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Hello everybody, I'm Metal Chocobo.

About me… well, now I’m a recent college graduate with a BS in botany and I'm hoping to go to grad school. I like a variety of hobbies and always interested in trying new skills.

I read and write in the Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts fandoms. There simply isn't time for me to attach myself to anything else. These fandoms are my substitute for trashy romance novels and I enjoy them thoroughly. I also do some drawing, but it's not very good. My writing skills are much better than my drawing skills, but you can all judge that for yourself, since I have a deviantart account under a very similar name to this one (it's Metal--Chocobo).

Besides Zelda and Kingdom Hearts, I happen to like a variation of other things, I just don't read fanfiction on them. I am very deeply entrenched in the fantasy world and there simply isn’t any point to even think of listing off all the awesome books I’ve read over the years. I also tend to follow lots of different anime or manga series, so if you try talking to me about a series, I’ll have probably read it, or else I will get a hold of the series and read some of it before trying to respond.

I'm willing to read other pairings or other stories as long as they are well written. I abhor bad spelling and bad writing in stories, especially in my own (this is rooted in the fact I am a terrible speller). That is why I dream of having a team of rabid editors. Sadly that isn't currently the case. If there are any mistakes or inaccuracies in my writing, please point them out to me. I'm always interested in improving.

I have this super awesome drawing here. It's fanart of one of my stories, Ordinary Adventures, and finding it took me completely by surprise. It was drawn by this person called "Kasi-no-Kitsune" and she has done an amazing job.

Much to my delight I am pleased to add a link to this wonderful artwork done by KkoolTteok. KkoolTteok was kind enough to tell me about this and, in my head, this is what must have happened directly after the events described in my fic, Pumpkin Sailing.

My favorite pairings:

Kingdom Hearts: SoraxRiku, KairixYuffie, AkuRoku, Zemyx, CloudxLeon, CloudxSora

Legend of Zelda: ZeldaxLink, LinkxSheik, TetraxAryll

LinkxCloud Strife or Clink (It's a funky pairing, but I'm fond of it)

There are other pairings that I love for specific series, but since I don't read fanfiction surrounding them on a regular basis, I'm not going to list them.

News or something like that:

7/30/13: Chapter 5 of HBMS is now posted, completing the fic. I hope you guys enjoy it.

7/23/13: Oh my gosh I have been writing like a fiend for the last week after epic writer's block. The final chapter of HBMS is now written and it's longer than the previous chapters. Noticeably longer than the previous chapters. I guess the characters wanted to get everything out before I finished the fic. Now I've just gotta edit it… let's hope that doesn't take me ages.

5/28/13: I got another piece of fanart!

3/27/13:I just posted the beginning of a new KairixYuffie story. It's called Hollow Bastion Museum of Science and I'm enjoying writing it. Should turn out to be around five chapters, maybe it'll end up being six. I doubt it would be much longer. Looking forward to what people thing of it.

9/30/12: I'm working on writing a few different stories, but we'll see what, if any are ever actually finished. At the moment I'm also trying to make covers for the stories I have posted, since that's a new feature here at and I'd rather have something that looks right instead of my mug. I know there are at least two covers that will eventually need to be replaced, but at the moment I'm focusing on just getting covers on all the fics.

8/26/12: This may sound a little crazy, but I've posted new fic! It's called Celebrating on the Seashore and it's a fluffy Kairi/Yuffie oneshot. Hooray for new fic!

6/6/12: At some point I posted a new story, Pumpkin Sailing, which is a Zelda story focusing on Aryll. You should all read and review it. Also, since has added on a feature to give each story a specific cover I've been making some covers to replace my user ID photo. Some of them aren't that good, but at least they're better than my grumpy face. One of these days I'll be inspired to write and post something new. Maybe after Dream Drop comes out…

2/20/12: Ordinary Adventures chapter 30 is up, which means that the story is now complete. Yes, I can't believe it either.

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