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Hello! My name is Vincent, nice to meet you. I was born Dec 21, 1988 in the Netherlands (still living there, too). I'm studying biology at Utrecht University. I'm also interested in artificial intelligence, psychology (which I studied for a year), ecology, linguistics (which I studied for two years), physics, math, chemistry and history, more or less in that order. I also like gaming, music, anime, movies & television series, so more than enough to read (perhaps even write at times) fanfiction about.

I did write some fanfictions, but it's been quite a while. If I were to write them now, I wouldn't confuse "it's" and "its" or write "payed" instead of "paid" anymore (examples taken from the very short beginnings of my Majesty fanfic) and might even make them a bit more interesting overall, but I've been writing a lot less these days. Perhaps I'll get back to it sometime.

By the way, no Magicka fanfiction yet? What's that all about? (Feb 28, 2011) And still none? Something weird is going on. I must just be missing it. (Mar 24, 2013)

I don't like to add reviews to actual stories unless I really liked them, so I give reviews here on my profile so that I can be honest and if I don't love a story to bits, I can still review it without worrying about hurting the author's feelings.

Fanfics that I've read & personal ratings of them!

The most important thing to me in fanfictions is that the characters are believable, given what I know of them, on a psychological level. I'd like to think that I understand people (and perhaps other humanoids, to a lesser extent) well enough that I can tell pretty quickly whether I think a character is written at all believably. Of course, this does not have to mean that they act entirely as they would in canon (otherwise certain ships would probably never happen, for example), but more generally they still need to be believable. I give up to 20 points to the characters' believability (both individually and in terms of their interaction), 15 points to the storyline (including pace - I value originality a bit less than the average person seems to), 15 points to style of writing (including editing) and an additional 10 points to overall enjoyment and other aspects of the story (this I might use to distinguish between genres - for instance I'm not a big fan of horror or comedy (comedy can be cool but it is extremely difficult to do well in my opinion) whereas I adore coming-of-age, drama and fantasy), bringing me to a maximum of 60 points, which I divide by 6 to reach my score (rounding up or down to the closest decimal).

For crossovers, I list both series/movies/games/whatevers in alphabetical order, so for a Harry Potter / Warcraft fanfiction, Harry Potter will be listed first because the H precedes the W in the alphabet. It won't be listed double. This means that, for instance, Zelda crossover fanfictions might be spread out all over the place under the "CROSSOVERS" section, but just use CtrlF and you'll be fine, I think.

Not all scores have justifications given.


Big Bang Theory -> Heroes

--> SUPERVILLAINS by 100-percent-nerd - 3.8

Characters (4/20): I didn't find any of the characters entirely believable. I don't think Sheldon would be so casual/brave in this situation (I do like how it was mentioned that the people showing up annoyed him more because he didn't see how it would be possible at all -- I think he would feel that way) -- I don't even think he's more of a villain than a hero when push comes to shove. I don't think Sylar would be so impatient towards Sheldon. Penny was the most believable here, I do think she would freak out kind of like that. Her first instinct would probably be to fight, but obviously in that case she wouldn't be able to. She was just not given much exposure. I understand changing Sheldon a bit for the sake of the story, but I prefer keeping characters at a higher level than the storyline.

Storyline (7/15): I think Sheldon pairing up with Sylar as a pair of supervillains is quite interesting.

Style of writing (10/15)

Overall enjoyment (2/10)

--> WONDER WOMAN IN MY LIVING ROOM by paintedallup - 4.5

Characters (10/20): I found Elle most believable in this story -- except I don't know that it seemed like her reactions were entirely right if the conversation had indeed gone for hours already. For Sheldon & Leonard, it wasn't explicitly stated which one was saying what, which would've been okay if it had been obvious from the contents of the speech, which I don't think it was entirely, which is a bad thing because they're quite different people. I should have heard the characters' voices in their lines - I would have liked some more attention paid to their speech' idiosyncrasies as opposed to just their more major personality characteristics. And I don't know that Leonard would have kept Elle in a conversation like that, seemingly more or less against her will or at least while she was frustrated, even regardless of her powers. I don't know. Still, there were some parts that I thought were done quite well, for instance Elle thinking "I was anything but ready to choose a side".

Storyline (7/15)

Style of writing (5/15): A few too many typo's and other editing mistakes in my opinion. Could have read better without those. I did like the interjections by Elle, for the most part.

Overall enjoyment (5/10)

Neverwinters Nights -> Pokémon

--> MIRAGE by Voyageur - 7.2

Characters (15/20): Although I did not get a very good feel for the characters as far as the story had gotten (and it looks like it's been dropped or at least stalled indefinitely), the characters all felt believable, and the writer was able to make me care for them in these four short chapters. Quite an achievement.

Storyline (8/15): The story flows well, as far as it has gotten, and I think it may well have gotten very interesting later on. As it stands, however, there is not enough yet for me to give it a very high score.

Style of writing (12/15): Aside from a very few spelling and grammatical errors, the author, in my opinion, did very well by the English language. The style seemed solid and the pacing was right, never too slow or too fast to keep the reader interested in the story -- that's not to say that I don't think a little more description here and there would have been nice, but that's more of a personal preference. Another personal preference is for styles that are a little more "unique" or at least different from the norm, including longer sentences and a lot of punctuation, but I don't really consider it a deficit for a story not to be written like that. Although it still could have gotten me to give the story these last few points - well, that, and those few language errors I did manage to spot.

Overall enjoyment (8/10)

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