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Well, hello all. This is Shinobi-dono, a somewhat lazy yet determined writer with a love of reading. Currently a student in his first year of college with a talent for art, I hope I can do well to write good works of fanfiction that people can enjoy. Without further ado, here's my profile:

Age: 17

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, painting, playing video games.

Favorite Manga: Dragonball and Dragonball Z, Bleach, One Piece, FullMetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, Gintama, O-Parts Hunter, Soul Eater

Favorite Heroes: Luffy, Zoro, Gazille, Ed Elric, Ichigo, Natsu, Gintoki, Jio, Cross, Black*Star, Link, Zelda

Favorite Anti-Heroes: Vegeta, Greed, Kenpachi

Favorite Villains: Tsukishima, Sir Crocodile, Blackbeard, Makoto Shishio, Asura, Ganondorf, Demise, Ghirahim

One Piece OCs

Name: Jared 'de Danser' Del Rey

Age: 16

Bounty: 27, 000, 000 Beli

Description: Young, handsome face with lightly tanned caucasian skin and a lean yet muscular build. Wears a black vest with the Doskoi Panda brand logo on the front as well as a pair of worn jeans and a beanie hat. He has brown hair in a straight cut and blue eyes. Often seen scowling, save for when there is music playing.

Dream: To carry out his master's final wish.

History: At a young age Jared was abandoned, thrown overboard by his pirating parents into the sea, only to be saved when he washed up on the shores of Karate Island and met a man named Musica. It was after being saved by him that Jared chose to follow him around, and over time they grew a bond not unlike that of father and son, Musica teaching Jared all of his knowledge of martial arts. However, after a time, Musica began to grow ill, and after dying in his home, delivering his final words to Jared, Marines, recognizing Musica as a pirate, stormed in and took Jared, believing him to be an apprentice pirate. Jared was put in prison after that, only to one day free himself.

A long time after escaping from prison, he had single-handedly overthrown the pirates that ruled Yuki Isle in South Blue. Follow this, he left the island, only to be caught in a whirlpool and washed up on the shore of an island, where he met his savior, a Samurai-girl named Saiko. After taking her leave, he proceeded to walk into town to get some supplies, only to overhear a conversation between two rebels. After uncovering a plot involving Saiko being forced to kill the Shogun, he stopped the plan in it's tracks by kidnapping the Shogun, and later defeated the leader of the Shishi Gang. With all said and done, he departed to the next isle, having gained a new crewmate in Saiko.

Following this, the two sailed a bit, only to be almost killed when a Sea King rose out of the water, only to be saved as a youth named Kain entered and attacked with his spear. After returning to his home, he told them of his past, and proceeded to return to the sea once more later, without them, to fight the Sea King. After the battle, Jared was quick to assist Saiko in saving Kain from dying of the wounds he sustained, and after conversing with Kain, had gotten a new Navigator in the end. With the aid of their new Navigator, they continued onwards to Bliss Kingdom, where, after a rather confusing series of events and a battle with a Marine Captain, they left with their new Sniper - The Prince himself.

Arriving at Orion Island, he originally planned to buy some sake, and while he was successful in that, their appearance drew the Captain's attention, and after speaking with a passing Monk, he was forced to fight an Ensign named Kamakiri. With luck, despite the Ensign's impressive strength, the Captain defeated him even after he utilized his strange Devil Fruit. However, after meeting up with Roi and fighting off a group of Marines, he finally came face to face with Jan Van Edgar, Marine Captain of Orion Island. The Marine Captain proved a dangerous foe, managing to defeat both Jared and Roi with little effort, and in the end, Jared found himself falling unconscious after his last attack failed. After being rescued by his crew, he rested up for a while and, after waking, came out onto the deck to see the entrance to the Grand Line.

Name: Kawakami Saiko

Age: 17

Bounty: 17, 000, 000 Beli

Description: A young woman with long, dark hair, usually tied up into a top-knot or high ponytail, with a golden pin in her hair to hold it up. She tends to wear all sorts of kimono with unique designs on each, as well as hakama for when she expects to fight. In either case, she can be seen wearing bandages around her breasts instead of a bra, for no real reason as she lacks any sort of scar.

Dream: To find her Father

History: At a young age, her father left the island she lived on for unknown reasons, and thus she took up his spot in the home, following the ways of Bushido and learning his fighting style, becoming proficient in the use of the sword. Quickly, she made her way onto the Shogun's personal bodyguard, a position formerly held by a fellow Samurai who defected from the Shogun, believing the country to be weak under his rule. Her mother stuck in bed with an illness, the Samurai used her as leverage to get Saiko to do their bidding and assassinate the Shogun, only to be stopped by the teen she had saved earlier in the day, Jared del Rey, who saved the Shogun and helped her defeat the former Samurai.

