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F A C T (S): I'm not as sweet as I look ; I do in fact have a long scar down the side of my right cheek.

My name... Laura!

Age... 18(?)

Location... Philadelphia, PA

Music... anything and everything

Band(s)... All That Remains, In Flames, Alexisonfire, Mest, Bayside, Eminem, Twiztid, Biggie Smalls, Ludacris etc.

Clothing style... I vary. A lot. One day I'll be out in "Man Pants" the next I'll be wearing some souped up outfit.

Piercings... gauged ears (3/4 now of an inch), lip, NOT CENTER ANYMORE. eyebrow, tongue (twice), nose. and ive had a lot more. theyre just not in anymore.

Tattoos... Phillies P, tom petty lyrics, 215 (area code).

Addictions... reading, cigarettes, tree(weed) and writing.

Looks like... long blonde hair, short myself. wear glasses on a daily basis. blonde eyes. pretty small.

Color... red

Hobbies... well, writing. I don't only write for fanfiction, people. And drawing.

Food... too many to pick from. (I loooooove food.)

Favorite character (from Twilight)... Emmett

Favorite book... undecided, but I'm leaning towards 30 Days Of Night: Immortal Remains, The Lovely Bones, Go ask Alice... and so so so much more. I read a lot. I'm a geek with a life. Go figure.

I've been writing my own short stories, nothing like Twilight, and no scheming off of other books. All my own stuff, so I believe I have become a better writer, just for the simple fact that I have gone over my old stories. I'll be truthful. I did cringe at some of my poor spelling, grammar, poor use of words, and some of the sickly sweet romance that just upsets my stomach to a great degree. I may only be two years older, but maturity hit me quick and hard. I'm embarrassed by some of the things I wrote, but I can't change the stories, so forgive my... brain-washed mind at the time. And just because I'm basically trashing the Twilight obsessed old me, doesn't mean I'm not reading the last book. -8.26.08

I'M BACK! ] 5.27.10 .. its not 1.19.12 &i just came on cause im boooored

Carry from "Still aiming high as the sky"'s bio and description:

Carry came to the United States of America, from Germany when she was 15. She knew a little bit if English and picked it up quickly when she came to the States. She was in her Sophomore year of high school when she first came, and now she is in her Junior year of high school with Bella(17 yrs of age), Jacob(17 yrs of age), and the Cullen's(same as in Twilight). Carry is 16 now and her birthday is July 14. Carry and Bella became friends on the second day of Sophomore year. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. In order of oldest to youngest her siblings go: Anne Lee, Cassis, Frank, Carry, Patterson, and Emily Rose. Carry's parents separated when she was only 5, and she moved to the United Stated because her mother couldn't take her father harassing them anymore. Her mother (Kim) was an alcoholic, but recovered when she went to rehab two years after the separation. Her father (Frank) was and still is an abusive, drug addict.

Carry's face is round, and she has long bright blond hair, with side swept bangs on the right. She has small bright, blue eyes, a defined jaw bone and round chin, a small, perfect straight nose, a wide forehead that is mostly covered by her bangs, and full pink, pout-y lips that are just the right size for her face. She is 5'1", skinny, but not to skinny, she has a hour glass shape to her making her have nice curves. She isn't very busty in the chest, or the rear area (not going into detail), and her legs are a little too long for her short torso, but somehow Carry makes it work.

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