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Author has written 5 stories for Phantom of the Opera, and Doctor Who.

I write, therefore, I am.

No. How about something more personal and perhaps less profound? The lad I sat next to in my GCSE English class wrote in my leavers book “keep bloody writing” because I had the biggest word count of anyone in my class. Even the particularly clever ones. Or maybe they were more into quality not quantity. I hope I was into both.

Words are, in my book, akin to heaven. To mould, shape and then allow your eyes (and other people’s) to utterly devour them is glorious. How great are we to have WORDS. Even as a species. Amazing.

I’ve written since I learnt to. That is a fair statement isn’t it? I became a poet before a prose writer. Another humdinger that one wasn’t it?

My inspiration comes from a variety of things, all from my interesting and varied life. A little of which I share with you now.

The abridged summary of my life follows thusly:

I was born in 1982 in Merseyside, UK (no, I’m not a scouser (i.e. from Liverpool) nor have ‘one ov dem accents’).

I have an older brother, my senior by 16 months and a younger half-sister, my junior by 15 years.

I finished high school with a myriad of GCSE’s, totalling eleven in number and then went on to sixth form, gaining two a-levels. After that, I went onto University, gaining a BA Joint (Hons) Drama & English degree.

Whilst all that was going on, I had my heart broken by a very naughty boy. I suppose that is a vastly, and indeed, sweepingly euphemistic way of describing him. But, well. He doesn’t deserve more energy than that. I mention said vagabond due to the profound effect this had on my writing. It inspired me to come out with bucket loads of work. Not necessarily about him, but the heart break was certainly enough to allow me to open up about a lot things, including my unhappy (another huge euphemism there) relationship with my mother and the rather unsettled (yep, another) and rather tumultuous teen years I experienced as an upshot.

Then, naturally, prince charming came along and swept me off my feet. No, really, that did happen. That bit where you give up on human kindness? Yeah, that was the bit where he appeared.

Reader, I married him.

Then the entire world ended.

I always say that about this next bit, but that is seriously where it did, genuinely end. Less than a year after I married my prince, I gave birth to our beautiful identical twin daughters. One was born an angel, the other survived for a month.

So yes, the world really did end.

My writing on here ground to a halt, despite the odd, limp attempt to continue. One rearranges ones priorities after something like that happens.

It’s been nearly 4 years since they were born and I think I’m at a stage in my grief (there’s no such things ‘getting over it’ or ‘moving on’ by the way, only idiots say things like that) where I think I can try and do something about my writing and, I suppose, make them proud of me. Them, and their little sister who is very much alive and well and with us, keeping us going.

Amongst my many talents, if I do say so myself, I am a Beta and thoroughly enjoying it too. I have not written poetry for some time, but am working on a few prose fan fics and non-fan fics at the moment to get me going. I don’t want to post them yet until I am fully satisfied with what I have concocted.


Fun Facts:

I am British, but prefer to be known as English. Ra ra ra.

I’m blonde.

I’ve had a few bits and bobs of the old poetry published.

My ancestor, John Atherton, was on the ship Victory at the battle of Trafalgar

My fave book of all time is ‘Jane Eyre’

I used to live in the village where the Bronte family are from (Haworth, West Yorkshire)

I’m allergic to animal fur and pollen

I’m abso-bloody-lutely scared s*tless of spiders

My favourite song of all time is "I Wish I Could Fly" by Roxette (Spotify or YouTube it - stunning)

My favourite piece of classical music is Pachebel's Canon in D Minor

My fav comedies are Blackadder and Red Dwarf.

I’m verbose (if you haven’t guessed already)


I hope you enjoyed your ramble along the moorland of words and didn’t step in any tricky verbs or snag your clothes on any thorny adjectives.

I am sirs and ladies, your humble and obedient servant,



I don't live for them, although I love getting them - it's nice to know that my work has stirred a reaction from someone. I won't beg for them or expect replies if I leave any. If I read a story, I won't always leave them. As an artist, it is my mission to express myself and not to do it to garner praise or reaction from others and expect the same behaviour to come from my fellows.

Phantom of the Opera

I have been on FanFiction for about 5 years now and have written for a bit, but then removed some work because I thought it was rubbish. This was all to do with the Phantom, the reason I got into FanFic writing.

My first POTO fic was written when I 13 at school. It was random and not great to say the least, but even still, it made me want to carry on and improve. I have been in love with Erik since I was 12 when I first heard the ALW musical and read the Leroux novel. It was amazing and I have been in love with him ever since. So reading and writing fics for and about him is a pleasure and comes from my dark and strange soul :)

Doctor Who

I have been writing Doctor Who since 2007, just to try and give myself some sort of distraction during the dark days of my grief after losing my two eldest daughters.

The stories I have been working on have not yet been published on here, although a sort of random one has been, kind of. Just a random one chapter thing that I just wanted to get on here for some reason. I just don't think that I could properly bring my new character and her relationship with (8th) Doctor to life properly yet... But look out for it, I'll be very proud of it when it does appear!

My love for Doctor Who goes back to being 13 and watching the TV movie with Paul McGann back in 1996. It was amazing and made the 8th Doctor my Doctor. I grew up remembering SylvestoraMcCoy's 7th Doctor and I remember being scared watching his episodes (possibly more due to the dodgy special fx :D)... but he just didn't fire my imagination like Mr McGann.

I am not a huge fan of the new series, although I do watch it. I cannot bear Rose, she made me utterly switch off. I also cannot stand this huge agenda to have the Doctor fall in love all the time. FGS, just let him get on with it! It is such lazy writing. I also am not happy with RTD's decision to kill off the Time Lord's. Or anything that man did to the show, thank God he's gone is all I can say :)

I am a Lungbarrow-ist. If you don't know what that is, visit the BBC Dr Who website, go to the 'classic' section and find the novels and read Lungbarrow for yourself. It won't tally with anything the new series is saying :)

"Despite occasional claims otherwise, The Blessed St Lalla Ward is not officially recognised by the Catholic Church. Yet." - from the Terms and Conditions small print from (hee hee)!

Beta Reading

I am a Beta Reader/Editor too (please see my Beta profile for more info).

Authors I currently Beta for:


Madame Apathy

Stories I have Beta Read/Edited:

Doctor Who:

Many and multiple stories by GallifreanGirl

Phantom of the Opera:

"Changling" by Madame Apathy (coming along nicely)

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