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Author has written 2 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Rurouni Kenshin.
I love to write short stories and also love to write about anime. Right now I'm really hooked up on the Yu-Gi-Oh craze and plan to write alot of fics about that show. I also love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I really hope everyone likes the stories I post and please don't forget to reveiw. It makes authors like me feel better to know our work is appriecated.

Alright! I guess I should describe myself. =^.^=

Name> Crystalia

Age> 18 years old and ready to party!!!

Height> I'm about 5"3'

Hair> I have waist long black hair, but here comes the freaky part. I have a three inch strip of white hair that runs straight down the middle. Pretty freaky huh? I was born just like that. My mom says it gives me character...but I say it's just plain freaky. Anyway

Weight> Why should I wait? I'm trying to describe myself here

Eyes> I have grey eyes but sometimes when I get really pissed off they kinda look violet...could I have a yami?

Fav. Color> Dark Purple

Least Fav. Color> Green

Fav. Show> Right now it's definatly Yu-Gi-Oh

Fav. Book> THe Bumblebee Flies Anyway

Fav. Moive> All three of the Lord of the Rings movies

Fav. Food> CHICKEN!!!! CHICKEN!!!! CHICKEN!!!!

Least Fav. Food> rasins...they look like little roaches

Loves> to sit on the front porch of my house and write fanfics

Hates> to see someone injuried or's just wrong

Afraid of> Pigeons and Balloons...don't friggn' question...

Not afraid of> standing up for my friends when in trouble it's time for my dark-half or as some of you know, my yami to describe herself. >.> I'm warning you now...she's kinda crazy...

Name> Sakuya

Age> over 1,000 years old. Was reincarnated to this time by ancient magic

Height> the same as me, 5"3'

Hair> Her hair is waist length too, but it's white with black streaks...we're both weird...

Weight> hahaha she's a fat cow!!! :is smacked: -.- I mean goddess...Sakuya is a goddess...

Eyes> Her eyes are violet...>.> like all yamis

Fav. Color> Black

Least Fav. Color> White

Fav. Show> She hates Yu-Gi-Oh...says that the main character is a show off...but she likes to watch...O.O' Pokemon?!?

Fav. Book> >.> she doesn't read...just sleeps all day and complains...

Fav. Moive> >.> for some reason she found House of 1000 corpses funny...then again she has a sick sense of humor...

Fav. Food> She says that Yamis don't eat food...but I'm forever catching her eating Twix...

Least Fav. Food> we both hate raisins. Nasty creatures

Loves> to injure, maim, scar, hurt, or torture people...

Hates> love and happy endings...

Afraid of> water believe it or not

Not afraid of> anything other then water or death...

Sakuya: I don't like the way you wrote my bio. You made me sound evil.

Crystalia: Well you're no angel...besides nobody reads these things anyway...

Sakuya: Then why are you writing it?

Crystalia: ~.~ because i want to...anyway...

Please remember flames are welcome but be sure I will flame you back ten times worse!!! Beware!!!

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