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I'm a big fan of anything Megaman and I happen to have a fascination with true love. Anyone who reads the original fiction that I wrote can probably expect to see more in the form of other stories. As for the Megaman stuff... well... it may take a bit, but I'll get my first story finished, some time... For those of you who don't like Megaman (specifically Megaman X, so far), have hope. I've recently gotten very into Tron, despite loving it since the 1982 movie. The recent movie, Tron: Legacy has really gotten the Tron bug into me, though, so I may end up putting up a little something I'm working on with a friend (approximately 80 pages already written, as of my typing this on April 20th, 2011... with lots more yet to come).

For now, I have to say that I've suffered from a distinct lack of having a will to be creative, least of all creative enough to write or craft a full story. It's been only very recently that I've gotten a fervor to write again like I once had (the records of my previous stories being any indication, 7 years ago). So it is that I'm picking up old projects to finish them, starting with -FINALLY- getting written and uploaded the third and final story for my Trilogy of Songfics. That's right, The Final Answer will be uploaded within 24 hours of April 20th; by mid-morning April 21st at the latest, the final Songfic for the Calling's songs that I fell in love with 7 years ago will be a reality, and no longer a dim memory of a hope.

Also, I hope to move on to finish up my story proper, and update one of the other standalone songfics to be more to my liking...
Otherwise, I won't bother making a lame apology for being gone and inactive for so very long. You either wouldn't believe my sincerity, or you're a new reader and it won't matter to you. Please accept my new works as apology enough, for those it matters for.

Here's a fave quote of mine that has served me well:

And this is a personal philosophy that I've learned since I was last active on this site:
"If you can't genuinely smile at least once in any given day, then you're not doing something right."

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