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Hey, guys check out my other account (long story on why I have two xD I might just take all my stories on this one and put it on my other one xD) but anyway, my other account has a lot of more stuff about me and more stories!

Name: Just call me Rogue or B lol

Age: 15

Favorite Colors:Black, red, and maybe green, and purple.

Favorite Movies:Four Brothers, X-men (all three), Fantasic Four, Run Down, Scropion King, Walking Tall, Hellboy, Spider-man (all of them), Planet of the apes, Harry Potter (all of them), The Outsiders, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, and I'm going to stop there. I like way to many movies!

Favorite Sports:I love all sports. I love, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, football, hockey, and wrestling!

Favorite Wrestlers:John Cena, The Rock, Undertaker, Batista, Ashley, Brain Kendrick, Paul London, Shawn Micheals, Rey Meystrio, Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shane Helms, Hulk Hogan, Chris Benoit, and so many others.

Favorite Pairings:

Four Brothers

JackOC (Jack should of had someone)
BobbyOC (Same as Jackie)
Angel/Sofi (Can you say: perfect for each other?)
Jerry/Camille (Same as Angel and Sofi's)


Scott/Jean (Dude they are like the perfect couple (for each other))
Rogue/Remy(Gambit) (This is the perfect couple! LOL I love them both!)
John(pyro)OC (when well done)

The Covenant

CalebOC (Sarah was okay but I didn't like her that much)
PogueOC (Same as before but also because I WANT HIM! LOL)
ReidOC (Reid is hot! I want him too!)
TylerOC (He needs (deserves) someone)

Favorite Qoutes:

"She's addicted to what Angel's dick did."- Jack Mercer from "Four Brothers"

"Big ass teeth. Bite me?"- Angel Mercer from "Four Brothers"

"Well, hell, boys...lets drop in."- Reid Garwin from "The Covenant"

"Boys, that girl hasn't worn panties since she was 12."- Pogue Parry from "The Covenant"

"Come on, Caleb. It’s not like it’s gonna kill us...yet."- Pogue Parry from "The Covenant"

"Harry Potter can kiss my ass!"- Reid Garwin from "The Covenant"

"To be alive is great but living life is so much better."- Me

"And you call yourself a man. What have you been smoking?"- Me

"Wasn't that on Opra?"- Dean and "You watch Opra?"- Sam from "Superatural"

"You kill them and they come back to life! Just like ex-boyfriends!"- Me

"No-fuckin'-duh!"- Me

"Someone got up on the wrong side of the bitch today."- Me

"Who pissed on you this morning?"- Me

"Whores, sluts, and hoes, are the things that piss me off. So, yeah, you piss me off."- Me

"Aw, hell fuckin' naw!"- Me

"I'm going to send that mother fucker, up shit creek without a paddle!"- Me

"What-the-fuck-ever!"- Me

"Well, whoop-the-fuckin'-doo!"- Me

"Later bitches!"- Me

"Aw, hell naw!"- Me

"And you wonder why you piss me off."- Me

Contact Info

If you want to contact me you can Pm me.

Beta Info

I want to thank my lovely beta's, XxCrash.And.BurnXx, Kerryrocks, and Sam14119204. You guys rock!

Okay so I will be more then happy to beta for anybody but I might not be good for some stories but heres a few that I will be good at. :)

Four Brothers
Fantastic Four
The Covenant

And thats the ones I know I'll be good at LOL but I will try to help you if you want me to beta one of your stories. :)

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, so weird is good. If you're weird and proud of it, copy this into your profile.

Okay I think that's it! Later!

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