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So . . Geez, I'm bad at these. Is 'geez' spelled with a g or a j? I'm pretty sure its a g. I tried typing it into my little computer dictionary on my Mac (oh yes, I have a Mac. And if you hate them, it's because you don't have one. Bitches) and it didn't have an answer, which is completely ridiculous in my opinion. What kind of dictionary doesn't have slang? Maybe Macs really aren't very good. I did look in this slang dictionary one time though, and the first word I saw in there was 'cracker jack.' Okay, one: 'cracker jack' isn't a word, it's a phrase. And I most definitely wasn't looking in a phrase-ionary. Two: Who the hell in their right mind says 'cracker jack'? Well, actually, after said experience, I tended to drop it into my conversations at every available point. Which was like after I found out that they were playing the old Superfriends episodes on Boomerang -- which, by the way, what is UP with Firestorm?! Is he banging someone in the writer's lounge because everyone's all like "Oh no, all of our super awesome amazing powers don't work! Who will saaaaaave us?!" And then he all drops in and uses his, what, firestorm-beamy-guy and saves Wonder Woman (who can't even fly in that, and doesn't really do anything, even though her powers are kick ass) and BATMAN (don't even get me started) and its all giggles, "Firestorm makes us pale in the face of his masculinity" from then on. Yeah. Doesn't even make sense. He's not even a good superhero. . . what was I talking about? Oh, right, after watching that I was yelling "Holy Hotspot!" for like . .ever . . anyways . . .Where am I? Who are you?

Oh, right. I guess I might be just a little, eeny-weeny bit ADD. Or, ADHD, as is the current correct term. Or, as I like to call it, should-have-smacked-your-kid-when-they-were-acting-up-instead-of-giving-them-candy-to-shut-them-up. SHSYKWTWAUIOGTCTSTU. I guess ADHD is a little easier on the tongue. Unless your Russian, I guess. And then maybe SHSYKWTWAUIOGTCTSTU is like, "Did I leave my umbrella in here, old chum?"

Or something.

No offense to Russians or anything. In fact, I'm Russian. Well, part Russian.Well, part Serbian, which just means that we're just as super angry as Russians, but we're even madder because when people ask, "Where are you from?" we have to answer, "Serbia," and then everyone's like, "WTF?" And then we say, "Near Russia." So they say, "Oh, so you're Russian?" And we die a little inside.

And I have red hair. I suppose that has something to do with it.

Anyways. I like TV. It makes you fat and not have to deal with your own problems. And I like writing. So I made a sandwhich, and this just happens to be it's mustard covered core.

Not really. I don't like mustard.

I wonder if website tastes like paper.


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Best quote ever, from Batman: The Animated Series

Bruce Wayne: (To Barbara Gordon) What are you doing tonight?

Barbara Gordon: Same thing we do every night, Pinky.

Bruce Wayne: What?

Barbara Gordon: Never mind.

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