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Author has written 4 stories for Teen Titans, and Buso Renkin.

Name (as far as you know): Sanji "Hydro-Fist" Mizuoshou, Pirate Captain

Team Affiliation: Taki Pirates; Captain, Musician

Eye Color: Various

Age: Old as the Sea

Powers: Hydro-Manipulation, Bottomless Stomach, Poke of DOOM

Likes: Miyako-Chan, swimming, manga, anime, pocky (the chocolate kind!), a good romance story

Dislikes: Running out of pocky and other such delicious snacks, the bakas who don’t like anime or manga, reality shows, Spongebob Squarepants, letting myself get out of shape, being interrupted

Bio: Something I should make clear, before all else; MY NAME IS NOT FROM ONE PIECE!! I have called myself Sanji since long before One Piece appeared in English

manga! Now then... I am a pirate captain/otaku with an occasionally random mind who discovered some years back that I had a mild talent for writing. Every fiction I

have written to this day has made use of original characters and will probably continue to do so in the future. The reason for this is that I am certain that there are

those who, like me,enjoy seeing something new in a story every now and then. However, I will always try to keep my OC's from being stronger than the canon

characters; even I don't like when OC's are invincible. While I normally prefer to not fight, I am learning some sword arts from Kenshin-sama, my lord and master. (Don’t

laugh; he could kick your butt too.) Cheese. Getting back to myself, since my weapon skill is laughable, I must often rely on my power to manipulate water in order to

win my battles. I should really avoid saying more, lest (oh horrors) my secret identity be revealed! I shall at least say that I have never been described as bird-like,

octagonal, crystalline, or part of this complete breakfast. Well, OK, that’s about it… ummm… Beware the monkeys! Eek! Eek! Eat my peas! Now,while the raisins aren't


Other Crewmates/ Editors: The following people, vegetables, minerals, and whatever are so much better than me that it makes me want to die. This might be my

profile, but the majority of my work is made possible through their exemplary editing jobs, so DAMMIT, THEY GET A NOD FROM ME!

Miyako-Chan: My primary reason for continuing to breathe. Not really a pirate, but as my girlfriend, Miyako is always worthy of mention, and shall always hold the top

spot on any list of mine.

Kenshin-sama: At the rank of Admiral, he is my superior, and the only being alive that I fear. Possesses power over flame, superior swordplay skill, and a frightening

passion for destruction.

Hotaru-Oneechan: My Ship's Doctor, Hotaru can fix just about any injury within minutes. However, angering her is a sure way back to injured status for just about

everyone. Currently the best editor on my crew.

Venik-Senpai: The Quartermaster of the ship, Venik-Senpai is my First Mate, and in many cases, my mentor. Better than I am at strategies, but that doesn't change the

fact that I can still write a better story. Possesses power over earth and rock.

Sarutoru: My Second Mate. An overweight twit who never thinks before speaking, yet somehow a good friend. Like me, he lives in great fear of Kenshin-sama. Claims

to have powerful abilities of his own, but lacks both the brains to specify to me what they are and the guts to demonstrate them.

Kasumi-Chan: The Ship's Artist. Does the best drawings this Captain has ever seen, and is a veritable ocean of information concerning anime. Good friend of Miyako-

chan, and so a good friend of mine by proxy.

Kairi-Oneesama: My Navigator, and a complete genius in the field of mathematics. Unlike Hotaru, Kairi is not really my sister, but it makes her happy when I call her

that. Close friend of both Kasumi and Miyako, and near-impossible to get upset.

Sogemaru: The Ship's Gunner. Has impeccable aim with ballistic and throwing weapons, but needs work on hand-to-hand and evasion techniques. Not sure of his exact

hit-to-miss ratio, but I know it to be quite high in favor of hits.

And lastly, Mah-Ti, with the power of Heart!

Current Events of Interest: New Chapter for The New Strain submitted. Can't say when the next will be, but I'll be damned if it takes ANOTHER year. Anyhow, enjoy, good people!

The Cap'n

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