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New: Has anyone else ever noticed that in the episode The Princess and the Togepi Ash is like, rediculously protective of Misty, and just Misty? Like

Ash: Max, get Misty and the others out of here. ...then brock says something along those lines when he lets out his mudkip

Ash: Misty, leave. And he looks all concerned and protective. So this means he refers to May as "the others" and when push comes to shove, he just wants her out of there and safe, May and Max are on thier own. :) Go Pokeshipping!!

I was recently informed and discovered for myself that in "A Togepi Mirage" you can see Ash and Misty holding hands...big moment in my little life lol

Name: Ashley, i have no problem telling you that because everyone and their dog is named Ashley so good luck finding me.

I live in the middle of nowhere, yeah Wyoming, if you even know where that is you get a cookie, yeah you!

I have absolutely huge cartoon crushes on Drew from Pokemon and Kid flash from teen titans, although Drew is more. I'm just so in love with him! he's so damn cool, and even if he is a cartoon, he has a sort of hottness about him...May is one lucky chick lol now that the creepy ness is out of the way... here goes the fav list:


TEEN TITANS! i just can't get enough! and i am so angry that its over! It will always live in my heart. lol.

Avatar (Great ending, couldn't have done it better myself!)



Danny Phantom

Jimmy Neutron

Code Lyoko

The Colbert Report

Anything Standup

Batman (ep's with Robin in them ha)

And I'm going to update this...though normally I wouldn't admit...Naruto. Yes, Naruto.



High School Musical

Pirates (1 2 and 3)

Harry Potter (although i feel i should explain that i am a DIEHARD fan of the BOOKS, and i think the movies horribly maim them, but if you ignore that they could be good movies on their own.)

and a whole bunch of others that would painful to try and list



1. Robin and Starfire

2. Ash and Misty

3. Ulrich and Yumi

4. Beast Boy and Terra (i adore terra, poor girl was so lost, and i was so mad at things change!)

5. May and Drew

6. Kid Flash and Jinx

7. Katara and Aang

8. Sokka and Yue

9. Zuko and Mai

10. Elliot and JD

Aslo: Danny and Sam

Ron and Hermione

Harry and Ginny

Jimmy and Cindy

(since I added Naruto to the shows, I should point out that I have not a clue which shippings in that I prefer. Can't decide)


Control Freak (that dude rocks!)

My fav episodes

Teen titans: Stranded, titans together, date with destiny, Go!, lightspeed, for real, nevermore, After shock Pt.2, episode 257-494, betrayal, the end pt.2

Avatar: The fourtune teller, the seige of the north 1 and 2, the cave of two lovers, zuko alone, the earth king Sozins Comet (does that count as an ep?)

Couples i can't stand (even if i do read stories about them if its good)

Robin/Raven: Have you not seen sisters, stranded, betrothed, the end pt.2, or trouble in tokyo?!

Robin/Starfire with anyone else: See above reason

BB/Rae: I guess it's cool, i just like Terra better

Katara and Zuko: Where the crap did that even come from!?

Toph and Aang: Uh he totally belongs with Katara, watch any ep

Sokka and Toph: And i quote; "Uh, I'm sorta involved with Suki."

May and Ash: no, no, no, no NO!! I have a far too well thought out argument against this...I'll spare you.

Dawn and Paul: i don't even get it, he's a douche


Growing old is manditory, growing up is optional.

You blast me, you kiss me, but you never stop to mention they have a gigantic particle weapon?! (Robin in GO!)

Robin? Starfire? Stop talking. (They finally kiss) Cyborg: It's about time! (Troble in Tokyo)

Beast Boy: Hmm, maybe you should call me BeastMan from now on.
Raven: We're having a moment here, don't ruin it.
Beast Boy: BeastDude?

Pelican: Have you seen my hippo? He hides, and I must seek.
Starfire: I cannot play. Please, do you know a strange man named Control Freak? He is big, not tall and nasty, and known for causing strife. He escaped into the TV -
Beast Boy: Hey, Star! Run for your life!

Starfire: Robin calling Robin!
Beast Boy: Robin here, report!
Starfire: Not you, Robin, the other Robin!

Starfire: Do you desire another slice of the cheese, Robin?
Beast Boy: Thanks, Robin. Do you want another slice, Robin?
Cyborg: Don't mind if I do!! (Eats the whole pizza)
Raven: You know what, Robins? This mask actually makes me feel... (Blushes) cool.

Kid Flash: Wait, wait, wait, wait. If your called the HIVE Five, how come their are six of you?
See-More: 'Cause... it sounds cooler?

Sokka: And when we get back, Suki is waiting for me.
Aang: Yeah, girls are waiting for us.

Misty:you and i will be married some day too.


a little note: people who flame, really need to get some friends, you think that they would have better stuff to do with their time. How hard is it to just say, i just don't really like you're story, but keep trying, honestly, civility is what keeps our world together, not that it's doing a great job of that either.

I'm no longer a swimmer...got too old for that...but apparently not tv...it has moved into the void so I'm even more obsessed than before...win

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