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Yo. I'm not going to tell you guys my name cause I'm paranoid ;P. I'm writing for casual reasons - because I enjoy doing this when I have the time to do so. A-levels and all that jazz. Also, take a good long look at my profile name, It's there for entirely motivational purposes. I like helping people on occasion because of that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do so (that's what the name's for). I strongly dislike fics that are about amoral subjects (unless they're canon typical, like the Uchiha massacre in Naruto.) such as rape, incest, the like. Any such fic, I will ignore. Not actively go against it, or flame it, because those can destroy a writer's self-esteem and confidence like nothing else. I'm not the type of person that'd do that.

Liked fandoms: Naruto, Potter Harry, MCU (on AO3)/Avengers (on here), and Bnha/Mha.

Preferred things: Life, God, other things. Yes, I'm Christian, deal with it.

Preferred writing style: OCs, slightly disturbing canon (but not excessively so), emotional scenes.

WARNINGS: Text may occasionally have emotional dissociation from characters, I occasionally struggle to put my ideas on paper without referring to everything as if I'm writing a screenplay (everything's a film in my head, action scenes are more badass that way). Tendency to focus so much on what the main character is feeling/thinking/suffering from that everything else tends to fade into the background. I'm working on this stuff OK?

Pros: No issue calling myself out on things. Look up.

Pleasure talking...? No that doesn't seem quite right... Pleasure writing to... nope. Pleasure chatting to you.