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I suppose I should finally get around to writing this profile thing. I’ve put it off for way too long.

I’m Joey. Not really sure what else to say about me personally. I don’t have much of a life since my obsession errr I mean hobbies are manga, writing, drawing, martial arts, and Asian culture. Between hobbies, college, and work I really don’t have much free time.

Fanboy… ummmmm… I won’t fess up to it but I guess I won’t take offense to being called one either.

Favorite Anime in Order:

1. Naruto

2. D.Gray Man

3. Peace Maker

4. Bleach

5. Eureka 7

6. Inuyasha (getting a little tired of it though. Girl falls down a well; girl fights a kajillian demons but never gets any closer to a resolution to the original conflict. I guess if the plot formula ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ll prolly change my tune after I take a short hiatus from watching / reading it.)

7. Kyou Kara Maou (Only the start of the series. Toward the end it started to suck but still the concept of a guy falling into a magical world with a lot of other bishonen guys fighting for his affection was super nice.)

Favorite Pairings:


Naruto x Gaara & Gaara x Naruto – This is my all time favorite yaoi pair and the only pair I like for both of them. I’m cool with either one of em being uke. They both show that quality. For Gaara it’s more in the Naruto 2 timeline though. I will admit that Naruto certainly has the most uke qualities of the two.

Temari x Shikamaru

Sasuke x Neji

Sakura x Lee

Kankurou x ??? Kankurou is one of my favorite characters but nobody jumps to mind that would be a good pairing for him male of female.

D.Gray Man

Lavi x Allen – Allen is totally 100 adorable cute! Super uke!

Peace Maker

Tetsunosuke x Susumu

Shinpachi x Tetsunosuke

Okita x Hijikata

I would also like to say Shinpachi is one of the cutest anime/manga characters EVER!

Warning about my writing style:

I honestly don’t think I have the ability to write a short story. Even my oneshots seem to wind up long enough to warrant two or three chapters sometimes. If you read any of my stories you’ll see what I mean. I knew it was bad when my professor told me to write shorter answers on my exams. The answers were right he just didn’t want to have to read that much to grade my papers.

My thoughts on the whole Seme Uke thing:

From my own personal experience the best relationship is when both partners be they two guys, two girls, or a girl and a guy can be seme or uke at any given time. Sure one typically gravitates toward one or the other but for the relationship to be dynamic the two need to sync with one another and give support when needed just as they should be a strong rock to lean on when that is necessary.

I like the romance and erotic romance genre. To me the epitome of the uke in those stories is for them to be strong in their own right. They should not just sit around and let the seme save them from the big bad insert conflict here and just be dead weight. To me the uke has qualities that can aid in the struggle and can be just as integral to the resolution as the seme. A good uke wants the seme to protect and take care of them but does not necessary need for them to do it.

Human after all:

In a lot of my stories you may see the seme crying at times. They usually won’t be balling their eyes like a little mind you. This shouldn’t be considered weakness but should rather but a sign that yes the seme is human after all and that they felt deeply for their partner. If he or she didn’t cry or show emotions then they might as well be a robot or a complete and total ass. Don’t get me wrong. There is a time and place for crying or showing emotion so the seme doesn’t go all emo all the time. Even in real life I’ve seen the most diehard seme type people break down and cry on occasion. Especially when they had their heart broken by someone they love. On that same token that very seme could just as easily rise to the occasion like any good hero or heroin would. So please keep that in mind if you ever see Gaara shed a slight tear for his little Naruto-chan should something happen to him or vice versa depending on who is seme in a given story.

Lemony goodness:

I won’t be writing any lemons for any story I write with the main characters under eighteen. I just don’t think it is appropriate for me to do that. Notice I quantify that with ‘me’. I’m not judging anyone else’s lemon writing. I have a number of stories where the guys are at or above eighteen so those will be filled with the lemony goodness. I also have a few stories where the guys are under eighteen. There will still be tension and flirting and maybe even a lime so it certainly won’t be boring but I won’t be doing a lemon. Generally you can tell which type of story it is in the disclaimer. When it is listed as Shonen Ai it’ll have no lemons. When the story is said to be yaoi you can count on a lemon popping up at some point in the story.


Feed the beast! Feed the beast! Feed the beast that is my ego. If you like the stories then please take a moment to leave a review. It really makes my day when I come home and see a new review for one of my stories. I spend a lot of time writing, rewriting, plotting, and proofing the chapters so getting a few nice words in return really helps me get over the slumps when I feel like I’m just wasting my time. Also, I want to write the best stories I am able to. To improve my writing style and ability I need feedback and suggestions.

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