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Name: Xin Wu (in Chinese)

Birthday: 03/13

Gender: female

Interests: anime, badminton, drawing, gothic/punk/lolita, manga, music, reading, singing, and writing

Dislikes: backstabbers, global warming, people who doesn't wrote grammar proper, and people who spel liek th1z outysd MSN

Fanfiction Info

I will hardly ever put Dash in a bad light unless it is necessary for the plot, but that doesn't mean I'll dismiss canon entirely. Why? Because, surprisingly enough, I am a Dash fan. I have no idea why, I just am and I'll most likely stay this way.

Star's surname will always be Jones unless she marries Danny or something. Is there a specific reason that's her last name in my stories? No, not really, but I just think it sounds nice on her.

I do not ship Danny/Sam with the exception of Pride and Gender Bending because the stupid plot kitty wouldn't leave me alone. For some reason, I have a strange tendency to ship Danny with pretty much every other girl (and Dash) in the show except Paulina and Sam. This isn't because I'm an anti-fan (I guess I do count as one huh?) and hate the show, but because I generally don't follow the canon of anything...ever. I love Danny Phantom, but sticking to the canon eventually gets pretty boring. So why not make things interesting by not going with the flow for once? I'm not trying to say you shouldn't follow canon. If you want to, go ahead! If you don't, that's also great!


Summary: "What did I tell ya girl? You owe me twenty bucks and dinner at the Nasty Burger!" SLASH DashDanny Fluff
Status: Complete

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The Phantom's Song
Summary: (TUE based) Danny moves back to Amity Park with Dani eight years after the Nasty Burger explosion. His life begins to look up again after a chance encounter with Valerie, but something deadly threatens to pull Danny's life apart once more...and this time for good. DV, YoungbloodDani
Status: 1 percent complete

Pride and Gender Bending
(crack parody of Pride and Prejudice)
Elizabeth - Danny Fenton a.k.a. Danika 'Danny' Fenton
Danika 'Danny' Fenton is the least popular girl of Casper High along with her best friend, Tuesday. Between a lab accident that turned her into a half ghost two years prior, ghost fighting, constantly waging war with cheerleaders, trying to maintain a passing grade, and evading her mother's never-ending attempts to set her up with a boyfriend, there's no way her life could possibly get any weirder. Then she met Sam Manson...

Darcy - Sam Manson a.k.a.Samuel Manson
Sam Manson is a bit of a loner, but it's kind of hard to be one when he's the sole heir to his extremely wealthy family's business. After transferring to Casper High, he immediately rises to the top of the hierarchy of popularity with girls literally falling for him left and right and guys worshipping the very ground he treads. Despite being arranged to marry the daughter of Amity Park's mayor, Sam is generally content with the destiny his family has planned out for him. Until Danny Fenton came into his life, that is...

Jane - Jazz Fenton a.k.a. Jason Fenton
He and Danny may have polar opposite personalities, but that doesn't stop Jason from constantly fussing over his little sister's well being. With his stellar grades, charms, and looks, it's no wonder he's one of the most popular guys at school, something Danny was quite jealous of after entering high school. But upon discovering his little sister's secret identity two years ago, the siblings have grown much closer. Lately, Jason's fallen head over heels for Danny's cheerleader classmate, Kim Hung, a match almost made in heaven...

Bingley - Kwan a.k.a. Kim Hung
Unlike her clique, Kim is a lot nicer to the geeks and less popular students than her so-called friends. Other than her mild naivety, she fits the Asian stereotype like a football player's foot into his cleats in that she gets the highest marks in math and science in her grade. However, ironically enough, she gets the lowest marks out of the entire grade in English. Luckily for her though, Danny's hot brother Jason is willing to tutor her for free. Of course, love just had to get in the way...

Wickham - Paulina Sanchez a.k.a Paul Sanchez
Casper High's star quarterback, a lady's man, and hotter than the sun itself, Paul's even managed to steal Danny's heart from right under her mother's nose. Unfortunately for the girl, he's got eyes for nobody but her ghost counterpart, Danny Phantom, and certainly not her loser human self. He was once the most popular guy in the tenth grade, at least until Sam came into the picture. The two frequently lock horns for what most believe are for popularity reasons, but there's more to their history than anyone can imagine...

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet - Maddie and Jack Fenton a.k.a. Martin and Jaclyn Fenton
These two ghost hunters balance each other like yin and yang. The Fenton children always look to their usually indifferent father, Martin, as the voice of reason instead of Jaclyn, who may seem like a silly housewife, but will not hesitate to protect her family when in danger. Ever since poor Danny hit puberty, Jaclyn's been using every matchmaking trick in the book to get her a boyfriend before graduation, failing horribly every time. The Fenton parents might not be perfect, but Amity Park is soon going to find out why you never mess with them...

Kitty - Danielle 'Dani' Phantom a.k.a. Daniel Fenton
As Jason realized almost immediately after the Fentons adopted Daniel, one should never leave Danny and him in the same room alone unless they are fully prepared for a Third World War. Daniel is, in every way, an immature brat although he does mean well. While he and Danny are extremely wary of each other, he still grudgingly keeps Danny's ghost powers a secret after witnessing her transform back into her human self after a particularly grueling battle. Their relationship is put to the test when Daniel does the unexpected...

Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Vlad Masters a.k.a. Veronica Masters
The one thing that sets this multi-billionaire mayor apart from the others is the half ghost powers she received after an accident back in her college days with Martin and Jaclyn. Still bitter over losing Martin to her friend, Veronica vowed to use her powers to one day kill Jaclyn and win Martin's heart. Even after discovering that Danny is also a halfa, Veronica is still hell bent on getting rid of her too, a mutual feeling also shared by the sixteen year old. What Danny doesn't know is Veronica just might be about to win their two-year long battle...

