AU, ANGST, Drama, Alcoholic!Sanji, Vitiligo!Law

Stylo: (REUPLOADED NOVEMBER 2016) In the events after White Rabbit, Sanji is still trying to catch up to the others, after missing out of three years of milestones he should've enjoyed with his friends. While he's in the midst of doing so, he and the other Strawhats are learning how to 'contain' the syndicate heads that are raging out of control after Zeff's leave. It takes a lot of invention, intervention and mistakes, but once they convince the groups that they're capable of keeping the peace, it's the bakery that has some problems. One of the main 'bakers' has a problem with Luffy's 'negotiation' tactics - and has a thing for blondes, much to Law's annoyance. But one thing's for sure - Sanji just wants to experience what he can without people telling him how he should do it, or who he should do it with. It's too bad that, unlike his food plates, he tends to take bigger steps than he should. AU, Humor, Adventure, Language, OOC

The Hunter: (In Progress) Rob Lucci is known to be a little psychopathic, but his anger issues caused by his background have made him one of the more ruthless agents the government could employ to satisfy their expansion westward. When he's assigned to take down the Strawhats, he expected it not to be an easy job - after all, they were responsible for killing nearly three hundred Marines in a single day, destroying trains like they were toys, killing almost every single member of the dreaded Donquixote family, and escaping capture at every turn. All of them have a reputation that makes them dangerous to corner, and they're fiercest when grouped together - but they never encountered a predator like him, or the other members of CP9. They're not ordinary predators, themselves. AU, Western, Adventure, OOC, Angst, Mature Themes, Violence.

Across the Universe: (COMPLETED) Catmen Zoro and Law were only transporting a sealed box to the East Blue to drop off and be on their way - only they didn't expect to find that they were transporting a living creature. A forgotten prince of the powerful Germa Empire, who had tried very hard to conceal his existence; released by a mysterious supporter, he then has to avoid being captured, but his siblings are determined to get at him at any cost. Unfortunately, the Vinsmokes completely underestimated Sanji's newest friends. AU, Space, Adventure, OOC *most likely to be continued*

Beast and the Beauty: (In progress JFC WHAT IS WITH ME AND NEEDING ONLY ONE MORE CHAPTER TO COMPLETE A STORY) Doflamingo pisses off a small town in a valley, where they all conspire to have him killed. Unfortunately, their hired Enchantress, Tsuru, ends up failing the task by entrusting Corazon to do the punishment. Law gets hit with the curse instead, and the entire Donquixote family pays the price. The spell can only be broken if Law finds someone to love and gets their love in return, with True Love's First Kiss. Years later, overly serious and 'old' Sanji is not looking forward to his wedding to Silvers Rayleigh, who might've been plotting on him from their first meeting - now at seventeen, Sanji finds himself unable to disobey Zeff's wishes to marry the eighty year old, but the old man winds up missing. In the midst of this, Zeff had apparently been friendly with the cursed Donquixote family, and Sanji now finds himself taking over the responsibility. Law is eager to fall in love to break the spell (so they can all get revenge on the town), but with Sanji teaching him how to snag his True Love, Doflamingo has decided to shovel his burial plot himself, because he's for certain that they are all going to die. AU, Zoro-Gaston, pedo Rayleigh, Donquixote shenanigans, fairytale plot

Hands: (COMPLETED) A one-shot about Catman Law's and human Sanji's sex life. Honestly, Sanji just wants some romance, some satisfaction. But it looks like The Lost Prince will have to show the Mangy Cat the right way of things, his way. AU, Space, Random.

