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-- STORY NEWS updated --

SO A LITTLE ABOUT ME, HUH? Well, I'm from the nice White North...Yes, I AM Canadian (NO, we do NOT have dogsleds and igloos in Toronto...quite the contrary, very Americanized). I love to write, and this is sort of my outlet. I'd love to hear your comments on my stories. The more you write, the more I will!
I get a lot of my story inspirations from sleep, believe it or not. I have very vivid dreams, with crazy plot twists built right in. I guess my head is always filled with useless junk. But it works out for you guys, don'tcha think? Also, I usually lean towards the epics - I like a story that has a purpose or a message that doesn't hit you over the head. I only work on one story at a time to give it as much undivided attention as possible.

More than anything, I love when you guys give feedback through reviews. Please, let me know what you think of the stories and review review review! I eat them up!


STORY NEWS: It's still just the one story, "AN ILLUSIVE TRUTH: PART 2".
My style is to try and plant a lot of hints to future chapters along the way. See how many you can catch! For example, the first chapter talks about moles that have "gone unnoticed," and then in chapter 7 Jean-Luc excuses the guards at the front gate of the LeBeau manner for their poor conduct, as they are Assassin moles.
Contrary to popular belief, THIS STORY WILL (I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH) BE FINISHED, it's just that life sometimes gets in the way, and I lose focus. I'm sorry people, it'sa comin'!

Chapter in Progress: Chapter 10 is under way, and this time, you're getting answers... and a lot of thieves. (singy-songy voice) I'm very exciiiiii-ted!
Time Prediction: Hopefully very soon, Im still writing, but I'm encountering a lot of writer's block. I'm also getting distracted by a new story I want to start. But NO! I'll focus...


"You got no idea how crucial dis is! You got no idea what dis means!"

"Henri!" Jean-Luc snapped angrily.

"Oh yeah?" Logan challenged. "So explain to us what this means. Explain to me what I don't get."

"-It meansJean-Luc cut in, steering the conversation back on track, "dat we'll try again. And we'll have a bett'r strategy next time." His words had a certain edge, a certain finality to them that could only be intended for Henri's benefit. Jean-Luc didn't need to look at Henri to convey his distaste with his son's loose tongue.

Bishop crossed his arms. "Well then, any ideas?"

Jean-Luc sighed and sat down in the nearest passenger seat, hoping that the others would follow. "Gimme some time t' think about it." He clicked the seatbelt into its clasp. "It gets a little more complicated from hereon in."


I have way too long of an Story Alert list, so I'm going thru it and cleaning out the stories... I figure, I'll start fresh again, and move my favourites into (you guessed it) the Favourite Stories section. Hopefully that way, I'll actually get some reviewing done!

I haven't had enough time to read fanfics on all the categories here because I'm extrememly swamped with work (and fanfic writing) but I'll get there eventually, I promise.

- X-Men (specifically Rogue/Gambit) ...I'm not very much into X-Men: Evolution (sorry) but I'll ocassionally read a few fanfics (I used to watch the old X-Men tv show and I just don't like thinking of Rogue as a goth, and them all as teens)
- Harry Potter
- Zelda (retro nintendo gamer, right here!)
-Monty Python (don't really know how I'll make MP fanfics, but I like it just the same...I love British humour, actually British everything)
- My true passion, The Simpsons (I doubt there will be any fanfics about The Simpsons in the future, because I honestly can't think of one single way to improve them) I'm going to shamelessly promote the Simpsons Movie now... mow down anyone who stands in your way of seeing that movie, it's what Homer would do.

Also, total props to whoever can tell me where my name comes from! (yes, there is a purpose to it... Here's a hint: "You may remember him from from such education films as Two Minus Three Equals Negative Fun! and Firecrackers: The Silent Killer")


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