Blaze the raccoon and Mc Don
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Yo! I'm Ryu no sendo tenshi's little brother and here's my profile:

Name:Blaze the Raccoon



Sex:I'm too young for that...sorry(Male)

Hair:Um...purple,black,or blue...I forget

Heros:Sonic the Hedgehog,Shadow the Hedgehog,Zero(Megaman X 2-8),Megaman(All of them),my made up character Z THE RACCOON!!

Loves:Prince of Persia games,Brunnette girls,CHAO(S),my girlfriend(drools),Z THE RACCOON,RACCOONS...and that's about it.

Hates:Sometimes my brothers,Tails the fox...and mostly NON-RACCOON LOVERS!!!

My brothers are Ryu no sendo tenshi and Mc Don.My annoying sister is Jade.
I have a fetish or a extreme liking for the color red and the element fire.

I sometimes I tease Ryu about Goddess-san.I think he has a crush on her...

(Ryu:No I don't!!)

Well that's it for me.Now I'll switch it to Ryu no sendo tenshi now!


Now this is me,Ryu.

First,I DO NOT have a crush on Hina-kun.She has a boyfriend already.Besides I got an eye for a girl in my school so ha!

I have my own profile on my profile.Check up:

Ryu no sendo tenshi

I'll talk to you later.See ya.


Mc Don in the house!




If you are read this you got to know

Me and Blaze are the shit and we like those

Who like to be are friend and never hate

Helps us and show up at a front gate

Our brother,Ryu is the shit

Ryu is nice not a bitch

Soory for my foul language in this rap

Don't get off this computer to take a crap

We know that this song sucks

So forgive us and will start giving out bucks

1 dollar,2 dollar,3 dollar,4

We like guns and swords not whores

Dragonballl Z got nothing on us

We so likeable that you got love us more than a bus

So stop read this wack rap if you don't hear it

Blaze and Don can cling it

and more


...Okay sorry for my brother's stupidity.Now we are like you all.

So far...

Now Ryu has told us that Miss Hinata and Miss Asuka teamed up weeeeellll...

SO DID WE! I'm Blaze and he's Mc DOn and we are:

Blaze & Mc Don!!

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