We Are All Made Of Stars: (In Progress) After the events of AtU, the trio find themselves needing to get away from Wettex to avoid putting their peaceful village into any danger. But before they could do so, Law's runaway 'bride' finally shows himself and places them in a stressful situation - in the end, the only thing they can do is their best. Meanwhile, the Vinsmoke siblings are struggling to accept that their father is dying, and nothing can be done - the siblings had never felt such loss, before, and don't know how to handle it. AU, Space Drama/Angst/Adventure, OOC

Prisonic Requiem : (COMPLETED) Law is a dangerous man, and all of them know it. But because he was not convicted of the murders around the island, his family thought it best if they kept him locked up in an asylum, to have his insanity controlled by early century doctors that are slowly learning that some mental illnesses cannot always be cured with a lobotomy, or a combination of experimental drugs. The other patients have their own illnesses to contend with - as Wickem Sanatorium starts to fall under mysterious circumstances, a lock down is prompted to trap the patients inside, with a psychopath that makes it very easy, and yet difficult, for them to escape. If they can run from Law, he'll let them go - unfortunately, their own illnesses are part of the obstacle. Doesn't help when supernatural forces combine to render the asylum into a true, living Hell. AU, Horror, Survival Horror, Tragedy, Angst, OOC

Dust to Dust: (Completed) Sixteen year old Sanji is still hurting over his parents' divorce, fighting tooth and nail to meet his father's expectations. As the third Vinsmoke brother, he's loud, rude, demanding and makes up for his size with overwhelming meanness. Law is overwhelmed as a caretaker with his foster father's brother, but he's also struggling with a speech impediment, overwhelming worthlessness, and with his upcoming 18th birthday coming up, he doesn't know what's going to happen to him once he's able to leave the system. When a class project draws these two forces together, both of them challenge each other to be better, and in the process, fall in love. AU, High School, Angst, OOC, Schoolbully!Sanji, language

A Disturbed Fermeta: (Completed) After the events of Prisonic Requiem, Ichiji Vinsmoke took Sanji into his personal home, to somehow 'make up' for what had happened to him as a child. Little did anyone know, even Sanji himself, Sanji wasn't the only survivor of Wickem Sanatorium's destruction. The murderous personalities with an agenda for revenge return to carry out their plot, and the Vinsmoke brothers are forced to face something even bigger than Sanji's destructive fits. AU, Horror, Survival Horror, Tragedy, Angst, OOC *Nice* Vinsmokes

Replica: (Completed) NON-OMEGAVERSE!! Sanji is pregnant - how?! With The Heart Pirates giving a hand to study and monitor this strange phenomena, if Sanji isn't busy fighting his crazy pregnancy hormones, putting a stop to the scheming Heart Pirates and trying to see where he stands with Zoro, it's overcoming his own insecurities in the end to finish the term. But will he find the support he so needs and wants in the midst of this crazy time? The intended couple should be obvious!!! Mpreg, AU, TWT, OOC, drama, angst, humor

Old Souls: (In Progress) Before the world ended due to war, four beings were hidden away deep underground. Two hundred years later, they're released by a trio of scavengers. Little did they know, these people, forged mainly for conflict, would be their own undoing. Now, if only Law could come to grips that he is infatuated with fox!Sanji, and Kid could stop embarrassing himself falling for werewolf!Zoro. AU, Zombies, superhumans, drama, angst

Say Something Loving: (In Progress) After settling down and following Law around as the surgeon does his best to save the world of diseases, Sanji's vision of a Happily Ever After after they found the One Piece wasn't what he thought it would be. Where was the love and happiness he was supposed to feel after having two beautiful kids and gaining a lifelong partner that adored him? He should be happy and content but he doesn't. A common disorder becomes hindering the longer he denies its existence. Follow up to Replica. AU, OOC, Drama, Angst, Humor

Eavesdrop (In progress) Years later, Sanji finally gets the courage to divorce Pudding; Law is still trying to leave Eustess. Both of them knowing that they can find the happiness forced from them when they were forced apart as teens. But when it comes down to it, both of them are still carrying the weight of their last relationship. Law's newfound security and confidence renders him a different person; Sanji's insecurity and exhaustion leaves him unable to fight as he used to. Both of them realize that their love isn't the same; it'll take time, persistence and action to change. Meanwhile, Pudding can't accept that Sanji's leaving her, and Eustess continues to wait for Law to come back - both of them the wrong people to cross when their happiness is threatened. AU, OOC, Drama, Angst, Domestic Violence themes, Vinsmoke Brothers as Adults

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