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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

This is a quote from the main page of hpfandom: "And to all the readers out there, you can't complain about the stories you read to the admins, because you know what, reading is not a mandatory thing. If you don't like what you're reading, don't read it!"

This is my philosophy of reading/writing as well. I read and write slash and genfic. I sincerely hope that, when any of my pieces are posted, I will never encounter a reader who searches out fics of a kind that he or she dislikes solely for the purpose of flaming them. In the event of such happenings, I would be forced to block said user/or anonymous reviews. Ok. Lecture over.

About me:

I'm a college student. I am intensely private. I have posted five fics.

My main fandom is Harry Potter, although I got into fanfic reading Inuyasha. Recently, I've been very into the BBC Sherlock series, and will probably be writing there a lot. All my stories are also posted at the Archive of Our Own (ao3.org), including one work of Real Person Fiction.

Fics I'm a sucker for:

-Plot (even oneshots can achieve plot. For some good examples-mostly HP/DM-check out Lomonaaeren here on FF.)
-Creature fics (vampire!Snape, veela!Draco or Harry, etc.)
-Bonding, magical or mundane. Plot and character can help drive each other.
-A reasonable amount of angst. My two favorite ships in the Potterverse, HP/SS and HP/DM, almost always involve angst. Life has its bumps. That's what makes it interesting. Same applies to "life" in fics.
-Severitus/Sevitus. Even Snape/Harry mentorfics. But not with a HP/SS pairing in the first two cases. Some mentorfics, like Kailee's Guiding You, and its sequel, Healing You, over at hpfandom, however...

Stuff that makes me hit the back button faster than you can blink, or sometimes just skip the story title altogether:

-I'm quoting one of my favorite authors, vvc, here: 'Paraphrasing/Summarizing the books - Honestly. We are all here reading and/or writing fan-fiction. As in...fan. One would presume that implies we are all, you know, FANS. This then implies that we have all read at least book one. Please, please, please do not tell us about Harry's rotten home life or the fact he didn't know he was a wizard or that Hagrid came to take him shopping or anything else that happens unless you are actually going to DO something with it. Like, I dunno, change his history perhaps. Or elaborate as to why certain things happened. Nothing makes me skim through a story faster than to see some variation of "a black-haired boy was laying ignorant of his heritage in the cupboard his awful relatives imprisoned him in..."' By the by...vvc has some great Drarry fics up, as well as some great reccs.
-Bad spelling and grammar. Bad formatting. It makes it hard to read, and I've given up on some fics that have had really interesting premises because of it. And if it's the summary that has typos and chatspeak, I rarely bother going to the first chapter at all. People on the fandoms are really nice. Ask for a beta if you need help with that kind of thing.
-if it says ABANDONED or ON HIATUS in the summary. Seriously. Why did they get listed as "complete"? Both those terms preclude the completion of the story. Just because the author is done with it does not mean the the story is done.
-Most crossovers. And all crossovers where I don't know a thing about the other fandom. I would just be confused and wasting my time.
-WIPs by almost anyone but Lomonaaeren. By which I mean, WIPs that I don't trust will ever get finished.

Other Notes:

-I look at the profile page of every single person who adds me or one of my stories to favorites or alert list, or reviews. I read and treasure every bit of that. I want to know things about the people who are enjoying my stories.

-I do not take requests. I have a lot of story ideas floating around, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get myself to fill them out to a point at which I feel comfortable posting them. I do not feel that I can commit to doing justice to someone else's idea when I frequently have trouble with my own.

-Despite the above, my stories vary in quality. Some come to me very quickly, in their entirety, and then go through an editing process. Some I struggle with, and really have to push to flesh out--at which point I mostly edit for spelling and grammar and put it up before I can become dissatisfied. Nothing I put up is perfect. I do this for fun, not because I think I should be hailed as the World's Greatest Writer. I'm a student! I'm learning. And this is one of the things I'm learning.

-I am an American. I do not have a beta-reader, let alone a Brit-picker. I try to avoid things that seem to me to be blatant Americanisms, but I'm not always aware of them. I do not use British spelling conventions for one simple reason: consistency. British spelling does not come naturally to me. I would inevitably make a mistake, or miss something, and get called out for the inconsistency. I'd like to avoid that. I try to write with the "voice" that I feel is right for the character whose perspective is most central to the story. I feel that this has more to do with vocabulary than with spelling, so that is where I put the bulk of my effort on this issue.

About My Stories:

-Brannigan was my first posted fic, and the first in a series of unconnected or loosely connected oneshots that fall under the title "Word-of-the-Day Oneshots." This one is mainly Drarry, although at the end you get just a hint of a threesome in existence.

-Strength of Character is a Snarry oneshot that plays with the "Harry as incubus" trope. I sincerely hope that people found it original and entertaining.

-A Series of Entirely Rational Decisions is my Snarry WIP, and my first multi-chaptered fic. Parts of it are written, but I haven't been working on it chronologically...it's outlined pretty thoroughly, though, so I'm optimistic. I should be getting back to this soon--it's stalled for so long that I'm doing a bit of overhaul to the outline.

-Vertiginous is a Word-of-the-Day Oneshot, which stands alone but can be read as a sequel or prequel to Brannigan.

-IPSO FACTO is a series that will be posted as a single fic, as opposed to the Word-of-the-Day Oneshots. It features a precognitive Draco who has seen his future with Harry. Later episodes will deal with the events Draco has seen in real time, as he and Harry must acknowledge that visions may or may not come true, ipso facto.

Notes On My Stories:

For whatever reason, I do not write Harry as a top. I can't do it. I don't even enjoy reading it most of the time. Part of it has to do, I think with what most authors do to the character of Harry's partner when Harry tops. I find Harry holds up his strength much more believably when I write him as a bottom than when I right Snape or Draco as a bottom. If you are looking for Top!Harry, please look elsewhere.

Brannigan, Vertiginous, and Strength of Character are ONESHOTS. As in, they will NEVER be updated. And it sort of ticks me off when people put them on Story Alert instead of favoriting or putting them in C2s. Get it through your heads, people: NOT GONNA HAPPEN. No sequels, no new chapters, NADA.

Update 11/16/2010

I've become very uncomfortable with FF because of an issue that you can read about here: http:// civilinitiative. blogspot. com/ , so I'm now cross-posting at the Archive of Our Own, and may eventually leave FF altogether.

Update 6/27/2012

After much internal debate, I have decided to finish my WIPs on FF, but once IPSO FACTO and "Rational Decisions" are finished, I will no longer post new work on FF. All of my stories are cross-posted to A03, and I will probably eventually archive them to the appropriate fandom or pairing specific sites. I plan to finish both stories by the end of August this year.


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