Following this, she joined the crew, and during their adventures they stumbled upon a spear-using fisherman named Kain who, after fighting and defeating a small Sea King, joined their crew, as well as going to Bliss Kingdom, where they gained another member - Prince Roi du Fusil. After arriving on Orion Island, she accompanied Roi to do clothes shopping (Which ended up to be the worst job), only to be separated later from the group during the Marine attacks. During her attempts to find the others she fought and defeated Lieutenant Saber Thorpe, sustaining heavy injuries in the process. Still, however, she was able to defeat a few more Marines and save Jared with the rest of the crew.

Name: Kain

Age: 19

Bounty: 12, 000, 000 Beli

Description: Tall, lean, usually seen wearing the ragged clothes he made himself, he is youthful and almost always seen smiling. Unusually, his hair is white, and, fitting with his appearance, forms a messy mop of hair upon his head. He is never seen wearing shoes or socks or anything on his feet, and is probably the worst-dressed of the crew.

Dream: To sail around the world and make a world map.

History: At a young age, despite often bickering with his pirate father, the two were close, living on an uninhabited island, safe from Marines. During a fishing trip one day, Kain lost his father to a small Sea King, and ever since has fought to try and get revenge on the Sea King. A battle of honor and pride, he kept fighting day after day to accomplish this task, refusing to have any outside help, and ultimately, under the watch of Saiko and Jared, defeated the beast, only to almost die from drowning after falling into the sea. Luckily, thanks to the help of the others, he survived, and joined their crew as a Navigator.

Taking them to Bliss, Kain's first act was to drink almost everyone in the bar under the table, to the point that he too fell unconscious, and when the Marines came, did little to nothing alongside his fellow crew-mates. After leaving the island, he was formally introduced to Roi. On Orion Island, he was tasked with finding food, and in the process, found a cook named Tigress who aided him in getting the food to bring to his crew. On their way however, they were chased by Marines, and caught up with the crew minus Jared, only to be separated from the rest save Tigress by a surprise attack. As they ran however, they were chased by a pair of twins named Knyves and Layla Ferrum, before being split apart from each other by their attacks. Forced into a one-on-one fight with Knyves, he was initially outmatched by the Marine before making a surprise comeback and defeating him, only to meet up with an uninjured Tigress. Afterwards they set out to find the others, only to be saved from a group of Marines by Saiko, despite the samurai girl's injuries. Later he was able to assist the others in rescuing Jared, and helped guide them to the entrance of the Grand Line.

Name: Roi du Fusil

Age: 19

Bounty: 100, 000, 000 Beli

Description: Tall, regal, with broad shoulders, Roi is the definition of royalty. Usually wearing expensive clothing and jewelry, as well as his signature fur coat, Roi stands tall over the others, save Kain, who matches him in height. His hair is typically slicked back and a dark color, and his face is clean shaven and young, but angular as well to show maturity.

Dream: To sail around the world and see new places.

History: Always living a sheltered life in the castle in Bliss Kingdom, Roi always yearned for the outside world, and eventually, fed up with this life, he began leaving the castle in disguise, and on the streets honed his fast reflexes and sharpshooting skills, becoming something of a legend as 'Gunner' amongst the streets. After a meeting with Jared however, his disguise was foiled and, deciding to take his chance, became a pirate under Jared del Rey. Now their new Sniper, he aims to see the world with them.

Landing at Orion Island, he warns the others of Jan Van Edgar, the Marine Captain on the island, before taking off with Saiko to do clothes shopping, only to find her taste in clothing substandard. After the Marines find them, they run about the island, finding the others before being split up again, and thus Roi is left on his own to fight a Lieutenant. Despite her larger weapon and her proficiency with it, he proved that his skill was not fake after managing to trick her with a few tactics of his own and defeat her. He now seeks to find the others. Later he met up with Jared, and after defeating a small unit of Marines, was knocked out with one blow by the Marine Captain, only to awaken later as the Captain was about to kill Jared, firing a bullet at his leg to slow him down. As a result, Jared was rescued by the rest of the crew.

Name: Tigress

Age: 18

Bounty: 37, 000, 000 Beli

Description: Tigress' appearance matches perfectly her namesake - With fiery orange hair cascading down her back featuring horizontal black stripes in it is reminiscent of a tiger's fur coat. Her eyes are a vibrant green color, while her nose is pointed and slightly upturned. Her figure is slender yet toned, evidence of her physical abilities.

Dream: Unknown.

History: Not much is known about her, although, after meeting Kain and assisting him in bringing some food to the ship, she was incorrectly singled out as a member of the Bebop Pirates by the Marines during the troubles on Orion Island, and as a result was indirectly recruited to their crew. During the mess she fought against Lieutenant Junior-Grade Layla Ferrum, only to defeat her without a scratch. Afterwards she assisted the others in finding and saving Jared form the Marine Captain, and thus joined the crew.

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