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Name: Em

Age: 15

Fav color: purple

Fav show: simpsons, Avatar the last airbender, Heros, family guy

Fav game: Kingdom hearts 1&2

Fav book: Twilight-stephenie Meyer READ IT

Fav movies: Pirates of the Carribean (luv johnny depp), Titanic(leonardo decaprio is HOTT) Nightmare before christmas, Phantom of the Opera, Shrek, all disney movies, yea i like a lot of movies so i won't bore you...

Fav music: Gavin Degraw, 3 doors down, All American Rejects, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, Kelly Clarkson, Lifehouse, Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance, Nobuo Uematsu piano collections, Panic! At the disco, Red Jump suit apparatus, Simple Plan, Teddy Geiger, Yellow Card, and some other stuff

Likes: Reading, writing, playing the piano, staying up late, sleeping in, chocolate, getting sugar high with friends, talking online, getting emails (feel free to email me i have no life and live off them) watching movies late at night, weekends, daisies (random), more chocolate!, singing, dancing crazily like no one is watching, Christmas, reading fanfictions til I drop, SHOPPING!, my ipod, swimming, playing kingdom hearts, stickers!, writting notes durning global studies(like I'm ever going to the middle east or Africa anyway)

Dislikes: how my puppy needs attention 24/7 and will kill to get it, preppy people that prance around thinking they're all that, algebra, teachers that pick favorites, how people assume since you're quiet you're smarter than everyone else, getting hit with flying objects thrown by idiotic boys, idiotic boys in general, the word chappy, parents, yaoi, high school, tests, homework, back stabbing friends, football, gym class, Sexy back, Jesse Mcartney, cheerleaders, crushes, health class, younger kids that think they're bad asses, writers block, flamers(dont make me get out the poo), getting hit in the face with a vollyball(try everytime i go for the ball), practically yelling when you say something to someone and they still don't hear you, people that review a story saying it sucks and nothing more, people that never continue a story and don't even tell the readers as they wait expectantly for a new chapter, people that say they won't update unless they get a million reviews by the next day -puts pinky finger to mouth- muahahaha

--lines rock--

Me and my sister being gay on AIM

Sis: I'm going to take up yoddling. Oh wait that's swiss. Ok make that jigg dancing.

Me: yeehaaa! Ride 'em cowboy!

Sis: No that's American

Me: Oh yea. I guess I'm just too American -sigh-

Sis: Yeah i pity you. We're all so hated by the world. I was wondering how much the Irish hate us. prob a lot.

Me: Yeah, they're like damn those Americans and thier lock ness monsters!

Sis: What? No that's Scotland

Me: You racist woman! You die! ching chang cho! -does Indian dance-

Sis: That dosnt make any sense at all. Wait it does! The Indians origionate in Asia!

Me: See i know my history! wait no i don't. -goes to worship a ritz cracker-

Me: Oh powerful founder of India, shed your golden goodness on our dim world...

Sis: knowlege is not power, it's work

Me: Yes but work is dumb

Me: And dumb in numbers is power.

Me: Now mom's learning about how how lose weight from Opera

Sis: Really? Maybe you should run, she might start singing next

Me: Yeah, she starting going, WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!

Me: But the knock out gas took care of that

Sis: Let me tell you, it's good they dont let you adopt dogs on the spot cus I'd have like 10 hidden in my room.

Sis: I'd dress them in my clothes and take them out and Courtney and Lauren would be like, wow she's popular

Me: I'm sure your land lord will fall for that

Sis: Well I'll just throw acid in thier eyes

Me: -gasp- is that a snowflake mine eyes have seen over yonder?

Sis: if it was you just scared it away

Sis: how's oliver?

Me: dead

Sis: what?

Me: i ran him over with the car

Sis: my car?

Me: yes

Sis: did you dent it?

Me: yup


Me: I have like 10 weeks left of school

Sis: that's cool. I've been done school for five weeks :P

Me: Well yea but you smell like pee so if you add it together im still ahead.

Me: how are your brownies? did you bake them?

Sis: No they came premade, even in a pan to cook them in

Me: but...if they're premade why would you cook them

Sis: shut up

Sis: yea ill never get another pet again. except 10 dogs 3 cats and two more rabbits

Me: Cats ew

Sis: and a mullet

Me: Mullet?

Sis: huh

Me: that's not a pet

Sis: oh it should be

Me: i made a milkshake for a guy out of frozen yogurt before at work. I didnt even know you could, he just asked and i was like sure why not. it was really good though

Sis: you tasted it?

Me: there was some left over. nooo i just drank through his straw. i was like wait...taste test

Sis: yea then you were like i hope you have herpes...cus you do now!

Sis: but it leaves it so open ended! anything could happen

Me: yea sure...you linger on topics too much

one strange night...

Sis: the people on the TV are whispering

Me: no you just turned the volume down so low you cant hear what anyone's saying

Me: why are you knitting by computer light? -she really was too-

My Bff: what do u think about this skirt?

Me: do you want my friend answer or my best friend answer?

Bff: umm best friend answer

Me: i think it's the ugliest thing ive ever seen

Bff: oh. what would have been your friend answer?

Me: i love it, it looks great on you

Me: I love the smell of study hall after spanish class. i walk in all como estas? and it's like BAM i hit the floor in a fit of twitching/foaming at the mouth/DDR/muppet/power ranger action! what the eff am i talking about?

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