Charlotte - Tucker Foley a.k.a. Tuesday Foley
A sassy techno geek, Tuesday serves as the researcher of Team Phantom, as she dubbed the trio of teenage ghost fighters that consists of Danny, Jason, and herself. Unlike her single best friend, she prefers to jump from boyfriend to boyfriend on an almost monthly basis, which pisses said single best friend off to no end. Danny and Jason both suspect she harbors an unhealthy obsession with becoming popular, which proves to be true when she thoughtlessly agrees to go to the prom with Val. But she knows that's not where her heart truly lies...

Mr. Collins - Valerie Gray a.k.a. Val Gray
The son of Diana Gray, Martin and Jaclyn's boss at Axion Lab, Val literally holds the Fentons' fate in the palm of his hands, specifically, and much to her chagrin, his classmate Danny. He may not be a jock nor is he as popular as Paul, but that still doesn't keep him from picking on those he considers inferior to him and getting away with it, too. As anyone in Casper High with even a grain of sanity will tell you, he is a snob, an insensitive jerk, and he's also got his eyes on Danny...

Fitzwilliam - Star a.k.a. Star Jones
Like his ex-girlfriend Kim, Starr doesn't see any need to be cruel to the geeks of the school but unlike her, he still does it only to keep up appearances. Star and Val are best friends, but Star is generally more liked than the other, not to mention more popular due to his jock status. He pretty much flirts with anything and everything possessing a vagina that stands still long enough, even Danny, though a black eye quickly repels him from any future contact with her. Yet for some strange reason, he's never tried to make a pass on Tuesday...

Bingley's sister - Dash Baxter a.k.a. Daisy Baxter

Anne de Bourgh - Gregor/Elliot a.k.a. Elaine Masters
She may appear shy to strangers but to those who know her well, Elaine is as equally pompous as her foster mother and cares for nobody but herself, even for her fiance. Elaine was left orphaned as a toddler when her biological parents were killed in a tragic explosion. Because of her unique naturally white hair, she was immediately adopted by Veronica after found relatively unharmed in the wreckage. The only memorabilia she has of her former life is the locket around her neck, which, no matter how hard she tries, just won't open...

(more characters to come)


Since this is practically the norm on now, I might as well join in the quoting :jumps on bandwagon:

"We're a thousand feet up in the air and we're all about to die." - English classmate

"Ever seen a fly crash itself repeatedly into a transparent pane of glass, never quite getting the hint? Yeah." - Emerson of (which is the best site ever by the way)

"Winners never quit and quitters never win. But those who never win and never quit are idiots." - Emerson (again :smiles innocently:)

"I bet the Naruto fillers would be a lot more successful if someone lost an eye, arm, or life once in a while." - L-chan (a friend of mine; and this is so true)

"You can get detention from, like, breathing." - another classmate

"You don't need to hear good words from other people to make yourself feel happy." - my mother

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars..." - Unknown

"I hold the key...but it won't open the door!" - Maddie (my other friend)

"The bell is not almighty, I am the almighty in this classroom." - my history teacher (she's awesome :grins:)

"Ever since they fixed it, it hasn't been working." - my history teacher (yes, again, but she's got some cool quotes)

"I am...the blind sniper!" - my brother (don't ask)

"Just remember, mistakes don't make themselves!" - my brother (this was meant as a joke but if you really think about it, it does have some philosophical merit)

"Micheal Jackson; his virginity or his life?" - my brother (technically this quote belongs to one of his friends but I'm too lazy to remember his name right now)

"What did you expect? This is Canada, where low gas prices are unheard of." - Me

"Ah, history; the one class where you can talk about your teacher's sexuality and not get into trouble for it!" - Me (this is exactly what happened when my class randomly started discussing the 60's and 70's)

"I used to think I was God, but then I discovered the Bible." - random bus driver who drove my badminton team to a game once (the only thing I liked about him was this quote, other than that he was a real ass)

"Hot people don't need sexual orientation!" - Mary (another friend)

"I've got 5 tests, 6 projects, and 0 time!" - random ninth-grader at my school (this was for a skit, but funny nonetheless)

"Praise the shoe!" - Minnie (yet another friend of mine; hey, why the heck do they all have names beginning with 'M' anyway?)

"Oh, I remember this baton; I used to poke people with it!" - badminton teammate

"If you want people to respect you, then respect them. If you want people to be biatchy to you, then be biatchy to them." - Justin (my brother's friend's brother)

"I like to see the look on people's faces when they suffer!" - my badminton teacher (he's a bit of a sadist but he's still cool, maybe because I can be a sadist myself :smiles:)

"It gives us hope that we have hope." - Nissi a.k.a. The Owl (finally a friend whose name doesn't start with an 'M'...who is also a genuis whose ground she treads on deserves to be kissed because one day she will PWN Donald Trump with her future successful business)

"Yeah, it's an ugly way." - Bonnie (one of my two 'little sisters')


95 percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the 5 percent who aren't, copy this, put this in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Yavie Aelinel, Crazy Billie Joe Loving Freak, Shadow 929, The Astrology Nerd, brown-eyed angelofmusic, piratesswriter/fairy to be, The Gypsy-Pirate Queen, DxS, Phreak, Nikky Phantom of the Opera, Torgi Frin, Nonasuki-chan, Xin Wu

92 percent American teens would die if Abercombie and Fitch told them it was uncool to breathe. Copy this into your profile if you would be in the 8 percent laughing their butts off at the others. ('cause first of all I'm Canadian and second of all, I've never been to Abercombie and Fitch...something that I hope will never change judging from the things I've heard about it :cough:people actually waiting in line just to get into the store:cough:totally ridiculous:cough:)

...And that's my two cents! This is Xin over and out!

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