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I really should write something interesting here, shouldn’t I? So I will.

Name: I go by both Gabrielle and Mackenzie, switching between them as my mood sees fit. Some people call me Gabs; in the PPC, I go as Mackenzie.

Age: Too young to drink and too old to wear footsie pajamas.

Gender: Female (thank G-d)

Interests: Mostly fantasy and trivia facts; humor and shoes are also have a nice niche in my brain. I also love fanfiction and camouflage; when I finish school, I want to do 2 years of Army. Obsessions, on the other hand, are more pinpointed areas of the aforementioned subjects.

Place of residence: All over Israel. Not pinpointing anywhere, but I'm not in any danger zones. And I’m in a dormitory.

Obsessions: LotR, fanfiction, pointy ears, knives, archery (even though I'm helpless at it, I love seeing other people doing it, which is why Helm's Deep is my favorite scene from TTT), chocolate, caffeine, coffee, sugar, lettuce, Chinese takeout, lasagna, Garfield and more.

About me: Do you really want to know? I'll tell you anyways. I have a unique personality, being both random and serious at once; my favorite pastime is reading up on random and interesting facts and spouting them to anyone, anywhere, anytime. That's why people must think I'm weird.

I lead a pretty boring life; school's a bitch, I live for recess and I warn people away from me when I've had too much caffeine. Now THAT'S really scary. It even scares myself.

Music preferences: Pandora is an excellent place, but my music runs more towards Coldplay-Train-Beatles-Alanis Morissette-instrumental soundtracks-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Weird Al Yankovic-esque.

Looks: I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Family: Mom Deborah’s a stay-at-home Mrs. Weasley-esque type; Dad Christopher’s a psychologist with his own family-distance issues (but has sporadic recovery periods); Brother no. 1 (Thomas, 24) is a wheelchair-confined pediatric oncologist in the US of A, while brother no. 2 (Ari, 19) chose to stay in Israel and do the Army (he’s currently ending his 1st year and heading on to his 2nd in 2 weeks Mandatory service in the Israeli army is 3 years for guys, 2 for gals); twins – Kaitlyn Abigail and Joshua Nachshon (11) who are what some people would call ‘troublemakers’ – I call them ‘terrors’.

And you thought your family was dysfunctional.

Writing style/preferences: Mostly fluff, humor, action and romance, if need be. I'm a slow writer, but that's only because I BETA my own stories - read them time and time again until I'm sick.

Contact me at: When I’m at school (namely, all the time unless it’s a weekend): This is the address that you should report Mary Sues to. (This is also my Messenger s/n.)

In PPC matters (except reporting MSs):

In fanfiction matters (other than PPC): (I have an obsession with the Irish since seeing Sean Biggerstaff as Oliver Wood. Positively drool-worthy)

My AIM is:, but I barely ever sign on. You’re more likely to find me on ICQ: 264857008

My Yahoo! e-mail is

Anything else (for example, I want to buy you a pair of camouflage AllStars because I love you and want you to have them but I don’t know where to ship them to HINT HINT and stuff like that):

(If you want to ask me for anything reasonable (NOT material) and/or comment on my horrible spelling/grammar (I use spell check, so any mistakes are not intentional AT ALL) and/or offer to be my BETA, e-mail me at the e-mail listed on the top, under my s/n.)

I do not read and/or accept e-mails with bad grammar and spelling. I ABHOR bad grammar and spelling. I am the Spelling Police. I also detest netspeak. Netspeak is for chat rooms, not for literature.


Just Like The Good Old Days

A PPC spinoff. It’ll be a WIP as long as MarySues exist – forever, that is.

(I am willing to BETA, although I’m not the fastest one around.)

See you ‘round! -Gabrielle


To the lovely Rhamnousia, who so graciously flamed the PPC spinoff under this pen name:

Thank you. We were getting awfully cold, here in the center. Now all I have to do is ask Makes-Things to find a thing in which to store your heart- and body-warming review. Care to add more? It'll just make us warmer. =)

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