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See Picture? FAVORITE couple EVER! Micheal Easton and Renee Goldsberry expertly portrayed how love SHOULD be on TV. Aren't they pretty together? Yeah, I know they are. It has been three years (as of June 9th 2008) since they've broken up and FOUR years since they've been together :( I'm not a happy camper over that but a Soap Fan can weather what if she's in a coma?! People (on soaps) wake up all the damn time from one. So what if he's been with other women?! One is dead and the other is a skank and thankfully he dumped her sorry ass ASAP. Hope prevails!

To all Dangerous Liaison Fan: It's probably over. I understand people are still hoping for it and well I don't want to disappoint but... That story is corny, I cringe that I wrote such sap. So there is a good chance I'll revise it and continue on with it later on but I would suggest that you treat it like a one shot. Since that's all it may be...Sorry :(

Couples I ship: John and Evangeline (One Life to Live), Darien and Serena (Sailor Moon), Logan and Ororo (X-Men), Zuko and Mai (Avater: The Last Airbender), Jack and Allison (Eureka)


Hey Folks :)

At least I am consistent with updating every 2 years. Haha. OK, everyone. Let's keep it 100. My computer crash and whatever I had on there is gone. So, with that being said, this is the end of the rope. Now don't throw rocks at me. While I am being real, the truth is when I first started writing fanfiction under this moniker, I was 18 or 19 or something like that. I am now 27. Sailor Moon does not interest me in the way it did. X-Men does not interest me in the way that it did. Life has come by, and even though it is boring LOL It's my life. And I am somewhat invested in it. :P

I am beyond honored that you guys took the time to review and even message me about how you would like an update. I wouldn't have expected it, but I am pleased as punch it did. I think I can speak on behalf of anyone that has ever posted anything on here that we do it so YOU will like it and leave it a review. Preferably positive but negative works too.

Someone had asked my permission to continue a story, and at the time I had denied it. It's MINE. But now I am open to it. If anyone is interested, please PM and I will make it a point to check my e-mail linked to this account ever so often. Please note, if you are crappy write don't wait either of our times. I want someone to finish it that has a good idea, good smut writing skills (I know that's what you REALLY ready it for hehe) and, can write a story that is engaging and can pick up from where I left off. I'd be more than happy to tell you the ideas that I had for it. Heck, perhaps, I can help out :)

God bless, and never settle.




Wow, It's been almost two years! I suck, a lot. I have no idea why I cant finish things...I probably should *shrugs* If nothing else, I'm *determined* to post that last chapter I have of MOP. I still get reviews/messages about it. I can't tell you how honored I am by that. Anyway, let's see if I can do it this time...




Well peeps thanks for your patience. I'm back on the writing band...come April, lol! I have an idea for a new SM fic (my first in YEARS) so i'm excited to trying to pen it and breathe life into it. It's going to be paranormal romance! Something I've ALWAYS wanted to write but it won't be the traditional paranormal...Of course 'Forced' and 'MOP' is on the list to get done and posted. So I say within the upcoming months I should have my all three posted and up for your reading pleasure!



Merry Christmas [Happy Holidays] everyone! I'm writing this because I won't be posting anything until mid or late 2012. There is a chance it could happen sooner but its doubtful. I'm hoping to move back to FL(grr, NC's cold weather) and i'm in the process of (hopefully) lining things up so I could do just that next year. I know some of you have been waiting for an update for years and I appreciate that y'all still care for a story that I wrote back in 07 (if i'm not mistaken). It strokes thine ego :) And those loving Forced, yay. I take great pride in that and I hope when I do post another chapter, in any story, it will be worth your time. As for RP, eh. Haven't given that story much I would like to finish that as day.


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