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About me

I love anime. My favorite anime show is Inuyasha, but I like other shows to so here are some of the shows i like. I was on here before but i had some problems.if you want to read my first story my pin name is Kgirl11. The name of the story is The Love that is Mine. anyways back to me. Omg im just so inlove with Sasuke from Naruto, and Yes I do want Sasuke and Sakura be together even though she is annoying -.-, but i just absolutley hate Karin, she's lame, and she's a fuckin poser. I mean damn!!. WARNING!!: IGNORE THE CRAZY SIDE.

My Name

Most AWSOME WONDERFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD :))) Lolz, Just call me Lani for short.


ZOMG Stalker!!! LOL

My Zodiac Sign


I was born in May, my B-day is the 6th

What I look like

Im mixed with Idian,and black

I have blak hair. Im very tall im 6'0ft tall

Favorite Anime



Death Note

Bleach(Ugh I watch it sometimes)

Fruits Basket


Digimon Frontier

Vampire Knight

Ouran High School Host Club



Favorite Shows

Family Guy


Robot Chicken

Suit Life on Deck(lol!!)

Most Asome Favorite Book/Movie of All Time


Favorite Characters from shows


Inuyasha(of course)

Kagome(I like her sacred arrows)

Sango(shes a strong women)

Meiroku(his wind tunnel is cool and he flirts with other wemon)

Shippo(hes so cute)

Kouga(hes so cute)

Sesshomaru(he's very powerful)

The Band of Seven

Kagura(come on, she's nice. She dosnet like Naraku)


All the students from the school

Kakashi(He strong)

Gaara(Duh! he going to be Kazikage so that means he must be strong)

Temari(Love her fan,and she kicks ass)

Sai(He looks just like Sasuke, I wonder who's strongest)

Kankuro(His puppet Kicks ass)

Tsunade(she can knock you out with one finger)

Itachi(Come on, I know he's not evil, Its somthing about him that tells me he has a reason for what he did)[Update*Spoiler:Ha I was right, He killed his family to protect Sasuke]

Deirdara(So cute,Strong, and funny "Un")

Sasori(So strong, you know he could have beat the crap out of Sakura)

Tobi(So funny" Tobi;"Tobi's a good boy" Me:Yes Tobi we know!!!)

Pien(Come on He's the leader)

Fruits Basket







Vampire Knight

Kaname(I LOVE him soooo much)

Yuuki (She has some big eyez -.-)






HeadChairman(He makes me laugh xD LOL "Call me Daddy!!"-HeadChairman ROFL XD)

Digimon Frontier

Koji(Even though he has a attitude he's still sweet)








Kai(He's so cute)


Ray or Rei(HOT HOT HOT!)


Mariah(shes bossy)

Characters I hate



Kikyo(She's just a waste of time she should have stayed dead. That's my opinion. Im sure someone else thinks that to)


Orochimaru(He's evil duh)

Tobi/Madara(Ever since i found out how evil he is. I fuckin hate him)

Don't really have anybody i hate from this show.

Vampire Knight

Shizuka(I have to think of more people)

Digimon Fronteir

JP(I just can't stand him he annoying!!)


Hilary(She's so freakin annoying!!!!)

Favorite Couples




Sesshomaru/Rin(only when she's older)






Kai/Hilary(I think its kinda cute lol)






Temari/Shikamaru(You just know he like's her and she like's him back)

Maybe Ino and Sasuke if im in the mood.

Vampire Knight

Yuki/Kaname(You already Know lol)

Yuki/Zero(Hey what can i say, i like them both)

Ah I dont feel like naming more -.- Im lazy, but hey ima Taurus

All time Favorite Show


Favorite Characters From Inuyasha









The Band of seven


Favorite Couples



Kouga/Kagome(i know i got her and Inuyasha on there, but her and Kouga is a good match)

Sesshomaru/Rin(only when she's older)


Most hated couples in Inuyasha

Kikyo/Inuyasha(Dirty B#$%h, Im sorry folks I just cant stand Kikyo *Spoiler* Even if she did help them in "The Final Chapter"

Stories Im on

The Heir of the Uchiha Clan", "The Growth of a Beautiful Flower", "Home Alone With Shippo", "It Takes Two To Tango","What is Love to Kai?", and my new story "Crimson Blood"*Its really Interesting*

Stories i Finished

The Love that is Mine(But its under the Name Kgirl 11

So that's what im working on,and thats pretty much what i like a dont like


11/28/09: Hey Im Sorry peeps, I havent been updadting, but im back and im RAWRING!! to go lol. I hope that your enjoy my story. Maybe we can work togeather on a project some time, and make up an idea. Um make sure you favorite the stories you like, and make sure you favorite me as a favorite author to. Just for fun ima say favorite again, hahah Favorite Favorite Favorite. xD I know Im crazy, but my imagination is crazier. xDDDD

11/29/09: Hey Peeps I just posted a NEW story. Called "What is Love to Kai?" If your are a fan of "Beyblade" and a fan of the most amazing Kai himself. This is a fic you need to read because its going to KICK ASSS YEA XD. Oh yeah and im forgot to mention. Im going to Upload another chapter for "The Heir of the Uchiha Clan" I know alot of you complained of it not being long, and im here to tell you those days of short chapters are over. "Dont Worry bout a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright" XDD Rofl ignore me i just felt like singing that song for no reason. Its 4:00am in the morning people. I been up all night with no sleep. PRAY FOR ME. v_v

June/6/10: Hey Everyone I havent been on here in a while, I almost forgot about this scite, but I am here to tell you I have been updating my stories. I added a new chapter to
"It Takes Two To Tango" it is a Naruto fic, I also added a new chapter to "What is Love To Kai" that is a Beyblade fanfic, So if you were following those to they are now updated. Um... I am now thinking about updating "The Growth of a Beautiful Flower", and "The Heir Of the Uchiha Clan", Both a Naruto fic, I might also upload a new chapter to "It Takes Two To Tango", but t depends on how I feel. Whoo I gotta lot of writing to do, so just keep a look out, My head it killing me by the way, so if i even do it. ughh T_T

7/16/10: Hey Everyone I updated a chapter to "The Growth of a Beautiful Flower" Two days ago, Im about to update "It takes Two To Tang". Im updating "It takes two to tango" More offten because Im not really getting alot of feedback, I know "The Heir Of the Uchiha Clan" has alot of feedback, so Ill try to update it for the sake of the fans. "The Growth of a beautiful Flower" should only have a few more chapters before its done, because I know where im going with that story. Feel free to give me tips on either of the storys, Just message me, and Ill get back to you as soon as possible.

12/27/10: What is up peeps? First off I'dd like to say "Merry Belated Christmass", and also sorry for not updating my story often. Well for the first part i didnt have a computer so it was kind of hard for me, but now that I have a new one im ready to go. Who's ever with me can i get a YEAHHHHHH!!! :D xDDD.

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